Sexologist Sara Taels shines a spotlight on prostate massages

Sara Taels has a Master of Science degree in sexology and works for Pabo (Beate Uhse group) in Belgium. She has written numerous texts about prostate massages and the products that go along with it, approaching the topic from a medical/health standpoint. So could there be a more perfect interviewee to pepper with questions about this subject? The information Sara provides is not only interesting, but could also very useful for the trade as it may well help convince customers of the positive effects of prostate toys.


At EAN, we are currently discussing whether or not 2016 will be the year of the male-oriented sex toys. What is Scala Playhouse’s opinion?
Sara Taels: We have certainly noticed that within certain niche markets, the use of male toys is increasing. These niche markets are mostly visible in the gay and BDSM communities. Both markets are growing rapidly and this is resulting in a demand for more ‘extreme’ toys. Anal plug and probes are getting bigger in size. Proper advice on the use of anal products is a must-needed thing, especially with this trend that these toys are getting bigger in size, and we encourage all retailers to read up on this subject to give their consumers the best possible information needed for a safe and enjoyable backdoor adventure.

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Sara Taels

When it comes to the heterosexual community, anal sex for women has become more accepted and – dare we say it – a new trend. Due to pornography more women are getting introduced to anal sex, resulting in a rise of sales for female anal toys. For heterosexual males it is still a different story, as there still seems to be a bit of taboo surrounding the use of anal toys. These consumers might purchase an anal toy using the excuse ‘it’s for my wife’. We hope to abolish the taboo and introduce more heterosexual men to the joys of anal pleasure.

One of the toys in our assortment targeting this group of consumers in the Xeno prostate massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition. A sleek silicone toy with a cool blue colour; this non-intimidating toy is the perfect choice to introduce men to the world of anal play.

Scala Playhouse offers a wide range of products for all consumers. What can you tell us about your male-oriented products?
The majority of our male-oriented anal toys are aimed at beginners, with a strong focus on butt plugs, prostate massagers and anal beads. These toys often have a diameter of less than 3 centimetres. More advanced anal toys distinguish themselves by a large size, impressive girth.

Extra features such as vibration modes and perineum stimulations are integrated in both beginner’s anal toys and advanced anal toys. The pricing and quality varies accordingly. We have very affordable TPE toys, but also more high-end aluminum and silicone products. There is a right anal toy for every preference at Scala Playhouse.

When it comes to products for men, prostate massagers seem to be becoming more and more popular. You also have such a product in your TOYJOY Designer Edition – Xeno. Please, tell us more about the features of this product? What makes it special?
We are very pleased that prostate massagers – one of the most satisfying type of toys for men – are gaining in popularity. The Xeno prostate massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition is a must-have toy for all your male consumers, regardless of their sexual orientation and preference. As the average prostate gland is situated approximately 5 centimetres towards the stomach side of the rectum, the Xeno is designed to hit this hot spot with ease. The slight curve in the toy allows it to follow the natural contours of the body, providing a satisfying and pleasurable pit. The Xeno has 8 powerful pulsation setting and multiple vibration speeds, giving an extra intense dimension to anal play.

To provide even more stimulation, the Xeno comes with perineum stimulation for external pleasure. This prostate massager can be used as a solo toy, but also functions during intercourse. By tensing his pelvic floor muscles he can even generate a rocking motion that will make the toy hit his p-spot with incredible precision. Made of smooth premium silicone and USB-rechargeable (charging cord included), the Xeno truly is the ultimate high-end prostate toy for beginners.

There are many products for prostate massages, but not everybody knows about this type of stimulation and its effects. What should a retailer say when asked by a customer what exactly happens during a prostate massage?
The prostate is a gland the size of a chestnut that contributes to the ejaculatory fluid, which acts as a form of transport for the sperm cells. By using a finger or a prostate stimulator in the anus, men are able to stimulate the base of the penis. You can feel the prostate gland at around 5 centimetres deep towards his stomach side. Stimulation of the prostate can be experienced as very pleasant and arousing, and can even lead to a climax.

The prostate can also be stimulated externally by applying pressure on the perineum. The perineum is an erogenous zone located between the scrotum and the anus. Prostate stimulator designs often include a perineum stimulator to generate even more thrilling sensations. According to research over 90% of men could climax due to prostate stimulation, but this does require a lot of experience, commitment and training.

“Medical sources claim that frequent stimulation of the prostate via prostate massage can have a positive effect on sexual gratification.”

Apart from the sexual stimulation, prostate massages are also said to have health-promoting effects. What can you tell us about those?
Medical sources claim that frequent stimulation of the prostate via prostate massage can have a positive effect on sexual gratification. Prostate massage potentially can increase and improve the ability to ejaculate, making a climax feel even more intense. Besides increased sexual gratification, frequent stimulation of the prostate can also have big health benefits such as increased blood flow to the gland. This in return can reduce the risk of prostate diseases. Overall, it’s a win-win-situation!

