“Innovation is the banner that inspires our company.”

They have only been on the market for a short time, but they have probably already caught the attention of many a retailer: masturbators of the Lingox brand. While the company’s first product was very discreet, with a design reminiscent of a pile of poker chips, their latest toy boasts a cheekily stuck out tongue. In our EAN interview with Lingox’ Manuel Martin, the CEO of the Spanish producer does much more than just introduce his company and his products. Among other things, he tells us about the meaning of the name Lingox and he explains why all products of the brand are made in Europe.

LINGOX broke into the market just a few months ago. Could you give us a general overview of your company and the products you sell?
Manuel Martin: Lingox is a 100% European company, dedicated to the research, creation, development, manufacture, and distribution of exclusive products for adult pleasure. Ever since we started our business as a company, our main goal has been to offer products with a unique style, different from what exists in the market and manufactured in line with the highest quality standards. In fact, all our products are internationally registered.

We have already launched our first two products quite successfully. Our range of reusable Lingox Poker masturbators is becoming a craze worldwide, both because of the quality of the material and because of the originality of its design. It is shaped like poker chips, taking advantage of the popularity of this game which has become a sport, with millions of poker players all over the world. In addition to that, the design of this sleeve with its double opening allows sexual play with your partner since the penis can be stimulated by oral sex during use.

But undoubtedly, we are achieving the biggest success with our leading product, the Lingox Triple Masturbator, the only triple masturbator in the world. It is a product unlike anything that has ever been invented before, international patent pending. With a unique design and an extraordinary quality, it allows for triple use thanks to its triple functionality:

  1. hyper-realistic oral sex
  2. male Masturbator
  3. dildo

All in one device, making it the first sex toy for men to ensure real interaction with your partner, whether male or female. As our slogan states: “You decide… alone or as a couple”. To add to these products of our own, we have launched a range of Lingox care and lubrication products of the highest quality as well as an exclusive range of Lingox lifestyle accessories.


The latest addition to the range of Lingox products is the Triple masturbator. Could you give us some more details about the product?
Indeed, it is a particularly appealing product that has never been seen before. The most important thing is that it meets all user expectations, what with its design, innovation, and quality.

What makes it unique is its triple functionality. The Lingox Triple Masturbator turns the field of sex toys as we know them on its head.
Its triple function includes:

  1. hyper-realistic oral sex with the best design and the most realistic mouth in the market with its tongue out. An internationally registered design that reproduces oral sex accurately.
  2. reusable male masturbator inner sleeve, with the highest quality and smoothness provided by our exclusive formula Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox®. Designed with a triangular inner channel, it offers pressure and adjustability unlike any other product.
  3. Its ergonomic tip allows perfect grip during use, and it is also a dildo, ready to give or receive pleasure, with material suitable for skin contact.

This is an all-in-one toy, designed to achieve maximum pleasure, and it can be used alone or as a couple, individually or simultaneously. An exclusive and unique product never seen before.

How did you come up with the name LINGOX? Does it have a special meaning?
We were looking for a different name, direct and easy to remember, a name that had an impact and was easy to pronounce in any language, and we have succeeded.
The name LINGOX came from the union of the English word “Lingo” (language), and the term “X”, known all over the world as the letter that identifies sex and eroticism. Mixing “LINGO” and “X”, you get the word “LINGOX” (X language).

This name should definitely be supported by a good brand image. To that end, and to have a reference to the exclusive and unique design of the mouth with the tongue, we created our logo: a mouth, sticking out its tongue, something tantalising and not easily forgotten.


Did you have any previous experience in the field of adult products? Why did you choose this field to create your company?
As for my previous experience in the sector, I was the Vice President and the Manager who helped set up the company Fleshlight International S.L. on the European continent. With the company strongly set up in Europe, and with a project established and settled in a record time, Fleshlight and I concluded our working relationships and that’s when I decided to devote myself to the LINGOX project.

I did not hesitate to create a new brand in the field of adult toys because I knew the sector and its potential perfectly, and most importantly, because I was sure that I could improve what already existed, in design and quality and in innovation – and, of course, because I knew how to do it.

That’s how this new venture started, for which I surrounded myself with good professionals, and surprisingly, the managers that helped me shape the Fleshlight International project decided to bet on me and this new brand, which at that time, had only been a dream. Once the team was set up, and after a lot of effort and dedication, LINGOX has now become a wonderful reality.

Why should consumers buy LINGOX products instead of buying the competition?
Undoubtedly, this question is key, and it was the question I asked myself before starting the Lingox project. What is the difference between Lingox and the competition? As we all know, there are many brands in this sector, dedicated to the manufacture of male masturbators. They are well-known and relevant companies because of their successful careers. However, I soon realised that this is not a problem at all if you know how to do things better.

