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Paul Lumb of Cloud Climax presents the DS-Lite

Silicone dolls offer great realism and attention to detail, but that also means that they are rather expensive and that it’s hard to store them at home in a discreet manner, considering their size and weight. Japanese company DS Dolls has set out to find a solution to this problem and are now presenting the result, called DS-Lite. It will be available in our climes soon, brought to us by Cloud Climax, the official reseller of DS dolls in Europe. EAN spoke with Paul Lumb, the owner of Cloud Climax, to learn more about the new ‘lightweight’ in the dolls segment. Paul also provides us with some background info on this product category, explaining why sex dolls are sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch Wives’. Believe it or not, this term was actually coined by the Japanese, and it dates back to the 17th century.


Cloud Climax have added the DS-Lite Doll to their range. What sets this doll apart from the other products of DS Dolls?
Paul Lumb: The DS-Lite is new to DS Dolls and Cloud Climax, and will be available from the end of November. Before now, we have just had the Platinum Silicone ranges in store. What it is that makes this doll different are the new innovative materials used. The doll is made from Polyurethane Foam and an all new design POM plastic skeleton. This means that the DS-Lite is super lightweight at around 8kg compared to a silicone doll of the same size which weighs around 37kg. There has not been innovation to this extent by any doll manufacturer for some years. It really is a breakthrough to have been able to develop a full size doll at this price point and with all the features that the DS-Lite has got.

Paul Lumb
Paul Lumb

How hard is it to create a version of the original dolls that takes up little space and is more affordable without compromising on quality, craftsmanship, and features?
It has been enjoyable to watch the work in progress within DS Dolls with the DS-Lite project. The DS-Lite has taken a long time to develop, has been long anticipated by doll enthusiasts and is well worth the wait. The skeleton is an all new design in a material that is very strong yet lightweight. Because the limbs detach it is very easy to store in a small space or to discreetly transport.

It is most important to DS, as one of the most prestigious Sex Doll Manufacturers that the craftsmanship is up to the standard that they have set themselves with their silicone range and this is why the development has taken almost a year. The craftspeople within DS Doll are extremely skilled in their work and they are most definitely not lowering the standard with this doll. The facial features and makeup are equal to a silicone doll. DS have opened a new factory to produce the DS-Lite.

The DS-Lite Doll is made from PU foam. What advantages does this material offer?
The Polyurethane Foam that is used to make the DS-Lite is advantageous for many reasons. Firstly, it is lightweight and so therefore keeps the product weight very low. The best description of the material is to say it is similar to memory foam, in that it comes back to shape and is quite spongy. It is warm, unlike a silicone doll and so feels more natural as it stays at an ambient temperature. It is also a self-skinning material, which means that it does not need to be covered in an extra layer of outer material which saves on production time.

The other dolls are available in various versions (different faces, body shapes, etc.) Is this also the case with the DS-Lite Doll?
At the current time the DS-Lite is only available in one style. This is standing at around 163cm tall and with a ‘Kayla’ style face, which is one of the most popular silicone range face types. In the future it may be possible to buy different styles and DS are working on developing the range.

Sitting Sex Doll
At launch, there will only be one version of DS-Lite: 163cm in size, with the ‘Kayla’ face

As a result of the pricing of the DS-Lite Doll, this product category is now becoming affordable to a much larger audience. Would you say that this doll is suitable for the mass market?
The relatively high price tag of a Silicone Sex Doll means that some people who want one struggle to afford one. The DS-Lite is going to have a much lower price point meaning that it is a much more affordable alternative to silicone and so will definitely appeal to a larger audience who want to have the experience and luxury of a beautiful doll but cannot afford the higher priced Silicone. This really is an extremely comparable product at a much more affordable price level.

Another major factor in the mass market suitability of the DS-Lite is the fact it is so very lightweight at just 8kg and the fact that she requires a minimal storage space. The silicone dolls must be stored carefully, either hung or laid flat. This is not the case with the DS-Lite.

Is it correct that the new doll has been tested in China? If so, what can you tell us about the response?
DS Dolls have already released the DS-Lite in China under their EX Doll brand as the EX-Lite. The production of these orders has commenced and the first dolls have now been shipped to their lucky new owners. There was an initial soft launch of 500 dolls which sold out very quickly, which caused a further 500 to be released followed by yet another 500 which also sold quickly. They are proving popular.

Because of the compact capabilities of the product, this is the first doll that DS have been able to package in a commercial way, with beautiful branded boxes. This is something that has been especially popular as the owners are able to have somewhere to store their doll. What is exciting is that the box and presentation will be very suitable for distributors and retailers alike without having to repackage, which can prove costly.

And what are your expectations for the new product in the European market?
With the DS-Lite being so highly anticipated and such an innovative product, we have had so much interest already. As an official authorised DS official reseller for the UK and selected European markets, we cannot wait to get the product out to our direct customers, this is going to be one of our most popular dolls for 2017.

The DS Dolls’ very own Research Center – a place where technology meets aesthetics

When will this new model be available from Cloud Climax, and will it also be possible for distributors and wholesalers to get the Lite Doll from you?
The new DS-Lite will be available at the end of November. Distributors and wholesalers are able to get the DS-Lite directly from Cloud Climax and should make contact with me, Paul Lumb, emailing me at More information about the DS-Lite can be found on our website at

Are you planning promotions to create awareness for the new doll among consumers and retailers?
For our direct customers, we will be offering free UK shipping and a free body stocking from the Cloud Climax branded lingerie collection. As for distributors and retailers, we will be providing very attractive commercials, which will be finalised in the coming weeks.

One more thing: Why are these dolls also called ‘Dutch Wives’?
Dutch Wives is an older Japanese term for a Sex Doll. It refers back to when Dutch sailors in the 17th Century would create their own type of sex dolls when they were stranded at sea on long voyages. They were made of sewn materials and used as a masturbatory device. They were introduced to the Japanese by the Dutch and so this is the reason why a sex doll is sometimes still referred to as a ‘Dutch Wife’, especially in Japan.