“Just like sports, the ultimate goal of sex is to have fun!”

When SportLube was born, the goal of the brand could be described as such: presenting no-frills lubricants that focus on the essence of what a lube should be while also offering top quality. In our EAN interview, Managing Partner Chase Myers explains why less is sometimes more and why more and more consumers switch to SportLube products.

SportLube, a brand of HMB Pharma LLC, offers high-quality lubricants – one silicone-based, one water-based. Before we talk about your products, could you first tell us a bit about the company and the people behind the lubricants?
Chase Myers: We’ve been in the business of selling personal lubricants though online sales channels for almost 20 years.  Though our experience is selling other brands of lubricants, we thought it was time to market our own brand to consumers – SportLube.

There are already quite a lot of lubricants on the market right now. How do your lubricants distinguish themselves from the competition?
With our marketing and packaging, we wanted to establish a clean, fresh look with a simple brand image, high-quality ingredients, and great brand name at an affordable price.  The name SportLube is easy to remember, and conveys a clean, fun image for our product line.  Just like sports, the ultimate goal of sex is to have fun!

Many manufacturers try to set their products apart by offering a variety of different lubricant flavors. Why aren’t there any fancy SportLube flavours?
There are already dozens of brands with great (and some not so great) tasting flavoured lubes.  Flavoured lubricants are great for oral sex but are unnecessary for vaginal or anal sex.  In fact, some of them even get sticky.  We wanted SportLube to focus on the major segment of the market, water-based and silicone-based lubricants that are unflavoured and unscented.

SportLube has a distinct brand identity that is already laid out in the name. Who do you want to address with this brand? How would you describe your target group?
Our initial target audience are gay men and women.  We have been the official lube sponsor for International Mr Leather in Chicago, with IMRL 2020 marking our third year.  Since the anus is not self-lubricating, gay men need a lot of lube for anal play.  Our silicone lube is a recent favourite in this community.  Women also love our lube because it is a bit thicker, making it great for toy play, especially our water based SportLube.  Of course, the straight community is discovering that lube can enhance their sex life as well. 

Do you offer any POS materials for brick and mortar stores or images and banners for for web-shops?
Yes, we do.  We can provide promotional materials including posters and shelf-talkers. We also have a very unique display made out of a locker for busy stores.

Are you working with distributors in Europe? If European retailers want to sell your lubricant in their shops, who should they turn to?
We would love to work with a European distributor. We are currently working on getting an EU Rep. We have only just begun working on it so it will be early next year before we will be able to sell in Europe. Anyone who is interested in carrying our products can contact us at sales@sportlube.com and as soon as we are ready, we will contact them.

Will you present other lubes or products under the brand SportLube in the future?
We will be offering larger sizes, as well as different formulations in the future. We actually have a new formula that will be launching early next year. Stay tuned!