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“Sex Dolls are much more than an adult sex toy – They are a true work of art.”

At, you will find products by numerous well-known adult brands, but it’s also the place to go if you’re looking for certain niche products – for instance the life-size silicone dolls of Doll Sweet. Cloud Climax is the brand’s official distribution partner in Great Britain and several countries on the European mainland. EAN spoke with Paul Lumb, the owner of Cloud Climax, to find out more about their range of luxury dolls.


Paul Lumb
Paul Lumb

Cloud Climax has 25 years of experience in the lingerie and online market. Would you mind telling us more about your company?
Paul Lumb: Between both owners of the business, Cloud Climax has a combined 25 years of experience in textiles and women’s lingerie design. We have worked and developed with overseas manufacturers to bring our own range to market. Having worked at many middle management and executive levels in business commerce our business model has always been built on quality products and having a customer service focus. We strive to provide the most luxurious products to our customers and bring them to the mainstream.

How would you describe the corporate philosophy?
Our Corporate philosophy is without doubt to give our customers the highest level of customer service, whoever that customer may be and whatever they are buying from us. Our customers are our main focus and their loyalty is extremely important to us. We only sell World Class Products and we seek out Manufacturers and Brands that are not always mainstream within the UK and our wider audience. We strive to make our more unusual products more mainstream and acceptable in this ever changing world we live in. We treat our business extremely seriously and in this professional manner we build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients We are making the Cloud Climax Brand into something we can truly be proud of.

Among other things, you are an official distribution partner of the Doll Sweet brand. How did this collaboration come to be?
I have been a long-time admirer and hold a love and interest for the Doll Sweet brand. It was, I believe, the right time to enter into a commercial business relationship with them as Cloud Climax was beginning to grow. I see over the next few years love dolls, companionship Dutch wives becoming much more mainstream. I believe Cloud Climax will be a key developer to make this happen. As we know, VR tech and interactive toys have taken off in a global drive that is about all things IoT, we see it everywhere and more so lately in the adult industry. What we sometimes don’t notice is that globally, the number one interactive VR toy or accessory is the luxury doll. One of the global leaders, DS Doll’s will only grow in strength and further notoriety over the coming years with their R&D into robotic technology and ongoing product development. We at Cloud Climax see a huge amount of interest in these products and are proud to be the UK authorised reseller.

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These dolls are among the more extravagant products in your brand-centric range. How do they fit in with the rest of your high-quality products?
We offer a full range of high quality adult lifestyle products and we believe we have something for everyone. Quality is our focus. If luxury is what you want, no matter what the product, is where you come. We cater for every person. We have luxury products for men, such as Velv’Or and DS Dolls, we have products for women, such as Crave and Lelo. People mix and match what they buy from us and every product we stock is compatible with something else. We find that our doll customers usually also buy lingerie or an extra wig for their doll and we can advise to get the correct sizing. Many customers tell us they feel awkward going to a high street shop to do this. We want to take all of the embarrassment away from adult shopping. Many people still associate adult orientated products with seediness and it is important to us to absolutely reverse this archaic presumption. We want everyone to feel welcome to shop online with us. Many prefer the individual customer service we strive to give and we aim to give the best service to support the brands we feature. We at Cloud Climax are committed to giving the customer quality and service.

The Doll Sweet products are highly realistic silicone dolls of the highest quality. What can you tell us about the features of these dolls?
At Cloud Climax we believe that a doll is a true investment. All of the Doll Sweet dolls are made to order. Sex Dolls are much more than an adult sex toy – They are a true work of art. We have customers who buy dolls for use as a photographic model, at a promotion event or even for TV work. They are capable of so many poses and are so lifelike! Each Doll is handmade. The production process involves 80 procedures and takes more than a week. Each procedure and process of creation is completed by professional Sculptors, Stylists and Cosmeticians. The doll’s body details are modelled upon real life women. All dolls have a new type of realistic artificial skin which is incredibly real to the touch. The silicone used is Platinum Silicone, which means the dolls are softer than ever before, have less shine, and the skin feels more realistic. In order for the doll to make realistic movements, a bespoke skeleton has been manufactured for use which is more secure and has more longevity than cheaper dolls that use ‘ball joints’. You can opt for tight or loose joints and you can position your lovely lady to ensure you have maximum pleasure from each experience with her. All of the DS Dolls use a removable insert vagina, which makes for easy cleaning and is easy to insert and replace and all dolls have a penetrable anus. With her lifelike vagina and anus, as well as the feeling of real skin our dolls have, you can really let your imagination go wild. Silicone Sex Dolls will last well beyond 5 years if you take good care of them. They have an amazing durability. If you are looking for something that looks like a real woman and feels like a real woman, then Silicone Sex is the only way to go.

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And the customer can basically get a doll that is tailored to his very wishes and ideas?
Yes, the customer chooses all of the elements to make up their doll at the time of order. There is eye colour and hair style, skin tone, body hair, to have applied or painted nails, posable or looser joints, whether to have bones in the fingers to make them posable.
There are various body styles:

  • The realistic style body includes the 158cm, 158plus and 167cm bodies, a full voluptuous style.
  • The Beauty Style body include the 160cm and 160plus (161cm) bodies.
  • These bodies are designed to have the perfect body curve and a slender body style.
  • The Supermodel Style body include the 163cm and 163plus bodies.