First, you have to create a product not seen before. You have to be very courageous to try and create something that does not exist nowadays, but as the wise man says … Not everything has been invented. Specifically, it is in its design and innovation that Lingox is making its biggest effort. That’s why when you purchase a Lingox product, you know you’re buying a unique design, one that does not look like something else in the market. Innovation is the banner that inspires our company.

Along with the innovative designs, our products also stand out because of their high quality, which we achieve thorough detailed research of each of the components that shape our products. That’s also what led to the creation of our own materials, our exclusive formula Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox®. We offer exclusivity and superb quality. Our recipe for success is very simple: It is the result of a perfect combination of design + exclusivity + quality, all supported by an excellent brand image. That’s LINGOX.


Although most sex toys are produced in China, you decided to open a factory in Spain. Why did you choose to manufacture in Europe rather than in a cheaper location?
That decision was clear for us from the beginning. Our manufacture would be 100% European. Because we stuck with this strong position and decided against offers from Asian countries, Lingox can proudly boast that it manufactures only in Europe. Even all the components and materials used during the production process are European. This way, we ensure full control of the manufacture of our products and the quality of all materials and commodities.

Being manufacturers ourselves, we have specific control over the manufacture stock, with no shortage problems or lack of productivity.
Given the prices of the Asian giants, this option is far more challenging, but it’s definitely worth it, as we think it is very important to control the quality of what we do.

Lingox is using a special material for the manufacture of its products. How is this material different from silicone?
After a lot of tests and research, we created our own formula, called “RE-EVOLUTION SKIN MATERIAL LINGOX®”, resulting in one of the softest, most elastic, and most flexible materials in this segment, giving our products an incredible quality upon touch, similar to skin.

Our material has nothing to do with either silicone or any other material found in the market, since RE-EVOLUTION SKIN MATERIAL LINGOX® contains antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. In addition to that, no toxic material or colourant is used in its production, and also, all its components are suitable for contact with the skin and are free of latex and parabens. This makes Lingox products completely safe – not something everyone can say about their products.

We have also achieved an important innovation in Lingox. As you know, most materials have this characteristic smell of plastic or just do not smell too good. For this reason, and to set ourselves apart from the competition, we have incorporated into our material a number of components that enable our sleeves to give off a pleasant scent, leading to our exclusive “AROMA LINGOX”.

Are you planning to expand the range of Lingox products in the future?
Since the beginning, Lingox has not stopped researching and developing new products, some of which will hit the market soon. Lingox’s plans for the present and the future are to keep on researching and to create new products. In fact, there is a motto among our team: “Let’s create the future inventing the present.”

We can guarantee that Lingox will be one of the companies continuously launching the latest products onto the market, as we have a department of development and research that is constantly working on new ideas. In addition, by controlling all the manufacturing processes and the creation of new products, we can include new products in our catalogue at any time, without having to depend on others. For Lingox, the challenge is to continuously innovate with new products.


Is LINGOX focusing only masturbators for men or do you also develop products for women and couples?
Our philosophy is very clear. For us, there are no toys for men or women. At Lingox, we believe in toys for people, no making distinctions between sexes, preferences, or sexual orientation.
We are becoming more sexually ambiguous, the variety of pleasure, experiences, and sexual preferences is greater and more open than ever. That’s why Lingox has launched a new concept in the worldwide market, the first TRIPLE masturbator.

This is an absolutely innovative product, designed to be used alone or with a partner, for men or women, no matter what their sexual orientation is. It’s up to you…
LINGOX TRIPLE is a unique masturbator that can be used as a male masturbator. At the front, it has a Dildo for anal or vaginal sex and at the same time, it has the most realistic mouth in the market with its tongue stuck out, an internationally registered design for the perfect reproduction of oral sex.

It is certainly the most complete toy in the market, offering the three most important functions of any sex toys in one product, with its international patent pending.
Our main brand slogan was born from the firm determination to create products for everybody: LINGOX … and ENJOY YOURSEX!!

Where can you purchase LINGOX products?
Lingox has a direct-sales website, www.lingoxfactory.com, where you can buy our products from almost any country in the world, and you don’t even have to register. In addition, Lingox has created a website specifically for professionals, www.lingoxpro.com, where, with just a few simple steps, you can access all information regarding prices, offers, and purchasing conditions – which are great, by the way.

We have reached important agreements with European distributors and outside the EU, which make it possible for Lingox to be available in more than 15 countries worldwide. Among those, we would like to point out our exclusive agreement with NET1on1 for the distribution of our Lingox products in the UK. Currently, we are open to keep on adding new partners for the distribution and sale of our products worldwide.

Our company policy is very clear in that regard: It is not our goal to make as much money as possible at any cost. In fact, we know that we would have made bigger profits had we chosen to manufacture in Asian countries. But honestly, although the economic factor is important, our biggest strength is our absolute respect for our distributors and customers, since their success will be our success. To that end, we offer excellent sales conditions, extraordinary benefits, and wide margin benefits.