Manuel Martin of Lingox

“Lingox has grown massively in two years, and we’re planning on continuing to do so.”

A long-standing brand and an up-and-coming company join forces as Private and Lingox collaborate on a new product line. The former has been a major player in the porn business for more than 50 years, the latter was started only two years ago. Together, they have launched a new collection of masturbators, modelled after the anatomy of six of the most popular Private porn stars. In our EAN interview, Manuel Martin tells more us about the collaboration with Private and the unique qualities of the new collection.


Lingox recently released a new collection in cooperation with the adult entertainment label Private. How did this cooperation come about?
Manuel Martin: Private was interested in launching their own collection of male masturbators based on their Private stars, and after evaluating various proposals from toy manufacturers they were clear in that they wanted to work with Lingox. Our proposal won because we proved ourselves to be European manufacturers of the highest quality, with a revolutionary and exclusive product. Private was convinced that our offer was the most compelling, even more so than Chinese options, due to the quality of the materials, packaging, and overall project.

They are also agreed with our philosophy of giving our distributors the best margins possible, and our philosophy of working closely and in conjunction with our partners. After just a few months of launching the Private Stars Collection, we’re delighted with the reaction from the market so far. The relationship between Private and Lingox grows stronger every day and we have many exciting new projects in the pipeline.

Why did you choose Private for this cooperation?
It’s an honour for Lingox to work with a legendary adult studio like Private, with a such a well-known and respected brand. Private has been successful globally since 1965 and has unrivalled experience and market-reach. Almost anywhere that you go in the world, people have heard of Private, and without doubt it’s very important for Lingox to be able to count on Private’s years of experience and access to leading actresses from all over the world. The Private Stars Collection will be truly a global collection. It’s also important for Lingox to work with like-minded companies, where quality and innovation is a must.

“It’s an honour for Lingox to work with a legendary adult studio like Private, with a such a well-known and respected brand.”

How many items does this new collection include? Which stars did you release first?
The Private Stars Collection has been inaugurated with 18 different references in the space of three months! We have six Private Stars at the moment, with three toys per star; vagina, anal and oral. I have to make special mention of the oral toys, where Lingox has made genuine replicas of the girls’ mouths, with our registered tongue-out design. The soft tongue adds a whole new sensation to the oral toys as, like we say at Lingox, “Oral sex without the tongue isn’t oral sex!” Each and every one of the first six Private Stars is a well-known and media-friendly star, and we’re very proud to work with them.

Representing the UK, we have the multi award winning British porn star Jasmine Jae. She has a huge following, and is a great ambassador for Private, Lingox, and the adult industry in general.

From Spain, we have Amarna Miller, probably the most well-known and international Spanish porn star right now. She lives in the USA usually, but it’s always a pleasure to have her back in Europe.

From Germany, we have the super sexy Anny Aurora. She’s a delight to work with, and definitely one of the brightest lights in the German porn scene right now.

From the Czech Republic, we have the gorgeous Anna Rose, star of the great movie 5 Shades of Private.

We also have the stunning blonde Lexi Lowe from the UK. She’s every man’s dream.

And finally, we have the playful and extremely naughty French starlet Luna Rival. She’s really a sensation in the industry right now.

How are the items from the Private Stars Autographed Collection different from the original Lingox Triple Masturbator?
There is a major difference in that the Stars Collection are genuine replicas of the anatomies of leading stars of the moment, each toy being completely unique and a faithful representation of the real thing. Lingox also introduced the brand-new concept of a male masturbator with incorporated dildo, making Lingox the most complete and versatile male masturbator in the marketplace.

I repeat, these are the only male masturbators in the world that incorporate a dildo that can be used as a prostate massager or dildo for women. It can be used solo, or in couples. It can also just be a great and ergonomically designed handle! All of these factors add up to make our products different and exclusive, but that’s not all. Each and every unit of the Private Stars Collection comes with a personally signed card from each girl.

“Each and every unit of the Private Stars Collection comes with a personally signed card from each girl.”

Some extra thought has also been going into the packaging design. What can you tell us about the presentation?
We’re extremely happy with the feedback that we’ve got from our partners about the packaging. The reaction has been unanimous that it really is gorgeous and sexy. Lingox has always believed in innovation, and while we could have just used a standard box design without giving it much thought, we really wanted to come up with something different and attention grabbing.

It wasn’t easy to come up with a unique and exclusive packaging design, as pretty much everything has already been done, but we weren’t dissuaded and finally came up with something that captures our philosophy; attractive, innovative products that go one step further. Our internationally registered and exclusive packaging is very distinctive, with a perfect vertical triangular shape, and window that lets the customer see the product without having to open the box. The eye-catching design means that any customer entering a store will be able to recognise our products from a distance.

We feel that the sophisticated and elegant box design is the perfect introduction to our high-end toys, and the customer will know immediately that he’s dealing with a quality product.

