“Our products are created to deliver happiness.”

There are so many lingerie products on the erotic market that it is virtually impossible to keep track of them all. How is a new company supposed to carve out their own niche in such a competitive marketplace and stand apart from the established brands? TET Lingerie’s answer to this question: First and foremost, focus on quality. But that is not all, explains Tadas Baliutavicius. He is the CEO and founder of the brand, which was only started last year, and in our EAN interview, he tells us what else TET Lingerie have up their sleeve?

Can you give us a quick overview of your company?
Tadas Baliutavicius: TET was born in 2018 and is based in the home country of the two gentlemen who founded the company. The whole idea of the lingerie business wasn’t new to either of the founders, since they both had previous experience in the lingerie business, and they had one thing in common when they decided to create the new magnificent creation that is TET Lingerie: ’PASSION TO PERFORM’!

Lingerie products are mainly for woman to bring them more beauty and self-confidence.

Our staff comes from the same background, as they worked many years in same industry, and every person brings their best to make TET shine. Our company brings professionalism, a high-level of customer service, and it has a young and flexible spirit. We ensure that our team continues to grow within the company, with things such as continuous education, research, and innovation to make TET stand strong and confident. At this moment, we have a range of 220 gorgeous products.

TET offers a great assortment of lingerie for every occasion, the best price, fast shipping, and good customer service.

What sets your products apart from the competition?
We believe that this is the most asked question by our customers. Let me answer this by telling you why you should choose TET:
By providing high-quality lingerie for an affordable price, we broaden the number of our potential customers and clients, thus increasing the number of loyal buyers (it is a great value for every business and to the final customer).

We use only top-quality materials. The materials pose no harm to women’s health. We care about consumer health, and when we see happy women wearing our products, but we are also super happy that our materials are perfectly safe. We use the finest Turkish Lace.

Since we are a manufacturer, you can have the best price! There is no middleman to be paid.

You will have a very high customer return rate since our quality matches the price. This becomes clear when comparing TET to cheap Chinese products. There were lots of discussions about Chinese materials, so we have decided to make more unique, more elegant, and softer products. Some of them may be a little bit more expensive than no-name products, but the quality and feel are unforgettable.

Last but not least, we offer a good size range for your customers. Our products come in S/M L/XL XXL/XXXL or alternatively; 36/38 40/42 44/46. Bust 82-88 cm, waist 68-74 cm and hips 88-95 cm.

Do you feel that the number of people who like to wear erotic lingerie is increasing? If so, why do you think that is?
Yes, we can see that from our statistics. Also, in 2017, there was big article that came out stating that the lingerie business is going to hit a selling peak between 2018 and 2022.

Most of our products are non-sexual, but as we say SENSUAL. Of course, we do have different types of TET lingerie. This way, TET is suitable for every occasion!

Your company is based in the Hungary? Do you sell your products in the whole of Europe or even worldwide?
The company is based in Hungary and we have two other offices. One is in England and another one is in Latvia. When we launched our lingerie line, we were mainly focusing on the European market. Now we have customers wearing our products in Australia, Saudi Arabia, and some countries in Europe. All shipments leave from our warehouse in Latvia for now, but a second warehouse will be added soon.

How do you decide which lines of new lingerie to add to your portfolio?
We are a very-consumer focused company and every note, every request that is gathered by our sales team gets noticed. So, we run statistics and we can say exactly what the next product should to look like.

We get particularly motivated when we receive messages like “Wearing TET felt like I’m ready to be an Instagram star. “

Is all your design work done in-house?
Yes, we have two designers who work on developing new designs. They are very enthusiastic and always surprise us with new ideas or new designs. Just a few weeks ago, we launched a new model called BODY ABBY. So, there is always something new coming. We love to create, and we love that our customers love it.

Which design aspects are most important to you?
Our products are created to create happiness. Therefore, we really look at the materials, not only how they look like but also how they feel. This means that we have to present materials and designs of outstanding quality. For us, it’s very important that the design not only looks good in a picture, but that it’s convincing in every aspect, and that the products are comfortable so that everybody, across all body shapes and sizes, looks equally good in them.

What can you tell us about your plans for the future of TET Lingerie
We have concepts and goals for the next 20 years. Our plans are to expand, and we keep achieving things that seemed impossible in the past. In the near future, we want to open a warehouse in another country, so delivery times will be even shorter for our customers. We are very open to start business partnerships with companies from around the globe. To sum everything up:
We care about what we do, we value our customers, and we listen to what they say! And as a manufacturer, we always try to process every order in the shortest time possible.

Our team includes people from around the globe so you can talk to us in English, Spanish, and German and soon, we will have other languages available as well.