„Spider was designed as a companion for the modern man who wants to be in balance on a sexual level.”

When a product disappears from the market for a long time and upon returning, it is able to pick up exactly where it left off in terms of appeal and originality, then it has to be something truly unique. In the case of Spider, it definitely is. After a two-year break, the product gets a relaunch, and Sebastian Schulz and Michael Jahn, the heads of Omocha Dreams GmbH, have spared no expenses to make this the best Spider to ever hit the shelves.

Spider is back! How long have you been working on this comeback?
Sebastian Schulz: We have been preparing this comeback for about two years, from the initial talks and ideas to the finished products we now present. It took longer than we had planned because, with just a few exceptions, we redesigned Spider from the ground up. Also, there were several setbacks we couldn’t prepare for, and at times it actually looked as though this relaunch might fail. But fortunately, it didn’t, and we’re happy we hung in there.

Why was there a break to begin with? After all, when Spider was introduced to the German market in 2010, it was a highlight that towered over all the simplistic ‘rubber masturbators’ populating the market back then …
Sebastian Schulz: Some unfortunate events led to this break. For one, there were private reasons I am not going to go into now; and there were difficulties with the suppliers. Those problems arose all at once, and we reached the point where we simply couldn’t keep everything afloat just by ourselves. However, we are more than happy to be back and to present a better, optimised product to the consumers. And we are even happier to see that Spider has lost none of its appeal and its uniqueness, in spite of being away from the market for two years.

The number of products for men has increased rapidly throughout the past few years … Aren’t you worried that it may be too late for Spider to reclaim its place?
Sebastian Schulz: We think it is great that the number of products for male users has gone up. After all, masturbators have been surrounded by a taboo for a long time. Even today, toys for women are much more easily accepted than toys for men. And for that exact reason, the time is perfect for a Spider relaunch. This is the ideal moment to turn masturbators into lifestyle products. There have been some good ideas in the past years, but something was always missing. Until now.

Spider Lexy Roxx, the first ‘Signature Product’ in the Spider line

What makes your product unique? How is it different from the competition?
Sebastian Schulz: Spider is an extremely well-thought out lifestyle product with a discreet look, making it a stylish accessory. It was no coincidence that the Spider concept won the Design Award at the eroFame show. The outer case is made from impact resistant high-gloss ABS, and the Pussy Inserts are made from our very own material, called Fudge N³ – it is perfectly body-safe, odourless, and never gets sticky. The inner structure is truly unique and ranks among the most realistic in the world. The Spider inserts are made from two different materials: There is an outer layer with a skin-like feel, and the inner layer which is a super-realistic replication of a vagina. We are very proud of these inserts! The suction system represents another important feature of the Spider masturbator; it sticks to all smooth surfaces, and the angle can be adjusted to emulate a variety of different positions!

Michael Jahn: The way I see it, Spider has always been an art object, a work of art that didn’t hide its sexual nature but instead presented sexuality in a highly appealing fashion. One time, when I visited a friend, I actually saw a Spider in his bathroom, and it wasn’t hidden away; it just lay there, for everyone to see. That was the moment I knew we had done something right. Until today, there has been no other erotic lifestyle product that combines aesthetics, functionality, and innovation the same way Spider has. Of all the products we sold over the course of the past fifteen years, Spider has always been my personal favourite.

When I started my company in 2003, my vision was to find a product so unique that there wouldn’t be anything to really compare it to. Today, I know that we were successful. Spider is that product, and I can say this with full confidence because the overall concept embodies everything a modern product for male masturbation has to offer, but with a unique twist. After we launched Spider, many producers started introducing male-oriented toys with suction cups, which is really quite flattering. After all, it shows that our concept hit the sweet spot. But no matter how often others tried to copy us, Spider is – and will always remain to be – the original.

Now, after two difficult years, I am proud to announce that we were able to secure the support of internationally known erotic star Texas Patti to promote our brand. The uniqueness of Spider is reflected in the uniqueness of the models we work with – if they don’t have that special something, they’re simply no Spider Girls. But if they have it, if there is that air about them, then we approach them to make a replica of their inner vagina accessible to their fans. There are many unique women who will be added to the Spider Girl gallery in the near future. Furthermore, we want to establish a network of carefully selected trade partners. In this business, there are many people who don’t even know the products they are selling. They have forgotten their sales talent, it’s all about the money. But what about the passion? Spider is looking for partners who put the product first and the profits second.

There is not just one Spider, but there is a ‘Spider Original’, a ‘Spider Meiki One’, a ‘Spider Lexy Roxx’ and – soon to be launched – ‘Spider Texas Patti.’ Could you tell us more about these individual versions of Spider?
Sebastian Schulz: Currently, there are four Spider models, the latest one being the Spider Texas Patti, and all four models feature a very realistic inner structure. Spider Original is an improved version of the classic Spider; it also boasts a two-layer structure: The tunnel created by the inner structure is made from a harder material that firmly encloses the penis for more intense sensations; the material of the outer layer is as soft and smooth as real skin. So, that’s Spider Original with its realistic, organic inner structure – a classic if there ever was one.

Spider Meiki One is a very special treat. In case you didn’t know, in Japain, Meiki is a term that describes the perfect vagina. According to a study, only one in 70,000 women have a vagina that is a meiki, a treasure. So, most men probably don’t have the pleasure of having sex with a meiki vagina – but now, with Meiki One they can find out what a meiki vagina with a truly amazing anatomy feels like. The inner structure is the result of years of research and gathering data.

