Tony Varlack

Tony Varlack introduces the Mister B Vac Rack

If you have been active in the adult market long enough, most products you encounter probably have that ˈbeen there, done thatˈ feel to them, even if they get bewildered looks from most people. If you know this market, you know there is a niche for absolutely anything. But now, Mister B introduces the Vac Rack, a product that can claim the distinction of being truly different from anything we’ve known up until now. Tony Varlack, Mister B’s Social Media Manager, tells us more about the Vac Rack in our interview


Mister B has released a very special product: the vacuum bed. Please, tell us more.
Tony Varlack: The Mister B Vac Rack is a great way of experiencing rubber play, bondage, sensory deprivation, and role play.

How does a vacuum bed work?
The Mister B Vac Rack contains a rubber sack and a frame. After you set up the frame and pull the rubber bag over the frame, your Vac rack is ready for use. There are a few other things you need: earplugs, a rubber hood, and a vacuum cleaner. The latter doesn’t come with it but you can use your own vacuum cleaner. Since we advise you always play together, one person puts on the earplugs and rubber hood and gets in the rubber bag. The other person zips him up, then attaches the vacuum cleaner to the frame and turns it on. Now the fun starts as, slowly, the air will be sucked out from between the rubber. It feels tight and your movement is restricted. The person you are playing with has total control and can play with your body. We made a sexy instruction video to show you how it works:

What is the main purpose of the Vac Rack?
The purpose of the Mister B Vac Rack differs from person to person. Some like it because they like to feel the rubber on them like a second skin. Others like to be constricted and submit to the other person. There are so many possibilities because most of your senses are blocked, and every touch you feel feels extra intense.

Can using this product be dangerous in any way?
There is a certain responsibility required when using the Mister B Vac Rack, first of all as said before, never play alone! Second of all, read the manual before you use the Vac Rack. Agree on a non-verbal sign for when you’ve had enough and you want out. Last but not least never leave the room while your partner is using the Mister B Vac Rack.

Mr B Vacu Rack in Action

The vacuum bed is probably best suited for retailers who cater to the BDSM audience, or do you disagree?
Vac Rack play is something that is considered quite ‘hardcore’, which it very well can be. Although it doesn’t have to be, you can have real intense soft sessions where you play with each other without S&M. And since Fetish is becoming more mainstream, it could be an interesting product for a bigger audience.

How should a unique product like this be presented and marketed?
A product like this is not easy to market as it has quite a few things one should pay attention at. Therefore, we decided to accompany this product with an instruction video online to give people a better idea of how it works. Image-wise, we decided to focus on the visual features like the body shapes in the Vac Rack and the shininess of the material.