Lulu Shwartzer

“Nu Sensuelle will become a brand name that people really know in the European market.”

Having launched in 2010, Novel Creations / Nu Sensuelle has certainly been around for a while, but many European trade members have never heard of the company. This may have to with the fact that so far, Novel Creations has focused on their home market Australia and, more recently, on their expansion in the United States. But of course, Europe is a big, appealing market, and as the company prepares to conquer the Old World, they have added Lulu Shwartzer as their brand ambassador for Europe. In our interview, Lulu tells us why she joined Novel Creations, which qualities make their products so special, and why said products are going to be a hit in the European market.

You recently became the International Brand Ambassador for Novel Creations / Nu Senuselle. Why did you choose to take this job?
Lulu Shwartzer: I have known the owners of Novel Creations / Nu Sensuelle going back about 7 years now. They were originally located in Australia and while I was there for a trade show, everyone there told me about this fantastic new Australian brand that I had to see. I wanted to meet the creator, so I introduced myself to Barry and it was kismet. He showed me the product and told me his story about being a creative engineer from Canada, and along with his wife Thao, a former fashion designer from Australia, he explained how they had created the line – and I was hooked.

They invited me to dinner at their home in Melbourne where we were joined by their beautiful little daughter. I felt such a great energy from these people and I really believed that someday our paths would meet up professionally when the time was right, but a friendship was there from the start. Since then, we have remained friends and the brand has grown tremendously. They moved their base to the US where they have become very well-known, mostly through word of mouth. Now was the perfect time for me to join the team to expand even further throughout the US and across Europe and beyond.

I chose to take the job because the company and the brand stands for what I believe in which is innovation paired with quality, backed by great customer service. Products that do what they say they do, made of good materials, that work and sell, not to mention branding that is second to none! Representing innovative, quality products in luxurious colours with beautiful packaging and presentation. Who wouldn’t want my job?

You have more than 28 years of experience in the industry under your belt. Before we talk more about your new position, could you tell us a bit more about the steps that brought you there?
They didn’t discuss selling sex toys in school, so I ended up in this industry totally by accident. I took a job working for a U.S. customs broker in 1989, and I was assigned a customer which was Adam & Eve, clearing their products through customs. That’s when I started learning everything there was to know about sex toys from top to bottom as it was required for the job. At that time, I supplemented my income doing home parties at night and on weekends. I eventually ran a store and helped with the running of that home party company. Years later I went to work for my favourite Distributor and after that went to a brand that I worked for over many years and the rest is history. Since then everything has just fallen in to place to get me where I am today in my exciting new role.

What makes Nu Sensuelle stand out in the adult market? How would you summarise the company’s philosophy?
Nu Sensuelle is committed to the creation of the finest products made from the most innovative technologies and materials, creatively and stylishly packaged for the adult industry as well as mainstream. The Nu Sensuelle Design Team travels extensively around the world for research and inspiration to create new, innovative, and fun products, so there is a constant flow of fabulous items to showcase. We make well designed, good quality products at reasonable prices and stand behind each and every item.

Our newest range is a line of rechargeable, bendable, silky soft, Flexi-Toys named Bentlii, Baelii and Bobbii which are like nothing else on the market. This Spring we are updating our best-selling Point Bullet to the Point Plus which is even stronger and comes with three textured sleeves. We listen to what our customers want and try to provide them with what they are missing.

“We make well designed, good quality products at reasonable prices and stand behind each and every item.”

Could you give us an overview the product portfolio? Is there product that really stands out in your opinion?
All of our powerful rechargeables are out of this world. Currently we have about 23 different items in multiple colours. Our bestsellers are our Joie Mini Bullet, Remote Control Panties, Point Bullet, Mini Butt Plug and our newest flexible vibes the Baelii (Curved Tip) and Bobbii (Bullet) which are all rechargeable, silicone and packed with power. The one that stands out is our Bobbii Flexible 69 function rechargeable power packed soft mini vibe. Made of silky soft silicone it is one of a kind and a “must have”! You can see the full line at

Why did NuSensuelle choose to intensify their European activities at this time?
I think that most brands believe when they start to trade in other countries, that if they have a good distributor in that location, it will cover the market there. Through experience I have found that if you don’t have someone who works directly for the brand that knows the market and the retailers and is really immersed in the industry there, you won’t see the growth of the brand in those areas that you desire. Nu Sensuelle has grown organically, first in Australia where it was started and then in the US when the organisation was moved there.

Europe was the next logical step and with me being here it made the most sense. Nu Sensuelle products are perfect for the European market with innovative design and superior quality and I’m here to present that.

Your mission will be to promote the expansion of the brand outside of the US. What will be your fist steps to reach this goal?
We are currently looking for strategic distribution partners covering each country. I have been presenting the line to retailers as well who are very excited to be able to get the items from these distributors. I am here to provide the retailers and distributors with training and point of sale materials that they need to help the brand sell. We will be doing an extensive marketing campaign within and outside of the adult industry across Europe which will include our distribution partners and we will be at industry events to support them.

Where do you see differences between the US and the European market?
The European market is sometimes a bit more scrutinising of quality. The EU laws require the following of certain quality and packaging standards which is great for us as we make a high-quality product in packaging that conforms to these standards. The European consumer seems to be more educated in materials and manufacturing requiring a higher standard of product for sale.

What can you tell us about Nu Senuselle’s pricing policy?
We have not increased our prices since the company began. We work hard to keep our prices competitive and to make sure that our customers are protected as far as pricing goes. We do not want the brand devalued in any way, so we make sure that it is fair and equal for everyone.

What requirements does the company have for its trading partners?
For that information, interested parties would have to contact me directly. If they don’t qualify to buy from us I am happy to refer them to one of our distributors to make sure they get what they need.

Does Nu Sensuelle offer any POS Materials for brick and mortar stores or for online shops?
We do have POS materials for brick and mortar stores and are currently working on more that are geared towards the European market. We also have a lot of POS materials available for online shops as well.

Where can Nu Sensuelle products be bought in Europe? Do you work together with distributors here?
Currently Nu Sensuelle can be purchased from Tonga. They have been our partner for the last few years in Europe. We are currently negotiating with other distributors across Europe and will keep retailers informed as they are added.

What are Nu Sensuelles plans for 2018? What can we expect from the brand in the future?
In 2018 Nu Sensuelle will become a brand name that people really know in the European market. We are moving forward with new products providing what is lacking in the market currently. We plan to keep providing great products with excellent customer service and expand that mission to the rest of the world. We have some great new releases that we know our current and future customers will love as well.