What can you tell us about the inside texture and the material of the new collection?
The Private Stars Collection has different internal textures so that the customer can pick and choose according to their personal tastes. We continue to research and develop new interior texture designs and materials to achieve some amazing results. As many professionals in our industry already know, Lingox manufactures a unique and novel material. Our proprietary formula ensures that we can say that our materials are probably the softest and most flexible in the world.

Not only that, our materials include anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents to make our products more hygienic and safe in every way. We’ve also seen that many toys in the market have a characteristic plastic smell, or an industrial kind of aroma that is quite unpleasant and not sensual at all. Lingox decided to include aromatic agents in all our products to also appeal to our customer’s sense of smell, as we’re convinced that this is also an essential part of the user experience. We’re investigating the aromatic possibilities further, with unique scents for each product. There isn’t a material right now that can beat us for quality, pleasure, hygiene or safety.

“There isn’t a material right now that can beat us for quality, pleasure, hygiene or safety.”

Will we see more Private stars as Lingox models in the future? Do you have plans to expand this cooperation?
Yes, that is a central part of our agreement with Private; the Private Stars Collection will grow organically over time. Private is constantly searching for the best adult talent, and for the best candidates to be the next Private Star. It’s not a straightforward task, as there are various criteria that the girls must satisfy, and they must fit with the general philosophy of the brand and collection.

We plan to continue growing the line until we have the largest collection of autographed toys in the world. It’s a sensational project, and we’re very happy that we’ve now started the journey and are growing.

Where can the new collection be bought? Are you working with distributors in Europe?
Distributors are always looking to grow their catalogues with high quality new products, and this is the newest and most innovative new product available right now. We’re available in most European countries already, but we’re still growing and signing new deals as we have only been on the market for three months. We’re also signing some exciting deals outside of Europe and are always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.

We want to forge win-win, long term, relationships with all of our partners and grow stronger in collaboration with our distributors. So far, the response from distributors and consumers has been fantastic and we’re really happy with how things are going, but we want to keep the momentum going, so if any distributors are looking for patented, high-quality products with great customer service and margins, then we’d be delighted to hear from them. They can contact us at or and start a discussion with us immediately.

Private Lingox Stars
The current Stars of the Private Stars Collection by Lingox

Lingox is still a relatively young company. Would you say that, so far, you have achieved what you set out to do when you founded Lingox?
That’s a very interesting question. Yes, Lingox is a young company, that started with only four references in its first year, but now in our second year we have already gone up to 22 references and the number is growing, so we’re really happy. Not only that but we have the support of arguably the most important and recognisable brand in adult content production!

This collaboration is a really big step up for us and we’re looking forward to giving it everything we’ve got and shaking the market up in the coming years. Lingox has grown massively in two years, and we’re planning on continuing to do so. It could even be the case that we reach 50 different references in 2017, positioning ourselves as the leading European manufacturer in our industry. We have many exciting and innovative projects coming up, so watch this space.

The male masturbator category is growing. That is of course good for Lingox, but it also means more competition. What does it take nowadays to make a masturbator that stands out on the market?
It’s certainly true that the male masturbator market is growing rapidly and is increasingly competitive, which is bad news for established companies that have dominated the market for years. The male masturbator market is continually being shared out among more companies, as nowadays there are more than 500 male masturbators on the market where in the past there were maybe five companies specialised in these kinds of products.

So yes, it’s very competitive, but that’s not really a concern for Lingox as our factory only opened a couple of years ago, when there was already a lot of competition and many toy manufacturers on the market. We were born into a highly competitive market, we’re a product of that competitiveness which demands innovation and quality, and we’re ready to find and consolidate our place in that market. Perhaps one of the key ways in which we plan to do that is through our relationships with distributors; we believe in win-win, respectful relationships wherein everyone can make some money, and our partners can collaborate with us to make the product, marketing and service better.

“We were born into a highly competitive market, we’re a product of that competitiveness which demands innovation and quality, and we’re ready to find and consolidate our place in that market. “

Even though we are a European factory, with exceptional manufacturing quality and materials, we offer margins that are competitive with Asian products. Another key part of our strategy is that we do not have minimum orders. Once we have agreed commercial terms with our partner, we will respect that price no matter how many units they order, as we do not want our partners to have all of their cash locked up in product in their warehouse.

Also, we’re so sure of the quality and success of our products that we believe that once our partners try us, they will look for long-term repeat business. We want to make our partners lives as easy as possible, and offer the best terms possible, and also the fact that we are a European factory means that there are no customs costs for Euro shipments, reduced shipment costs and also much faster delivery times.

We are the alternative that many distributors need, with unique, quality products, in beautiful packaging, 100% European, with great margins and with no minimum orders.

We want to offer honest and fair pricing for a quality product, and to offer amicable and positive relationships to our partners. We want to be the European male masturbator partner that distributors can believe in.