“Most women can rapidly achieve multiple orgasms very quickly with this approach.“

New inventions are often met with scepticism. Be it automobiles, computers, or smartphones; every time, there were critics who predicted that the concept would fail, doubting that the new creations offered real added value. Dr. Steve McGough has encountered similar resistance when he presented his idea for the hi massager last year. As he tells us, the biggest challenge for him was that people were overly doubtful and that few believed in the success of the product. In our interview, he explains, how he managed to overcome this scepticism and what makes him so confident that hi will be a success in the massager segment. The automobile, the computer, and smartphone proved successful. In early 2018, we will find out if hi can follow suit.

This is an excerpt of the interview with Dr. Steve McGough. The whole interview will be published in EAN November 2017.


You presented the „hi“ massager last year, but so far, it hasn’t been released on the market. What kept you from releasing it until now?
Steve McGough: Since our offering includes both a product and interactive live/online classes, we want to launch it in conjunction with a crowdfunding event. This way we have a live audience to interact with as the program rolls out. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the right messaging and the crowdfunding campaign last year that didn’t reach its goal. After the campaign, we realised we needed to better understand the market and refine our message before launching again.

We’ve spent the last year doing market analysis, enhancing our current offerings and focusing on other key areas that we missed the first time. Now we’re ready to launch a new campaign. For updates and the best possible price, sign up for our newsletter at womenandcouples.com.

You stated people didn’t really believe that the product would work. How will you overcome this scepticism?
During the campaign, we received hundreds of messages saying it wasn’t possible for women to achieve orgasm through their clothing. That was by far the biggest objection.
It’s understandable because what we are proposing goes against what many people have experienced in the past. Most people don’t really believe it until they see or experience it live.
Over the past year, we’ve organised numerous live demonstrations both on video and scheduled for live streaming events once we relaunch. We also have a much larger network of sexologist and authorities who have personally used hi.

hi Massager
The crowdfunding campaign for hi starts October 17th

You can see videos of live demonstrations and review at this link: womenandcouples.com/videos. Some of the comments also doubted my credibility and wondered who I was. So we have focused on extensive media outreach. Since then we’ve been on a national TV show CBS “The Doctors”. As well, I’ve been interviewed about over 60 times this year by outlets including: Prevention, Readers Digest, Medical Daily, Women’s Health, Ask Men, CNBC, Huffington Post, MSN, etc. You can see recent articles at womenandcouples.com/articles

A crowdfunding campaign for your product is in the making right now. What can you tell us about that and when will it launch?
We will be launching a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign October 17th. If you would like to get the lowest possible price on hi units and the programs, sign up for the pre-launch newsletter at womenandcouples.com

Limited quantities of units will run from (US)$149 to the final campaign price of (US)$219. We will offer special distributor packs as secret perks to select groups.
This crowdfunding package for hi comes with a year-long training series of seven online programs. These are optional but if taken can help individuals and couples dramatically increase their sexual experience:

  • How to make her feel amazing: A men’s only class that gives men new perspectives on how to make their partners feel amazing.
  • A hand massage program you can do anywhere to anyone that is ok with shaking hands – that feels amazing. It’s a very handy skill because people are astonished how effective this is for helping friends relax and feel better.
  • An intimacy massage program that is an enhancement of the “Sensate Focusing” method created by Sexology Pioneers Masters and Johnson. We have taken it further with specific techniques we have developed over the past 8 years of research.
  • An easy to learn breathing and meditation program – that helps you both relax and become more in sync with each other’s rhythms. This program targets specific nerves that are associated with relaxation and sexual response. It also helps couples achieve experiences normally associated with advanced Asian sexual practices.
  • A “Women’s only” program for using hi that shows women how to use hi® for relaxation, PMS, and related areas as well as personal sexual stimulation.
  • A “Couples Massage” program for using hi on both men and women, plus giving women pelvic massage for amazing orgasms.
  • A “Couples Communication” program that addresses some of the key topics that limit the intimate lives of many couples.
hi Massager
Due to its size, the hi massager can stimulate several zones simultaneously

We’re excited because we have a new team managing it that raised over $4M last year via crowdfunding and currently have a campaign that raised over $300K in its first few days.
Those that participate in the crowd funding will receive thousands of dollars worth of training – beginning in November. Our goal is for everyone that joins us learns how to take their intimacy, connection, and sex lives to a new level before Valentines 2018!

When do you plan to finally introduce hi to the market? At which price point will it sell?
Our first manufacture is scheduled to ship in early February 2018 (perfect for Valentine’s Day). The online and live training programs begin in November. The hi unit including a set of online training programs will retail between $249 and $299 depending on the options included. Our goal is not just to sell a product but also empower the end users to enjoy their intimate life more.