What kind of information and advice should the retailers convey to the consumers about the use of these prostate massage products?
A prostate stimulator generally has a curve at the end. This curve is designed to massage the prostate during use. The toy is inserted with the curve and tip of the product angled towards the stomach. If the toy does not have a prominent curve, it is generally regarded to be a butt plug, not a prostate massager.

There are several criteria you can take into consideration when selecting a prostate massager such as the number of curves. The more curves, the more stimulation; making a single curved toy more suitable for beginners and a multi-curved toy more interesting for advanced users. Another important choice is flexibility versus a firm touch. When choosing a prostate stimulator is it very important to analyse your consumer’s personal preferences. There are firm prostate stimulators made of for example ABS which can be experienced as too intense by beginners.

“It’s all about fun and pleasure, discovering your hidden hot spots.”

Some prostate stimulators can be used ‘hands free’. One thing to lookout for is whether or not the hands free toy comes with a flared base or easy-removal loop. If not, there is a risk of it ‘disappearing’ in the anus during play. Anal toys without a removal loop or flared based are not recommended for beginners, as consumers might stress about the toy ‘disappearing’; causing stress which make it more difficult to relax your anal muscles.

If your consumer plans to use the prostate stimulator during intercourse it is also important to consider the back end of the toy doesn’t stick out further than a few centimetres. If the toy does have a prominent external surface, certain positions during intercourse will be more comfortable than other ones. Lastly, some designs come with even more curves. These prostate toys have an external area designed for perineum stimulation. The perineum stimulator can have a sleek or nubbed surface, offer vibrations, and can be pointed or flat. These types of toys have proven to provide even more pleasure during the use of a prostate toy to train the pelvic floor muscles, as with each internal contraction the sensitive perineum will be intensely stimulated.

Crucial for all anal toys is that retailers advice their consumers about the use of lubricant, which is always recommended! The anus does not have natural lubrication, which in combination with a dry product can result in skin tears and other damage. Also, do not use an anal pleasure product vaginally. The anus is not a sterile area and it can cause vaginal infections due to transmitted bacteria. Recommend your consumers always to clean anal toys properly before and after use with a specific adult toy cleaner to ensure maximum hygiene. This also presents a great up-sell opportunity for retailers, allowing for extra drugstore products sales.

Toys for men are not just for solo use; these products can also be incorporated into the sex life of couples, much like ˈfemale toysˈ like vibrators, etc. And of course, the same also goes for prostate massage products. How should retailers approach couples or women who are interested in adding these products to the intimate experience with their partner?
First of all, it’s important for retailers to note express that prostate toys are a fun way of exploring his sexual preferences. It’s all about fun and pleasure, discovering your hidden hot spots. See it as a naughty adventure for both. Choose a non-intimidating toy in a colourful hue to avoid the association with BDSM or fetish if the couple – or women – is apprehensive about prostate play.

It can also be a selling point to mention that the toy can be an addition to their foreplay – or can be worn during intercourse – making it not the focal point of their intimate play, but an accessory to their pleasure. As stated earlier, beginners to the word of backdoor pleasure might be better off with a smaller prostate massager with a single curve and a flared base; as this is the safest and most comfortable option to introduce them to this genre of toys.

“The more advice and information retailers can give, the more likely the consumer will enjoy his experience.”

What should people look out for when buying such a product? What does a product have to offer for a perfect prostate massage?
Each consumer is unique. Therefore, it’s difficult to pin-point a prostate massager that is perfect for all. As stated earlier, there are many criteria when it comes to selection a prostate massager; however, one aspect that all great prostate massagers share is the curved silhouette. Without a curve your prostate massager turns into an anal plug, and it gets more difficult to hit his P-spot.

And how can the retailers ramp up their turnover with prostate massage products such as Xeno?
The more advice and information retailers can give, the more likely the consumer will enjoy his experience. If you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, your prostate play will be more safe and pleasurable. Get rid of the taboos surrounding anal toys and get your consumers excitement about all the amazing and thrilling experiences waiting for them.

Xeno Prostate Massager

The prostate simply is a gland in the body that can result in mind-blowing good orgasms, and that’s nothing to get weird about. Yes, it might be located in an ‘unusual’ location for heterosexual men, so encourage them to get adventurous and try something new. Listen to your consumer’s demands and help select the perfect prostate massager for them.

What type of support and materials does Scala offer to create awareness for the topic of prostate massage and to put the spotlight on products like Xeno?
In Scala Playhouse’s monthly PLAY magazine we are highlighting the Xeno on a regular basis, including useful information on how to market this amazing prostate massager. If retailers have any questions about the Xeno – or prostate play in general – they can always contact their Scala Playhouse sales representative for more information. On the packaging of the Xeno there are also useful illustrations on how to use it properly; giving users an instant visual impression of the product and purpose.