“Once people try überlube, they usually never look back.”

Dozens of flavours, from stimulating to numbing, each tailored specifically to the needs of men and women – the range and diversity in the lubricant market knows no bounds. Seeing this, the brand überlube decided to go a different route, marketing exactly one lubricant … that checks all the boxes on the consumer wish list. In our interview, Amy Baldwin tells us more about the products and the strategy of the company. She has been working in the sex toy industry for over ten years, running a high-end adult boutique as well as working as a sex educator, a sex and relationship coach, and a brand ambassador and educator for überlube for over four years.

The goal of überlube is simple: to be the best lube there is. What makes your lube better than other products on the market?
Amy Baldwin: überlube is a luxurious silicone-based lubricant that enhances intimacy while allowing the user to control the effects. Our body-friendly lubricant is long lasting, and is there when you want it, and then blends in the with skin when you don’t want it anymore. In our opinion, sensation of touch is the priority, and a great lubricant should only enhance the touch and not overpower it. A great lubricant should be something you actually want on your body – something that feels light yet silky.

Packaging also makes a difference. überlube comes in a beautiful borosilicate (shatter-resistant) bottle, giving it more of a discreet appearance as if it’s an upscale cosmetic product. Our customers are loving the ease of not having to hide their lubricant from curious eyes. In fact, most are proud to showcase their beautiful bottle directly on their nightstand.

The name überlube sends a strong message. How is this represented in your branding?
One of the definitions of uber is: denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of thing. From the ingredients to the bottle itself, überlube clearly stands apart as one of the most luxurious lubricants on the market. Our branding is always clean and classy. No bells and whistles needed as the product speaks for itself.

How important is a strong branding, especially in the lubricant market where products often differ very little from one another?
Very important, otherwise it gets lost on the shelf. überlube stands out from the rest, and often sells itself. People want more beyond a great product. They want the full luxurious experience from start to finish. From application to usage to storage (looks like a nice cosmetic on the nightstand), überlube offers that and more. People also gravitate towards the beautiful glass bottle.

überlube comes in a shatter-resistant pump dispenser

You market überlube not only as a lube for sex but also for athletes and even as a styling solution for hair. Which properties make this lube so versatile?
The high-grade silicone stays on the surface of the skin and is long lasting, so it is great for friction/chafing. It’s also lightweight and non-greasy, so people actually want it on their bodies. überlube is used by athletes, curvy folks for comfort with larger breasts and thighs, and yes, in hair salons! The silicone is great for frizz and shine. There is silicone in many conditioners, so it makes perfect sense! And the vitamin e leaves a velvety finish that feels moisturising.

Compared to other lubes on the market, überlube is quite pricy. Are all customers willing to pay a bit more for quality?
Yep! Most people understand that you get what you pay for. Also, überlube is long lasting, and a little bit goes a long way, so t’s actually a great value. Once people try überlube, they usually never look back. We also make sure our retailers are fully stocked with free foil packs to give away to customers, as well as tester bottles for the sales floor. The überlube fan club is huge and growing every day.

Most lubricant manufacturers try to distinguish themselves with a variety of different flavours. Why aren’t there any fancy überlube flavours?
überlube has no scent or taste, so it doesn’t get in the way of intimacy. In our opinion, that’s the point of lube. The experience is about the touch/intimacy, and not the lube. Flavors would distract from the experience.

The überlube lube has been on the market for quite some time without any changes. What makes this product so long-lived?
Why change a good thing? People are more than happy with überlube as is. It’s timeless, and there will always be a demand of this level of quality. We do get requests for a water-based lube, and that’s something we are considering. But for now, all we do is silicone-based überlube, and we think we do it really well!

Do you offer any POS materials for brick and mortar stores or artwork for web-shops?
Yes and yes. We go above and beyond in our retailer support. POS materials, free foil packs, customised posters with retailer’s name on it, and we also offer sales training via in-person or Skype. Yes is a popular word in our vocabulary.

Who is distributing überlube in Europe?
überlube is distributed by Eropartner (Netherlands), Bioconcepts (Estonia) and Dorcel (France).