Spider Lexy Roxx is the queen of suction cup masturbators. Lexy Roxx is a likeable actress with those girl-next-door charms, and the realistic replica of her vagina has already won over thousands of men. Of course, the Spider Lexy Roxx also offers all the advantages of the two-layer insert structure.

So does Spider Texas Patti, but apart from offering all the qualities of the previous models, this Spider also offers a wholly new feature: The upper area of the Spider Sleeve has been adapted to make it tighter. This creates a highly authentic, highly stimulating, satisfying sensation. As you can see, each of the four models is unique in its own way, and each Spider has its own set of seductive qualities.

The complete line, including Spider Texas Patti, is available to retailers and wholesalers

Quality always comes at a price – how much does Spider cost?
Sebastian Schulz: Spider Original and Spider Meiki One retail at 99.95€; the price for Lexy Roxx and Texas Patty is 109.95€. There will be a few special versions in the future – as a matter of fact, we are already in the planning stages. Fans who already own a Spider and want to complete their collection don’t have to buy a whole Spider, by the way. The inserts of all the models can be bought individually as well. All the inserts fit into any Spider case. As far as the prices for the inserts go, they retail at about 50€. Swapping inserts is easy and only takes a few seconds.

‘Spider Lexy Roxx’ and the announced ‘Spider Texas Patti’ represent your first forays into the segment of signature toys, i.e. toys produced in collaboration with porn stars, usually based on certain parts of the star’s anatomy. Why did you decide to take this step?
Sebastian Schulz: Many men out there idolise porn actresses and look at them as real stars, and of course, many of them have this fantasy of actually sleeping with their female idols. However, this dream will remain exactly that, a dream – for the vast majority of men, at least. Therefore, we decided to give our consumers the opportunity to take their personal favourite star home with them. As I said before, the inner structure of the Spider models is highly realistic, and just like each Spider Girl is different, so is each Spider. Each version offers a different feel. It’s like your biggest dream finally coming true. And the beauty of the whole thing: With Spider, you can enjoy this feeling again and again.

Signature products are very popular in the United States, but in Europe – not so much. Isn’t there as much fandom or star cult on this side of the big pond?
Sebastian Schulz: Just like with so many other American trends that reach Europe with a certain delay, signature products will also become more popular over here. I don’t think there is a lack of fandom or star cult. Sure, a lot has changed in this market, especially with regard to the growing number of webcam portals. We feel the real problem was that there weren’t enough innovative products in Europe that actually lend themselves to such signature projects. What matters is not just that the products looks like the anatomy of a porn star – but it also has to feel real. And that’s why quality is so very important.

What is also of note: You present Spider as a sexual health and sexual wellbeing product. Why did you decide to take this marketing route?
Sebastian Schulz: The erotic industry is becoming more and more widely accepted, not least of all due to the insane popularity of certain movies and books. Sexuality is no longer a taboo; it is becoming more mainstream, and people are more and more taking advantage of these products and the effect they have on their wellbeing. Looking at it from that angle, Spider is also a training device. Men can use their Spider every morning in the shower to keep their sexual wellbeing and their sexual fitness up. Not to mention that Spider is an incredibly effective tool if you want to prevent premature ejaculation. In short, Spider was designed as a companion for the modern man who wants to be in balance on a sexual level.

Brand-new: Spider Texas Patti

Who is target audience for Spider?
Sebastian Schulz: Our target audience is primarily men who are conscious of their body, who like to try new things, who like to experiment. After all, this is still the most beautiful trivial pursuit we are talking about here. And why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it as much as you can? Unfortunately, there still aren’t enough men who really cherish their sexual wellbeing, which is one of the main reasons for frustrations in people’s sex life/relationships. Feeding your fantasies is great, after all, fantasy is lust, and it makes for more variety. Just like Spider. It’s a pleasure giver and training device rolled into one.

The past few years have also improved the image of male-oriented toys. Is male masturbation no longer a taboo?
Sebastian Schulz: No, it isn’t. However, there is still a lot to do and discover. Male masturbation may have shed the nimbus of taboo, but there are other topics that still haven’t. But all things considered, I’d say we’re on the right track, and there are a lot of positive developments. It will be interesting to see how things continue to change over the course of the next few years.

Now that Spider is back, the big question is, do you also offer it to retailers and wholesalers/distributers?
Sebastian Schulz: I know, things were different with the previous model, but now, we offer the entire Spider series to retailers and wholesalers. So, Spider Lexy Roxx and Spider Texas Pattis will also be available to the b2b segment. We have taken this step to enable every trade member to impress their customers with a unique product of the highest quality. The concept of Spider is still fresh and innovative, and it clearly stands apart from the great number of rubber pussies on the market.

What is your strategy for the distribution of Spider? Will you go with a wide network of distributors in various European countries? Or will you work directly with retailers?
Sebastian Schulz: Both. We are already working with a number of retailers and distributors, but we are still looking for wholesalers in other European and non-European countries right now. If any of your readers are interested in working with us, they can get in touch via global@omochadreams.com

What type of support can your future partners expect from Omocha Dreams GmbH?
Sebastian Schulz: First of all, we offer a fair pricing policy that makes Spider an interesting option for both, small retailers and bigger stores. Also, we are currently in the process of developing merchandising and POS materials, and there are lots of high-resolution photos, texts, and clips that our partners in the trade can download for free to optimise their presentation of Spider.

Will Spider be your sole focus for the time being, or are there plans to add more products to your range?
Sebastian Schulz: We are currently developing several interesting concepts to expand the Spider brand and add more products to the collection. One of them, Spider Dong, is already very close to going into serial production, and we also have a new, innovative lubricant and more Signature Products in the pipeline. So we are well-prepared for the next years, and we have big plans for the future of the brand.