Promo picture by Sola with vibrator and smartphone

“The user experience with the egg is truly one of a kind.”

At Sola, it’s all about the customers. Or, more precisely, their happiness. That was the idea that fueled the creation of their first product, the Sola Egg. Only recently, the New York-based company added a wand massager called Sync to their range. So it’s high time we take a closer look at Sola, their products, and their strategy. Therefore, we seized the opportunity to speak with Nicolette Dahl, the PR and Marketing Manager of Sola.



You say on your website that you started Sola with the idea “that happiness is a choice”. How is this claim reflected in your products?
Nicolette Dahl: Happiness is a choice based on circumstances: you can allow your troubles to distract you or you can focus on life’s little pleasures. All of our items are designed to find relaxation and pleasure in your everyday life. The little things are often priceless: like your own sensuality and the bond you share with your lover. We encourage people to celebrate the little things with Sola.

Before we go into more detail about your products, could you introduce your team to our readers?
Jessica B. is our lead designer. She was instrumental in the overall design of our products and the branding. She reflects the Sola brand really well. She’s appeared in both of our product videos. Nicolette D. (that is me) handles our PR, social media, and marketing. She’s been getting people as excited about Sola as we are! The rest of our team are too shy to be talked about or mentioned in the media. They prefer to work behind the scenes.

Sola with Bunni and Omi Sleeve
The Bunni and the Omi Sleeve for the Sola Egg

How would you describe the “average” Sola customer? Who do you want to address with your products?
Sola was founded to serve the modern woman who seeks to do it all. She works hard, constantly strives to better herself, so “me time” or time to connect with her lover are cherished. The Sola woman wants the best because she knows she deserves it. She wants products that are discreet and beautiful, something she’s proud to own and even display on your nightstand. That is why quality and design were a high priority for our team in development.

You describe the Sola Egg as an intelligent massager. What makes it intelligent and how is this different from traditional toys?
The Sola Egg is the world’s first 4-in-1 pressure sensitive massager. With gentle pressure you get light vibrations and with more pressure you get stronger vibrations. When you find a vibration sensation that works for you, there’s a lock feature, with button located on the bottom of the egg. The user experience with the egg is truly one of a kind.

Sync by Sola in Burgundy color
The Wand Massager ‘Sync’

The Sola Egg comes with different sleeves. Which sleeves do you offer and how do they differ from each other?

There are two different sets available for the Sola Egg: Wellness and Passion. The Wellness Set comes with two sleeves focused on massage and comes with a smooth Swedish sleeve and a shiatzu sleeve. The Passion Set is focused on personal and couple’s erotic massage, it comes with: Swedish sleeve, the bunni sleeve and the omi sleeve. The bunny sleeve is designed to surround and cuddle the clitoris, the Swedish sleeves is perfect for couple’s massage and the omi sleeve is perfect for couple’s foreplay.

You financed the Sola Egg via Crowdfunding. One of the benefits of this strategy is that you get feedback from your customers early on. How was the response to your product and how did you implement the feedback?
Customers have been impressed with the design, quality and power of the Egg. Overall, the power is really what had them excited. It’s a really fun and interactive toy for couples.

Your new product is the wand massager Sync. What makes it different from other wand massagers?
Most wand massagers are large, bulky and look really unappealing. The Sola Sync is ergonomic and as beautiful as it is powerful. It’s also the first wand massager that comes with a wireless remote that can be used up to 40 feet away.

The Swedish and the Shiatsu sleeve
The Swedish and the Shiatsu sleeve

Design and technology play an increasingly important role in the market for sex toys. What do you think will be the next big development in the erotic industry from a design and tech standpoint?
Design principles are really gaining speed in the erotic industry. By evaluating the entire user experience, we are able to create products that truly resonate with the user by uniting innovative use of technology with an aesthetic that reflects their personal values and tastes.

Are you working with distributors in Europe? Where can interested retailers turn to if they want to offer Sola toys in their stores?
Sola is distributed by Tonga in Europe.