These bodies are fantastic, they have long legs, a trim waist and a very slim body style.
We also have 145cm Dolls. These are the 167cm normal model resized down by 85%. This is so it weighs less and is a smaller body so easier to manoeuvre. The Plus dolls have larger breasts than their counterpart at the same size and the 145 also comes in minus style, which has small breasts. There are many faces and heads available each having its own features and characteristics. With so many elements to choose from each customer ends up with a doll who is truly unique to them. The heads are removable and so are interchangeable and we sell extra heads to give customers a new experience without a full new doll. At Cloud Climax we have our own range of real hair wigs to transform your doll too. We offer a bespoke wig design service based on individual requests which is truly niche and bespoke within the doll community. Changing the hair changes the doll unbelievably! We are now selling the 100cm DS Dolls Eva and Eve. They are based upon a 167cm body and resized down to make a more lightweight and storable doll.

A hand-made doll with a high-tech skeleton and a body of top-quality silicone, which also has long durability – that can’t be cheap. What does the average Doll Sweet product cost?
Like any quality and world class product, they command a price which reflects the quality of design and craftsmanship. Our prices start from £1599 for a 100cm doll to £3995 for a 167cm doll. We do have sale prices from time to time and do offer dedicated discounts on our website. Being the authorised reseller for the UK and selected European markets we have incentivised pricing and promotions. The dolls really do hold up to being worth their price. If you look after her you can expect her to last. Cheaper dolls and dolls of lesser quality materials do not have the longevity that DS Dolls provide.

Are these dolls in high demand or is it more of a niche product?
We have seen amazing sales this year and the growth in the market is truly incredible. With Cloud Climax not only working with the clients and customers directly, we aim to work with the industry bricks and mortar stores and online companies with a commission based sales lead and referral basis. We can track this with our affiliates and industry partners by offering brand awareness and support. If we can help the independent stores and shops by offering our high quality service and delivery to your door.

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On your website, you advertise the dolls using slogans such as “She doesn’t talk too much” and “No condoms ever needed.” Who is the target audience for your dolls?
This question is open to interpretation. We have dedicated doll enthusiasts that will purchase more than one lady, we have first time clients who purely find comfort through the caring and admiration of her beauty, we have those who have had bad relationships, we have those who don’t want to pay for escorts or have one night stands. In an ever changing society where people are working longer hours and spend many months away from home, some see it a commitment to their relationship by purchasing a doll as a companion without infidelity. Other see it as protecting their health and wellbeing and some treat their doll as their companion. We don’t advertise solely with these phrases; these are just some of the statements that our customers have called the benefits of doll ownership. Our target audience is somebody who is wanting to buy a luxury silicone doll, no matter what their reason for doing so is.

Is it correct that you are looking for new business partners in Europe and Asia who are interested in the dolls? Do you want to work with retailers, or can distributors and wholesalers also get in touch with you?
Yes, we are looking at expanding our sales relationships with the trade and customers in Europe and worldwide, excluding dedicated markets where DS Dolls have authorised resellers already, so we are expanding our sales into selected markets excluding France, Germany, China, Japan and the US & Canada. With our logistics partners we can export all other countries and we are looking to work with other industry partners to do this.

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Are these dolls only being marketed online, or could they also be presented in a brick and mortar store? How important is discretion and anonymity for the customers when they buy such a product?
We are a purely online business at . We are happy to offer reduced prices to stores who wish to purchase a doll for display to generate sales leads, but we make it clear that our business ethos is absolutely important to us and partners have to abide by this too. With regards discretion, some people will prefer to shop online and enjoy the anonymity that comes with doing that but equally, many people like to get to see and a feel for what they are buying and discretion is not as important. When you buy from Cloud Climax directly, we offer our personal care and attention to detail for each and every sale. Whilst many customers know exactly what they want already, many would like help and advice and this is precisely what we do. Delivery is arranged at a time to suit the customer and is discreetly despatched from our holding company of Cloud Enterprises so the delivery will always be private when being signed for.

The next step in the evolution of realistic love dolls has already been announced. You call it ‘Robotic Doll Technology.’ What can you tell us about that?
The doll industry are already researching and developing mechanical and interactive dolls. In the future DS Dolls will not only be luxurious sex toys; they are researching the next generation love doll technology. Robots are the upcoming technology that may change the world, and DS want to develop into making Sex Robots and Mechanical Companions.
It is a gigantic project, they have a good start and we believe Doll Sweet will have a promising future. Doll Sweet are very busy studying robotic technology, including dolls with facial expressions, Dolls that can smile and speak, even sing and dance. With the rise in interest in Human Machines, DS are excited to be developing this technology. Interactive, Motion-Sensing technology is likely to become more and more central to the sex industry in the next few years. More people are interested in having an Artificial Partner and we hope to be able to bring that to the market as soon as possible. DS Doll’s mission is to always respond to people’s longing and expectation for beautiful things. Each and every model manufactured by DS Doll Sweet fulfils that mission now and will continue to do so in the future. DS develops every day: Doll Sweet is constantly innovating technologies and upgrading product quality. Cloud Climax are looking forward to offering the new technological advancements in love doll technology as the UK Reseller for DS Dolls. If you would like to pre-register your interest in DS Robotic Love Dolls, please contact us here and we will keep you up to date by adding you to our database.