Rebecca Anniuk

“The lubricant market continues to respond to consumers’ interest in high-quality ingredients.”

Over the course of the past months, System Jo has launched a number of new products, most prominently among them a whole-new lubricant collection that goes by the name “Jellies.” But the company has also been expanding its product portfolio in other segments such as supplements and hygiene. If you want to see all the new System JO products, you should definitely visit their stand at eroFame where every recent addition to the company’s range will be on display. In our interview, Rebecca Anniuk, European Regional Manager at System JO, provided us with a little foretaste of what the team have planned for eroFame, and we talk about the importance of quality and customer satisfaction.


System JO will be present at the next eroFame in October. What can the visitors expect when they stop by at your booth?
Rebecca Anniuk: We have a great new stand-alone booth at eroFame, we have some great new products to show to customers that have launched, and a potential sneak peek at some of our future products! Also, we have an amazing promotion for the whole month of October! 20% discount on some of our best-selling lines including our Premium Silicone range! So, please do visit me and Sandra at the booth and get more information on all the exciting things that are going on at System JO.

Which new products will System JO present?
In addition to our bestsellers, we’ll be focussing on our new H2O Jellies as well as Warm and Buzzy – our newly formulated clitoral stimulating/warming gel, and some other great new lines that will be launching at the show!

One of the latest innovations by System JO are the Premium and H2O Jellies. What can you tell us about these products? How are they different from other lubricants?
Our Jellies are like nothing else. They’re perfect for toy use because they cling really well to both surfaces. They’re available in three viscosities as well, so they can easily be used for any activity where that extra staying power is desired.

The new Jelly line is available in different viscosities

Do you see any common trends in regards of lubricants, toy cleaners etc at the moment?
In general, the lubricant market continues to respond to consumers’ interest in high-quality ingredients – something that we’ve always focussed on. Also, our Hygiene category is showing good growth, proving that consumers want to take care of their toys and are more aware of hygiene and its importance

How would you describe the target group of System JO? Has your focus changed in recent years?
Most of our customers tend to be people who are looking for something to suit their specific needs, which is why we feel it is important to offer such a variety of formulations.

How important are organic and natural ingredients for the consumers in your experience?
As you know, we have our USDA Organic certified products within the JO collection, and there is definitely a growing demand towards Organic, there are certain regions and countries where they sell incredibly well. Natural ingredients are becoming also more important. However, as a whole I don’t believe Organic will overtake the staple products.

The majority of System JO’s products are lubricants, but you have also added more and more other categories like supplements and stimulants. In which category have you seen the strongest growth throughout the past months?
Supplements have certainly been a surprisingly popular category for us in the US market, and the same goes for our stimulating gel. In fact, we’ll be teasing some new information about our new, upcoming Volt Gel at eroFame!

“Supplements have certainly been a surprisingly popular category for us in the US market, and the same goes for our stimulating gel.”

Body care, hygiene or massage products are especially well-suited for cross presentation in the mainstream market and the adult market. Would you say that System JO is at home in both markets?
While JO and DONA products can easily be considered mainstream, we have chosen to avoid that market. We are not planning on placing JO or DONA products into mainstream retail.

System JO offers a “Satisfaction Guarantee” to consumers who buy one of you products. What can you tell us about this programme?
As a trusted sexual wellness company, our priority is the consumer. We truly believe in our products and this is why we stand behind them with this satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to consumer satisfaction, so our program allows users to easily communicate any concerns directly through our website. If they are not 100% satisfied with our products, we offer a replacement or refund.

What can you tell us about the System JO’s plans for the near future? Will we see new lines or maybe even something unrelated to your current assortment?
Finishing out 2017 and moving into next year, we are focussed on proving our commitment to our partners worldwide. We call it our Be United initiative, which encompasses our obligation to the adult channel, our efforts to eliminate online discounting, and an all new level of marketing support and training options for every JO retailer.