Kimberly Faubel

“The market seems ready for a new luxury item.”

The first product from Clandestine Devices may be called the Mimic, but it has a style and design all its own, with a modern shape reminiscent of a stingray and interesting technological elements. And given the passion of the team behind the product, there is very little that could wrong when the Mimic hits the market in November. The visitors of eroFame will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the product several weeks before its launch. And the readers of EAN won’t even have to wait that long to get some information about the Mimic – here’s our interview with Clandestine Devices’ Kimberly Faubel.


Clandestine Devices is relatively new to the erotic market. How would you describe your philosophy and why did you decide to enter the market now?
Kimberly Faubel: We are very aware that the pleasure product industry is becoming more and more mainstream, leaving behind the notion that adult products are for the “lonely” and can only be found in seedy shops by desperate people. However, the market seems ready for a new luxury item that improves upon the existing models. Clandestine Devices intends to tap into the industry by introducing new shapes that are contoured to the user’s body, focusing on comfort and ease of use while maintaining a beautiful and sleek aesthetic that will appeal to the most discerning eye.

Who are the people behind Clandestine Devices? Do you have previous experiences in developing sex toys?
Clandestine Devices was developed by Jules Jordan, a man who has been a prominent member of the adult community for over 20 years. He’s known for his attention to detail and perfectionism, and he recruited me, Kimberly Faubel, a fellow adult-industry professional for 13 years. With a combined knowledge of the specified market and what was missing within existing brands and products, the concept took shape, literally, and the flagship product, The MIMIC, was born.

Mimic sex toy that looks like a stingray

Your first product is clitoral stimulator called the Mimic. How is it different from other vibrators on the market? What makes this product special?
The MIMIC, named for both its obvious resemblance to the stingray and its ergonomic shape that follows the lines of the hand that holds it, is designed with discretion and beauty in mind. While adult products are nothing to be ashamed of, the MIMIC is actually meant to be beautiful enough to show off without worrying what it looks like. A free-standing base, that emits an LED glow to make use in the dark easier, offers a display-worthy shape that is just as lovely to look at as it is to hold.

How would you describe the target audience for your product? How will your product be priced?
With so many products that already exist in the pleasure product market, our goal is to create a high-end line of devices that will appeal to all brackets. Fresh, cool colours and a rechargeable motor offer stability and aesthetics for the first-time shopper and professional collector alike. While we do consider ourselves a luxury brand, we do not intend to price our products out of reach for anyone – which is something that is unfortunately fairly common in the luxury pleasure industry.

“With so many products that already exist in the pleasure product market, our goal is to create a high-end line of devices that will appeal to all brackets.”

In October, you’ll be presenting your products at eroFame. What are your expectations, and what can the visitors of the trade convention look forward to?
We hope to impress eroFame attendees with a fresh-looking item. In a market saturated with copies of copies, the MIMIC stands out for its unique appearance. Visitors can look forward to seeing something new, and not more of the same.

When will you introduce the product to the European market? Will there be a promotional campaign?
We will be ready for orders as of eroFame, with delivery being in November of this year. Promotions will follow, certainly offering tester samples to buyers in order to assist with marketing the MIMIC and training for any distributors and retailers that want it. Marketing merchandise will be made available with minimum orders and other promotions are in development.

Where can interested retailers turn to if they want to sell Mimic in their stores?
For now, anyone with interest or questions regarding the MIMIC can contact

A single Mimic sex toy by jules jordan

Do you working with distributors or are you currently looking for interested wholesalers?
We are interested in building relationships with distributors and are open to speak with anyone who wants to communicate – this is an exciting time for us and all are welcome to contact us.

Is this only the beginning of a whole line of products or will Mimic be a one-time thing? What will be your next steps?
The MIMIC is only the beginning. We didn’t want to flood the industry with a dozen pieces that are lesser quality. We will continue to curate the projects on deck and make sure that each piece is exactly what it needs to be prior to introducing it. Every Clandestine Devices product will be carefully considered and designed with its user’s senses in mind.