“These plugs allow our customers to ‘have it all’.”

Two years ago, b-Vibe hit the bullseye with their Snug Plugs. This collection of butt plugs offered different weights and well-thought out designs, making them a perfect addition to the range of b-Vibe, a brand focusing on anal products. Now, a new dimension of stimulation has been added to these butt plugs – vibration. Alicia Sinclair, the founder of b-Vibe, tells us more about this upgrade that makes the new Plugs even better than the original ones, and we talk about the future of the market segment for anal products.

b-Vibe recently presented a new version of Snug Plugs. What makes these new plugs special?
Alicia Sinclair: The newest Snug Plugs add powerful vibration to the already pleasurable weighted sensation of the original Snug Plugs. Rather than choosing between the sensation of weight or the sensation of vibration, Vibrating Snug Plugs allow the user to enjoy both. These plugs allow our customers to “have it all”- long wear comfort, weight, and vibration. The two sizes– medium and large – are designed to accommodate both beginners and anal enthusiasts.

The first edition of the Snug Plugs didn’t offer any vibration. Why did you choose to add this feature later?
Vibration strength is often the measure of a sex toy. In butt plugs specifically, vibration provides both pleasure and relaxation- a winning combo if penetration is your end goal.

The combination of vibration (with 4 vibration levels and 6 vibration patterns) with a weighted Snug Plug heightens that feeling of fullness that many individuals seek when using butt plugs. Our Snug Plug line has been popular for long-term wear because of its thin, flexible neck. The bonus of vibrations can make a public appearance extra steamy.

Did you have a specific target group in mind when you created the Vibrating Snug Plugs? Or do they simply represent one more option for b-Vibe customers to choose from?
As we recently highlighted in our Every Body Has A Butt campaign, we always want to underline that anyone can use our products – no matter their body or identity. In terms of preferences, Snug Plugs have been popular for extended wear, as well as their size range to accommodate users at all entry points. We wanted to make another option that created two sensations we know our customers love.

“As we recently highlighted in our Every Body Has A Butt campaign, we always want to underline that anyone can use our products – no matter their body or identity.”

From your first product – the rimming plug – until now, b-Vibe has extended its portfolio quite a bit. Could you give us an overview of your current assortment?
Our first, the Rimming Plug and the smaller Rimming Plug Petite were specifically designed to mimic a rimming sensation with motorised beads in the neck of the vibe. b-Vibe’s Trio Plug has three motors and is flexible; it can help you find that indirect A-spot or G-spot stimulation via the anus. It has three strong motors, including on in the neck of the plug to provide dual stimulation.

The Triplet Anal beads and Cinco Anal beads are designed to stimulate inside the body AND move in an out of the bum, which offers another type of anal play sensation. Our Novice Plug is great for beginners because it’s about the size of a finger – making it a great first butt toy. And then, of course our Snug Plug Line has been a huge hit; we’re happy to add two new versions in the mix.

We’ve also recently expanded into kits, including our Anal Training Kit – three different butt plug sizes, with weighted and vibrating plugs alike. However, I think what make it most special is the 50+ page educational book that teaches people everything from the basics to best positions.

Of course, these are all anal toys, but apart from that, is there something else that your products have in common?
Education is a big part of our mission at b-Vibe. Each product comes with an educational pamphlet to help users make the most out of their anal play experience – we want our customers to have all the info available to use our products safely and experience as much pleasure as possible. They’re also all 100% body-safe, made with non-porous and latex-free high-grade silicone.

You have bundled some of your products into sets like the “anal training & education set” or the “anal enthusiast bundle”. Do consumers respond more favourably to sets than individual products?
By providing a set like the anal training and education set, we’re underlining that anal play is a journey, not a destination. Different sizes and types of toys can offer different experiences, and your preferences may evolve with experience, new partners, or just time. Our sets are great both for newbies who are trying new sensations as well as those experienced with the backdoor who want access to as many play options as possible.

The Snug Plugs are available in different weights, sizes, and colours – and now, they even vibrate.

After a period of rapidly expanding your product range, b-Vibe seems to be focusing more on perfecting its products now. Why this change of strategy?
Overall, I believe in quality- not quantity. If there is a demand for a product or a “hole” in the marketplace (haha), I want to rethink it. However, I don’t want to release products simply because consumers want something new. I’d much rather perfect and upgrade the quality products we’ve already created into something even better. There is always room for improvement.

COTR as a company, including our brand b-Vibe, is dedicated to bringing thoughtful innovation to categories that have been outdated for too long. Our customers trust that they’re getting the category-best when they purchase from us. Continually improving our product line allows us to uphold that mission and implement customer feedback into our offerings.

More and more (premium) brands are venturing into the anal market. Do you feel a growing pressure in this segment, or does the market simply grow alongside consumer demand at this point?
I think the stigma is (slowly) fading, so anal has entered the mainstream conversation. Because of this, more consumers are vocalising their thoughts and desires and companies are listening. The demand has always been there, it’s just louder now. I see the next generation playing a big role in continuing to erase many of the societal taboos that stunt sexual innovation, including the anal play category. As a result, my goal is always to support that growth and innovation. Realistically that pressure in the market and growing consumer demand fuel my personal passion to the better, think smarter, be more creative. Competition paves the way for innovation.

Speaking of demand, how do you explain the increased interest in anal sex and the corresponding toys? Have people become keener to experiment in recent years or is the topic simply more in the spotlight?
As I said, I think the topic is coming to the forefront. As we continue to hear from more diverse perspectives, people are starting to see that there is not just one way of having sex – a fluid understanding of sexuality is entering the mainstream. And the more we see these topics in mainstream media and conversations online, the more people will be encouraged to share their own stories and feel accepting of their desires. I truly believe that type of visibility has the potential to change the way we think about sex in our culture.

Let‘s take a step back and look at the erotic market as a whole: What trends can you identify that will have an impact on the market in the foreseeable future?
I think we’re going to continue to see a rise of non-gendered toys, because companies are seeing that people with varying genitalia, sexualities, and gender-identity are wanting to use their product. Our campaign Every Body Has A Butt served to highlight what inclusive sex toy marketing can look like, and I think other erotic companies are looking to follow suit and say, “this isn’t just for men or women or people like x, this is for anyone who wants to use it.” I think we’ll begin to see ingrained structures of what toys “should” look like or be like broken down, and more nuanced toys brought to the table.

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for b-Vibe for the rest of the year? Will we see new releases?
Well I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but this isn’t the last new product announcement you’ll see from b-Vibe this year! We have some exciting releases and collaborations in the works that we can’t wait to share.