“Our product is likely to appeal to couples and individuals with an open mind.”

The CockCam – seldom has a product name been as telling as the title of Julz Limited’s new innovation. What the British company has developed is a combination of cock ring – for a longer, harder erection – and a camera – to record sensual moments in HD. EAN had the opportunity to chat with Charlie and Harley, the founders of Julz Limited, and they provided us with more insights into this unique sex tech innovation.

Before we go into detail: How did you get the idea to combine a cock ring with a camera?
Charlie: The CockCam idea was sparked from reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine a few years ago – a survey which revealed that 8 out of 10 people form the age of 18- 50 had sent or received sexy selfies. The idea then came to life to combine the cock ring with a camera to allow couples to record their most intimate of moments. It is all about a freedom of expression, we are in a time where people’s sex lives are no longer a taboo and we have the freedom to explore as we choose within the limits of respect and consent.

What exactly is the CockCam? A sex toy? A gadget? A niche product?
Charlie: The CockCam can be all of the above. It is predominantly a sex toy as it is designed to enhance your sexual experiences, if used on your penis with the cock ring element. When used with other toys, i.e on dildos and used for solely filming purposes – including the night vision element -you could say it is more of a gadget. With it being the first of its kind that combines a sex toy and video camera that films an external viewpoint of the intimate moments – it is different to the Siime Svakom which films internally – it is also a niche product.

The night vision mode is just one of many features the CockCam has to offer

What is your professional background? What did you do before the CockCam?
Harley: I was previously the director of a design company and for years, I have had many ideas for inventions and business opportunities. I am really happy I went full steam ahead with this idea as it has been a roller coaster of a ride and a great learning experience.

Charlie: My professional background has been in electronics and mechanics. I worked as an electrician straight from school and progressed into a role on a seismic vessel out at sea. I have always sought new exciting challenges, and this has been the most exciting so far. It has been a huge learning curve and I have really enjoyed the challenge of bringing a completely new product into an industry I initially knew very little of.

Could you tell us more about the features of the CockCam? What are the unique selling points of the product?
Charlie: One of the most unique features of The CockCam is the night vision mode; it has 6 Infrared LED lightless lamps that enable you to record in full darkness. It can be controlled via the secure mobile app to allow for hands-free filming. In addition, it can be used without the cock ring as it has a magnetic and adhesive mount to allow filming in any scenario.

Was the CockCam difficult to develop on a technical level?
Charlie: It has been a challenge for sure. Although it is a fairly simple concept, the components of the product, i.e the app, and the considerations about customer security have made it quite a journey. We have taken the advice of experienced people and companies who were kind enough to share it with us. We have tested and changed and added all along the process, as you do with any invention.

At the moment, there is a lot of discussion about data protection. How does the CockCam handle the sensitive data – i.e. videos – of the user?
Charlie: We take the security and data protection side of our product very seriously, we are hoping to lead the way in sex tech security by collaborating with hackers and software security services to ensure that we provide the safest possible product to our customers.

One of the reassuring features of our product is that the data (videos/photo) is never stored on the app or on any cloud storage; as soon as the video is saved, it is stored directly to your device. We have taken advice from, and collaborated with, some of the leading sex toy software hackers (@internetofdongs@PenTestPartners) to ask for their advice and suggestions for improving our security. We have taken their advice and improved our product along the way.

Harley and Charlie: the inventors of the CockCam

When it comes to sex toys that are combined with modern technologies, some people argue that these products hardly bring any added value for the consumer. What do you think of this criticism?
Charlie: It seems that it is down to the consumer and what they enjoy. We have had many responses from customers saying they love the product.

Are you worried that imitators and copiers will soon jump on your product?
Charlie: This can always be a worry when inventing a new product. We have secured our design, invention, and trademark so we have used all precautions to keep our product safe. We are now going to concentrate on support and security for our customers, the creation of future products, and building a respected brand.

Who is your target audience to the CockCam?
Charlie: Our product is likely to appeal to couples and individuals with an open mind to the exploration of sexual fantasies. Ages are likely to range between 25-50. We have been really happy with the number of women as well as men interested and purchasing the product.

Also, at Julz Ltd we believe it is important what other things we are addressing as a company. We have decided to champion more than just sales and margins. We are going to be sending a message of equality and respect with our products. We are going to actively support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals #5 Gender Equality. We are working on implementing this now, and we are going to donate a portion of our profits of every unit sold to put our money where our mouth is and actively support the cause we have chosen to commit to.

How has the response to the CockCam been so far?
Charlie: The response has been great, and we have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline that will really show the full potential of The CockCam.

How do you market the CockCam? Which distribution channels do you use to reach consumers?
Charlie: We have been promoting the CockCam through affiliates, social, Google Ads, and Traffic Junky. We have distributors in Europe supplying our product and also, we have opened our own wholesale platform for retailers (B2B) to purchase directly from our website.

Is there any interest in expanding your distribution network in Europe with distributors or retailers?
Charlie: Yes, for sure we would like to expand our network throughout Europe. We have been focusing on our eCommerce store and are now hoping to expand into stores throughout Europe.

Will the CockCam remain your sole focus or do you want to realise more products? If so, what do you have in mind?
Charlie: We have been working on this edition for a long time, and we have had many ideas for the next generation along the way. We will certainly be coming out with more products. We couldn’t possibly say more as that would ruin the surprise.