“Orgie Bio has been in our to-do list since Orgie was born.”

The product range of the Orgie brand wasn’t exactly small before eroFame and it has only become bigger since the event as a whole new product line was introduced at the trade show: Orgie Bio. This collection of products is geared towards the ever-growing number of people who want to live and love more consciously. Raquel Shaw Hespanhol, who is in charge of Orgie’s international business relations, tells us more about Orgie Bio in our EAN interview.

Before we talk about your new line, a few words of explanation: What is the difference between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics?
Raquel Shaw Hespanhol: Natural cosmetics are made from ingredients that come from natural raw materials or are derived from natural raw materials. Organic cosmetics must have in its composition organically grown natural ingredients produced free of pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or antibiotics.

So, is it true that all organic products are natural, but not all natural products are organic?
Yes, absolutely true. The regulations and specifications for the classification of an organic product are stricter than those required for natural products. Natural ingredients depend on how they were grown to determine if they are organic or not, being its origin subjected to the proper organic certification as well.

How did the idea for Orgie BIO come about? Is this collection a response to the growing demands of consumers?
Orgie Bio has been in our to-do list since Orgie was born. It is definitely a response to the ever-growing number of consumers, with purchase decision centred on the environmental sustainability and ecological awareness allied to well-being.

What kind of products can be found in the line?
Orgie Bio starts with four products: two massage oils with glossy effect, Grapefruit and Rose Mary; and two water-based, long-lasting lubricants, Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

The launch line-up of the Orgie Bio collection includes two massage oils and two lubricants

There are already numerous lines consisting of natural and/or organic products. How does Orgie BIO stand out from the crowd?
At this point of Orgie Bio’s debut, we can honestly say that it does stand out from the crowd of other good brands, offering excellent, effective, and high-quality products properly certified as natural and organic.
Our upcoming Orgie Bio new products being developed as we speak will match our Brazilian roots philosophy: formulas with active ingredients from the incredibly rich Brazilian flora. This philosophy is the reason why Orgie Bio stands out from the crowd, same as Orgie does.

Which target groups will Orgie BIO appeal to?
Orgie Bio is a new option of good sensual cosmetics for consumers whose purchase decisions are driven by conscientious consumption and environmental sustainability, but not at the expense of product effectivity. Not long ago, this market niche was limited to consumers actually adept in the natural and/or vegan life style but such ‘boundaries’ are no longer there because of the growing awareness related to healthier well-being and environmental protection.

In the past, it was often said that natural and/or organic products are more expensive than conventional ones. Is that still true today? What can you tell us about the pricing of Orgie BIO?
Yes, that’s still true for all sorts of natural, organic, recycled, and environment-friendly products due to the certified ingredients and raw materials, proper packaging, and certifications for the final product although it is not as expensive as it used to be – perhaps because things are getting a little easier in terms of availability as the market evolves with its growth.

We apply the same pricing structure to both Orgie and Orgie Bio: excellent wholesale discounts and suggested retail price between x2.5 and 3.

How do you ensure product quality? How are the ingredients controlled? Do you work with independent laboratories? Who certifies the products?
The quality of Orgie Bio is ensured by ingredients from trustworthy sources and impeccable manufacturing processes. Ingredients are controlled by their own rigorous certifications. Our manufacturer has a fully capable in-house laboratory – meaning equipment and engineer team – to develop Orgie Bio formulas with the same excellency applied to Orgie. Our Bio line is certified by Eco Control, a reputable German certifying agency. And last but not least, Orgie Bio products are also submitted to the mandatory CPNP certification which is corroborated by Stability and Challenging tests.

“The quality of Orgie Bio is ensured by ingredients from trustworthy sources and impeccable manufacturing processes.”

Will the trend towards natural ingredients, sustainability, fair trade etc. continue to gain momentum in the erotic market in the future?
Definitely, yes. We are not talking about a market trend; this is all about a market reality finally getting the attention and demand required.

Do you offer POS material for the new line? And how can the trade achieve the highest possible turnover with Orgie Bio? Do you have any advice for retailers?
We will start POS materials for Orgie Bio with posters and sample sachets, both available within 30 days. The trade can achieve higher turnover with Orgie Bio by promoting it to the target consumers, being sure to highlight the Eco Control certification seals printed on the labels, the profile and features of the products described in the catalogue, and by providing the consumers with sample sachet. This would be our advice in connection with Orgie Bio as retailers are pretty aware of what to look for in good natural and/or organic products. And we would be glad to clear any further question, we are just and email or a phone call away!

Are there any plans to expand the BIO line in the future?
Surely, yes! Orgie Bio is just a newborn, eager to grow, and the launch at eroFame 2019 was amazing and quite celebrated by new customers and all those embracing our brand. Expect more of Orgie Bio and Orgie coming soon!