“Quarantining has been the catalyst for sexual exploration in positions, location, and products.”

US company Adam & Eve have asked more than 2000 customers of their online shop about their sexual behaviour during the corona-related lockdown period to compile a survey on this fascinating matter. Katy Zvolerin, Director of Public Relations at Adam & Eve, tells EAN about the results.

What motivated you to find out how the sexual behaviour of your customers changed during the corona pandemic?

Katy Zvolerin: As a company that specializes in intimacy and sexual health, we felt compelled to get a better understanding of our visitors and how their intimacy has changed during these stressful times. Adam & Eve wanted to create content that was timely, insightful and helpful as well.

Who did you interview? And what exactly did you ask?

Katy: We surveyed visitors to the adameve.com site, specifically, users that landed on our sex toy category homepage, for approximately three weeks with +2k participants. We crafted questions based on what we felt were the most relevant topics for people quarantining. See infographic for questions and results.

What were the results of the survey? And what were the most surprising answers?

Katy: See the article for results and surprising insights: https://www.adameve.com/t-pleasure_in_place.aspx

What conclusions can be drawn from the results? How have corona, quarantine, and lockdown affected our sex life? Did corona perhaps rekindle our sexual curiosity?

Katy: Couples and individuals are seeking variety in all aspects of their intimacy, from what they use for sexual pleasure to where and how they engage in sensual acts. According to the results, quarantining has been the catalyst for sexual exploration in positions, location and products.

Is this all just a snapshot? Will we sooner or later return to our old patterns? Or has corona brought about a long-term change in regards to sexual activities?

Katy: Current Covid trends in America would suggest that the lifestyle changes our survey revealed might become the long-term norm for the foreseeable future.

A large part of the mainstream media reported that the demand for sex toys in e-commerce has shot up significantly due to the Corona crisis. Was it similar for you? Does this correlate with the results of your ‘Pleasure in Place’ survey?

Katy: Demand for sex toys has skyrocketed for adameve.com since March. While this content was created purely to capture how our visitors are dealing with pleasuring in place during these challenging times, the boost in sex toy sales certainly shows adults are making the most of their time in isolation.

How do you use these market research results for your own business and activities?

Katy: The results influence aspects of our marketing and merchandising decisions, from what categories and products we choose to emphasize on the site to why we chose those particular categories in the first place. We find receiving direct feedback from our visitors to be crucial in how we craft our site.