“Our products are a conduit between modern technology and old-fashioned pleasure.”

Fitness trackers have become everyday items for many people. Those little wearables measure various data such as the number of steps the wearer has taken throughout the day or how many calories they have burned or their heart frequency. And all of this data is analysed to help the user achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle. The products of Oivita are very similar in nature, the main difference being that they are also sex toys aimed at creating more fun for couples. EAN wanted to know how these two elements go together. And of course, we were also curious about the new lubricant that Oivita has launched, and how that fits into the overall brand concept. So, we asked Ami Lin from Oivita’s sales and marketing team for an interview.

Starting with your first product, how did you expand the playing field to add new ideas?
Ami Lin: It’s a natural progression, really. When we first started off, we knew that we wanted to create a cockring; then it was a revolutionary, interactive experience; then we simply went off the deep end and decided that we were going to create something for everyone… and what do you need when you’ve created a ring and a toy? Lube, of course.

This is a unique field for a start-up; how do you maintain team synergy?
We keep the team small, because other than manufacturing there’s no need to complicate things by having a factory of people. First and foremost, we’re friendly in our interactions. It helps that we have a common interest. There’s also no outsourcing of ideas, what you see arriving at your house was designed in ours. Pride and accountability make for an overall good experience for both the company and the consumer.

What’s the hardest part of working in this field?
While it’s a niche field, we certainly wouldn’t say it’s a hard one. No matter what people may outwardly say about the reserved nature of their sex lives, orders and internet figures say otherwise. If there is a challenge, it’s in the production process, but each little obstacle is simply another stepping stone on the path to perfection.

Being familiar with the latest technology, what made you decide to enter a niche market?
We wanted to help spread the message that being healthy is being sexy. We want people to know themselves better, and to even think about the simple things in deeper ways. While it’s known that sexual satisfaction is good for people, what isn’t known to many – men in particular – is the link between sexual fatigue and health problems. In particular, chest pains during or after sexual activity can result in a heart attack, just as it can with any exercise. This is why we’ve incorporated advanced sensors for measuring heart rate, SpO2, and motion. With these features we can get more people not just into good sexual health practices but overall wellness awareness, leading to better well-being and life satisfaction.

“We wanted to help spread the message that being healthy is being sexy.”

What materials make your products stand out from the crowd?
We pride ourselves on our medical-grade silicone, our SpO2 monitor, and our interconnectivity between our devices and your smart device. As far as our lube goes, we’ve created a product that not only lubricates, but benefits an overall healthier atmosphere in the regions normally covered by pants.

In your mind, how do sexual health and overall health intermingle?
They’re essential to each other. Beyond the fact that sex is a mentally healthy activity in which to engage, the brass tacks of the whole deal is that it’s exercise, which we all know is good. That’s why we’ve designed a product which is good for both the mind and the body and perfect for use either alone or with a partner.

With the app, you can check all kinds of stats and data, and you can even create your own vibration patterns

How do you choose the materials for your products?
Materials can be good in the pleasure market but fall short in so many other ways. We’re not your simple plastic and rubber operation. We want the choicest hypoallergenic materials going into our product, not to mention that sex toys should definitely be waterproof. We’re not using stuff that goes into a space shuttle, but we try to get as precise as possible, and a big part of that is keeping the overall health of the consumer in mind.

Can your product be used with other devices?
Of course, fill that big, beautiful bedroom of yours. We’d love to say just buy a lot of our products, of course, but we’re hoping that you’re having fun in every way possible. Go nuts!

What can you tell us about the unique tech that goes into your product?
With the ORing Plus, we’ve not only created an intelligent ring that can be used with a smart device to create unique vibrating patterns, but we’ve also included blood oxygen level monitoring, performance indicators, and a heart rate monitor. We like to think that we’ve made a FitBit for your bit, no matter the size of that bit. Not to mention the medical grade silicone and built-in pedometer. You’re in for a great time with that.
The OVibe maintains the same integrity of materials while taking care of the internal experience to the Oring’s external one. In addition to the tech listed above, the OVibe also reads your body and auto-swells up to 37% and heats up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Cutting-edge AI tech also learns your patterns and helps you climax more and more with each use. Did we mention that these also charge wirelessly?
We’re also very excited about the different kinds of OLub. We’ve provided a product with amino acids and probiotics to benefit the skin and reduce the chances of infection on those super-wild nights.

Does OLub have advantages over other lubes?
It’s a water-based lube formulated for deep hydration, and while it’s made with making the sexual experience in mind, it’s also a perfectly good skin product. Like with our other products, health and pleasure are both in mind from the earliest steps in the creative process, so consumers know that they’re getting something made entirely with them in mind. We’re fans of sex and health ourselves, so there’s no way we’re going to steer others in the wrong direction.

How would you describe the interrelation among the products in the Oivita range?
Our products are a conduit between modern technology and old-fashioned pleasure. While they can be used as a standalone device, they can also be linked up with your smart device to enhance the experience. In addition, the ORing Plus, OVibe, and OLub can be combined in any fashion to make for a great night in.

What makes the OVibe stand out from the mass of other vibrators?
We could tell you that it’s perfect at hitting the g-spot, but what a basic thing to go with. What’s truly special about the OVibe is that it warms up, swells, and learns your body inside and out using AI technology. When it comes down to it, we feel like we can safely say that there’s not another vibrator like it. In fact, it’s more than a vibrator, it’s a package tour of your body in a tiny, super-high-tech device.

The many features of the OVibe also include wireless charging

From the beginning up until now, how have your products improved and evolved?
Oh wow. That’s a long story that we can definitely keep short for you. Everything from being a start-up to getting the right materials to the right places at the right time is a challenge, but a challenge we can definitely overcome. We’ve tested so many different materials and formulas and the evolution has been quite spectacular. While we feel like we had a product that was ready on day one, it’s the little delays and malfunctions that helped us turn our range into one that we feel is perfect.

How would you introduce a newcomer to the world of sex toys to the ORing Plus?
It’s a product that speaks for itself, and far beyond the cockrings of old. As far as comprehensive sexual experiences go, we feel that the ORing Plus delivers satisfaction in an intuitive way. Unlike other sex toys, it integrates in-device tech and controls with a fully interactive app experience. In addition, the fact that it can keep track of your health while enhancing your sexual pleasure means that you’re getting the best technology available not just on an intimate level, but also one that competes with top fitness devices.

Where can people get your products?
Right now, we’re only available on Indiegogo InDemand, but as we move forward you can look for us in sex shops and keep track of where we are on the conference and trade show route. You never know where we might pop up. Feel free to email us with inquiries, we’re always on the line.

Which conferences and shows will you be attending over the next year?
We’ve got yours, eroFame, on the agenda in Hanover this year, and we’re always looking for new opportunities. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our website, to stay up to date with what’s going on over at Oivita.