Josh Geeky Sex Toys

“Our main focus at the moment is just making cool stuff that geeks will love.”

There are lots of adult products inspired by the Fifty Shades films, but there aren’t many other movies that made the transition from silver screen to sex toy drawer. Geeky Sex Toys set out to change this. The Australia-based company already gave many a Hollywood movie the sex toy treatment, and now, they bring us the adult toy version of May’s biggest hit as they introduce their new “Orgasms of the Galaxy” collection. Geeky Sex Toys founder Josh presents these new toys in our EAN interview and also tells us about the history of his young company.


Geeky Sex Toys recently released a new collection called „Orgasms of the Galaxy“ that has some similarities to like a recent Hollywood blockbuster. What made you choose this universe to extend your collection?
Josh: How could we not!? The original movie was hilarious and with such a diverse bunch of characters to choose from, it was definitely high on our priority list.

Could you tell us a bit more about the toys in this new collection?
With this range, because of the large group of characters, we were really able to branch out and offer a wide variety of toys. We have introduced male masturbators which were a challenge but our most requested type of toy, so we made it happen. We also have multiple butt plugs, two vibrating toys, and various sized dildos, all themed like characters from that similar sounding movie.

Is there a toy you are especially fond of in this new collection?
As a male who started a sex toy company with his female partner, I have always felt a little left out when it comes to the testing side of things. Let’s just say I have a particular fondness for Cumora and Stimula after an extensive testing phase…

Dix the Destroyer
Dix the Destroyer from the Orgasms of the Galaxy collection

Do you time your new collections so they are released when a new blockbuster hits the cinemas or do you just make toys of topics you think would be fun to do?
A bit of both I think. As such a small start-up with no outside funding, we need all the help we can get when it comes to advertising/marketing. So, if we time it with the release it means we can get our awesome products into more peoples… ‘hands’. But because we are such big nerds and are usually geeking out over the latest movie, games, TV shows, it kind of just happens like that.

Are there any cool features you would like to have in your toys but were not able to implement yet?
I think our main focus at the moment is just making cool stuff that geeks will love. We are not trying to reinvent the dildo or vibrator, we just want the basics to look awesome. But in saying that we are always trying to improve our processes and come up with new ways to make our products that extra bit special.

Geeky Sex Toys is based in Australia, but you are shipping worldwide. Do you see different preferences in different regions or do geeks have the same taste no matter where they live?
It’s SO random! We have been trying to pick patterns but I think every niche fandom has their audience spread so far around the world it makes it impossible to target specific locations.

With more and more products and a larger fan base, when will it be time for Geeky Sex Toys to open up your own factory instead of creating your toys by hand?
That’s a tricky question! We are currently a team of two who work day and night to provide the highest quality of products to our customers. I think our aim is to eventually create a new style of manufacturing, something more of a hybrid between the traditional mass produced toys, and the handcrafted artisanal style products.

Stimula is one the first Geeky Sex Toys masturbators

Handmade dildos, an eye for the details and creativity… is Geeky Sex Toys a counter movement to soulless, mass produced dildos?
I hope so! We have certainly seen some god-awful mass produced products. Embedded hairs, toxic materials, missing bits, all kinds of wrong. Our products are not perfect, maybe the occasional air bubble, or differing colour, but the customer knows it was made by somebody who cares, who uses that product and who has a vested interest in their ultimate satisfaction.

What is more important to you: capturing the spirit of a theme or presenting a functional sex toy?
Like we said earlier, we are not trying to reinvent the dildo, we are trying to change people’s perception around what a sex toy should look like. We don’t claim that our toys will replace your old faithful, everyone is different has different likes/dislikes. So if we can create a product that feels similar to something you already own, but looks a whole heap more awesome, we’ve done our jobs.

Pokemoan, Laser Sword Dildos, Game of Moans, and now Orgasms of the Galaxy… which franchise will be next?
Well without giving too much away, it rhymes with Spider Man.