“KIIROO has grown significantly in the last few years.”

On the one hand, Kiiroo have very much stayed in their wheelhouse with Titan: It is a high-tech masturbator offering connectivity with other products and the option to consume interactive video content. On the other hand, the latest product from the Dutch sex toy innovators boasts several wholly new features. We interviewed CTO Maurice Op de Beek to learn more about this masturbator, which was developed 100 % in-house.

Titan is the first solo-branded pleasure device from Kiiroo. What kind of product are we talking about here, and what’s the most important aspect that sets it apart from the competition?
Maurice op de Beek: There are a few things that set it apart from the competition. Firstly, the vibration aspect of the Titan – it is not something new, but the fact that Titan is fully interactive differentiates it from the other strokers on the market today. The capacitive touch-sensors on the outside can be used to control the speed and position of the vibrations. The same touch-sensors can be used to control a partner device, in the same room or anywhere on the planet. Titan’s vibration positions can be controlled by erotic content or a partnered device, too. What sets Titan apart from other KIIROO devices is that it is a stroker and does not automatically stroke or massage like the Launch or the Onyx2.

Kiiroo is known for cutting edge technology. What does Titan have to offer in this regard?
With Titan, we wanted to give tech enthusiasts with a smaller budget the option to use interactive products with content or with their significant others. Titan has 9 vibrating bullets hidden within the sleeve and on the exterior, and 3 touch-sensitive pads that your fingers rest on perfectly when you use it. With these touch-sensitive pads, users can control which of the bullets are used, and how fast they go. These same touchpads can be used to control partnered devices and control the vibration intensities or the stroke lengths of other devices.

The main thing that sets Titan apart from other KIIROO products – apart from the vibrations – is the fact that the user controls the strokes themselves. Titan does not automatically stroke or massage like other KIIROO masturbators do. This gives users the option to stroke at their own desired pace.

Titan is Kiiroo’s budget-friendly alternative to their Onyx masturbator

Titan can be synced with interactive videos. Where can the user get such content?
We have a variety of content partners offering find interactive content. FeelMe.com and FeelPornStars.com have the biggest selection, with a variety of different genres. The Titan by KIIROO Experience Box that will distribute for €79 (retails at €154.00) includes a voucher for 1,500 coins worth of interactive porn available on FeelPornStars.com. If you go to FeelMe.com/channels you can see all of the compatible sites, and sites that will be interactive in the near future have “Coming Soon” written on their channels.

Titan is also available in a variant called “Feel PornStars Experience”. What does the user get when choosing this bundle?
The Titan by KIIROO Experience Box that distributes for €79 (retail €154.00), includes a voucher for 1,500 coins to buy interactive porn on FeelPornStars.com. The Box also features all KIIROO Experience Girls: Asa Akira, Bobbi Eden, Jessica drake, Lisa Ann, Tanya Tate, and Romi Rain.

The Titan can also be used for live interaction between two devices. Does this only work with two Titan devices, or could other Kiiroo products be used as well?
This works with all KIIROO devices, and all KIIROO-compatible devices; We-Vibe, OhMiBod, The Cowgirl, just to name a few. You can also use the FeelConnect app’s “Device Control” function to control the vibrations.

While toys for women and couples have been using interactivity and technology for quite some time, toys for men seem to lack behind in this regard (apart from some notable exceptions). What makes it so hard to create sex tech products for men?
Male sex toys are harder to create firstly because of the stigma that surrounds men using sex toys. Also, we don’t get as much feedback for improvements as we’d hope from male users. Secondly, building a male sex toy is much, much more complex, mainly due to the fact that you need to build something that fits around the male anatomy. Size differs, but you still need it to follow the general shape that different men may have.

If you want to have advanced technology surrounding the penis, e.g. vibration, pressure or squeezing, it needs to be both flexible and still follow the contours of the penis. We believe that with the Titan, we have found a solution to this. We can say this because the base of the device is tight, but stretches to accommodate a variety of sizes, so if you are small, you will feel something and if you are large, you will not feel uncomfortable.

What was the biggest technological challenge Kiiroo had to overcome when developing Titan?
Keeping the vibration motors close to the contours of the penis. If you open up the Titan, you will see that there are three rows of three motors coming down from the top of the device, which are held in place by a sleeve. The sleeve is thin where the motors are, and close to the penis for maximum feeling.

Nine bullet vibrators on the inside of the Titan make for pleasurable stimulation

“Designed to boost your Stamina and maximise your endurance in the bedroom” is one of the slogans you use on your website to describe the product. Why did you choose this approach to marketing Titan instead of focusing on pleasure?
We had many testers for the product, and a lot of the feedback we received surrounded the fact that the vibrations were very pleasurable, so much so that if you didn’t use your hand to stroke Titan up and down, you could still feel the movement through the vibrations.

Our testers also loved the fact that the content controls the vibrations which made their online experiences more enjoyable. When you train for stamina and endurance, you need to do fast-paced high intensity work, and by using Titan, especially in combination with content, we believe you can do this. The rings / ribs on the inside of Titan’s sleeve give you the feeling of “pushing through”, and combined with the vibrations and manual strokes, you can achieve anything you want to.

Why did you choose to release Titan as a solo branded product, instead of going for a collaboration, as you did with your previous releases?
KIIROO has grown significantly in the last few years, and now that we are becoming a more established brand, with more manpower, innovative thinkers, and resources, we are able to stand on our own two feet and show what we are truly capable of.

Are you working with distributors for Titan? Where can retailers turn to if they want to sell Titan in their stores?
For now, anyone who is interested in Titan can contact KIIROO’s Sales Director, Frank Kok, for orders. Titan will be available at the end of September for B2B.

What are Kiiroo’s plans for the newly established Titan brand? Will there be more products with this name in the future?
In the future, we will be looking to produce more products with our own brand name. Titan is the first of many, but the name of each product will symbolise the product’s look, feel, and features rather than continuing with the Titan name. We will have more [insert product name] by KIIROO product names.