Orgie at eroFame

“It made us proud of what we have delivered so far, and it exceeded our expectations.”

The launch of Orgie at last year’s eroFame was a memorable one, as could be gleaned from the overwhelmingly positive response to the brand. However, BeautyEnigma, the company behind Orgie, does not intend to rest on these laurels. Instead, CEO Marcello Hespanhol and his team intend to use the positive momentum of the launch to take Orgie to new heights in 2018.

Are you satisfied with the way eroFame 2017 went for Orgie?
Marcello Hespanhol: Pretty much! Starting with the booth assembly – in our experience of more than 15 years of participation at trade shows, we have never seen a booth assembly so well-executed and so faithful to the original design. Impeccable. With respect to business, the results of eroFame 2017 were outstanding, so we are very satisfied, indeed. After all, only qualified professionals visit the trade show.

A big, appealing stand, a committed team, and 39 new products – was it your goal to make a splash in the European adult market? Did you achieve that goal?
Our goal was to work and deliver the best brand debut we possibly could, and I believe we achieved that goal. Our booth had 5 trained sales professionals speaking Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German, and Italian. We welcomed many retailers at our booth, as well as distributors and all the major market players, and we had the opportunity and time to demonstrate our products in details.
And to crown our work, we were blessed with a positive response and compliments from two of the largest companies in Europe, which have always been examples to be followed due to the great work they do. It made us proud of what we have delivered so far, and it exceeded our expectations.

How was the feedback you received for your brand, your products, your ingredients?
‘Honestly speaking, I’m quite surprised, you did quite well. Orgie’s branding, the booth, the products, and its packaging are beyond expectations’. Hearing this from a member of the directors’ board of one of the world’s largest companies is very gratifying and made us believe that Orgie is truly on the right path. The vast majority of comments were very positive, so we will keep up with our efforts.

BeautyEnigma, the company brining us Orgie, has its headquarters in Porto de Mós, Portugal

Are there any insights you took away from eroFame about the adult market in general. Which trends and developments dominated the show?
Commercially speaking, we learned a lot of what we still needed to know about the EU market and we will put this information into practice now. On to the trends: What caught my attention the most was the entry of the mainstream in our market, with the license of a TV series given to erotic products and Cosmopolitan Magazine expressing interest in launching its own line of erotic products. It seems to me that the erotic industry is looked at with less and less prejudice; instead, people see a business opportunity like any other. It was about time, and it is great.

You announced that you would work with distributors to market your products. Have you already found new partners in the two months since eroFame?
Yes, fortunately! We have already closed some contracts, and we have ongoing advanced negotiations with companies from several countries.

What are you looking for in future distribution partners? What criteria are important to you?
We want distributors who could develop a dedicated support of our brand. We have an exclusive distributor in Portugal and we have already reached 95% of the sex shops. In Spain, we also have an exclusive distributor and things are going very well, we have already closed deals with some large chain stores. This is the ideal, undoubtedly. But exclusivity is very difficult, so we look for alternatives to it. We are aiming for distributors who identify with the brand and are able to invest time and passion to do a great job, presenting our products and training the sales force of the stores.

Product development for the Orgie brand never stops – ten new products are scheduled to launch in the first half of 2018

Can retailers already order the Orgie products from your distribution partners? And if not, when will they be available?
Yes, Orgie is already available for retailers in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, and England; soon, it will also be available in France and Germany. Retailers can contact us at and we will forward them to the proper distributor.

Can retailers obtain sales-promoting materials for the point of sale from you or your distribution partners?
Certainly, yes. We offer complimentary floor stickers, counter displays, and testers.

You stated that the new products presented at eroFame are just the first step. What can the market expect from Orgie in the upcoming months?
Our plan is to launch 10 new releases in the first half of 2018, including edibles.

Do you think we’ll see big changes in the adult market in general and this product category in particular over the course of the next few years?
Yes, I do believe that. Like I said before, the appearance of major brands of the mainstream in our market is actually driving the public to our products. Not to mention that the products with Embedded Technology, Virtual Reality, FPV, and interactive features are gaining market shares in our industry as well. As for sensual cosmetics, I believe we will also see new active ingredients and functions coming soon.