Vasil Tuchev

“Our efforts are driven by one goal: to deliver an unforgettable experience in a single bottle.”

The Swiss alpine landscape is known for many things, among others its wealth of herbs – it is no accident that one of the most famous cough drop brands in Europe has its roots here. Bulgarian beverage producer Nova Trade also threw these herbs into the mix when concocting a drink intended to boost lust and passion. Their beverage, which is set to hit the market next month, is named Do Me – a clever title that actually stands for “Different Orgasm – Meet Expectations.” And it promises nothing less than better sex shortly after consumption of the stimulating beverage. Do Me CEO Vasil Tuchev tells us how their drink can improve sex and what other plans he has for the brand.


Do Me is a rather unusual product on the adult market. What exactly is Do Me?
Vasil Tuchev: Allow me to thank you for inviting us to introduce the innovative Do Me to the readers of EAN and the adult retail community. We are very excited to enter this market that helps its customers discover the world of erotic pleasures, resulting in overall life improvement and many proven health benefits.

As you mentioned, Do Me delivers a unique value proposition in this market. Do Me stands for Different Orgasms Meet Expectations. It is a unisex love elixir in a 60ml bottle, containing an innovative Swiss formula of 38 herbs activated and magnified by the sense of touch in any form. This uniquely dosed innovative shot intensifies sensuality of both, men and women, and helps erotic fantasies become reality. The eye-catchy soft-touch coated bottle triggers the Do Me experience even before consumption. The intoxicating aphrodisiac heightens the libido, helps you relax, invigorates the natural sexual behaviour and the attraction towards the partner. What can I say – it simply changes peoples’ life beyond expectations.

Without giving away your formula, what can you tell us about the ingredients of Do Me?
Yes, the famous Do Me formula. Many of the visitors of the Do Me booth at eroFame in Hanover this year were curious to get more insights the regarding Do Me formula. But since we are only in the launching phase, introducing the product this Janury, let me name a few ingredients that helped us ensure Do Me’s effectiveness.

The herbal drink contains an extremely powerful aphrodisiac called epimedium, also known as fairy wings or the more common name “horny goat weed”. As the common name indicates, the herb intensifies the feeling of arousal. This Chinese herb has long been considered a powerful, potent aphrodisiac. Not only does the “horny goat weed” support libido acceleration and the betterment of the immune system, but it is also a great remedy against aging. Another ingredient worth mentioning is panax ginseng. It works as a panacea and an aphrodisiac. Besides its erection-stimulating effect on men, the panax roots help relieve the body of stress arising from physical and mental stress. This is very important for any sexual activity.

Often, the physical and mental load kills the libido so we had to make sure the formula helps the consumers to win this daily struggles. Do Me also contains energising ginger. The ginger root is a great antioxidant which stimulates the blood circulation. Its ingredients enlarge blood vessels, helping to prevent brain and heart attacks. Ginger has another quality loved by the ladies – it favours weight loss and it is a friend of beauty as it helps the skin stay young and healthy. As you can see, Do Me is a fully natural and vegan drink that not only proves helpful in times of sexual activity but also offers other health benefits.

Do Me Bottle
The formula of Do Me contains over thirty herbs

How would you describe the feeling one gets when consuming your drinks? And how does it taste?
Simply amazing! I think that says it all. I am personally a great fan of Do Me. I love how it helps me relax after a long working day or intensive travels. The dynamics of the day disappear, and I dive into a world of complete satisfaction. The drink increases potency but most importantly, it gives you the desired sexual rush, warmth, and a tingling feeling going through the entire body. This facilitates excitement and arousal.

It usually takes 30-45 min for the formula to work but it also depends on the person. Your attitude, perception, and desire have a great impact on the way you experience erotic stimulations. Testers who are usually more open to discovering new sexual stimuli tend to feel Do Me faster compared to people who are less open for sexual playfulness. But I also think it depends on your partner and how comfortable and relaxed you feel with her or him. And of course, erotic stimulation must be present. That is the catalyst that activates the formula.

If both partners are equally committed to satisfy each other’s desires, Do Me can help maximise this experience, facilitating the ultimate sexual journey. Regarding the cinnamon taste, it is like sex. Sweet and bitter at this same time.

Does Do Me work for men and women alike?
Well, having differently structured genital organs and systems, the working of Do Me is of course more visible with men than with women. That is a common biologic fact. Accordingly, the functioning of Do Me can’t be the same for both sexes. After the consumption of Do Me and having a sexual stimulus present, a range of body mechanism affecting the cardiovascular vessels in the penis with men, and the blood flow in the vagina with women is initiated. The sexual senses intensify, activating an erection if you are a man. A woman’s body responds to any erotic stimulation up to 9 times stronger, helping to enhance female arousal and achieving the desired orgasm. Excluding the male erection, the other feelings associated with Do Me, which I mentioned in my answer to the previous question, are very similar.

How did you come up with the idea of creating this drink?
The business reality in any industry is driven by heathy competition but most importantly, the innovations triggered by thinking outside the box. We are originally at home in beverage manufacturing, selling own and private brands in 40 countries worldwide. We believe that continuous improvement and innovations are the key success factors in our business. Several years ago, we decided we wanted to deliver a drink that would not be classified as a supplement or a medicine but that would help both, women and men, in deepening their sexual relationships and “keeping the fire burning”.

Love, in all its different forms of expression, is the main power in people’s lives. Men and women have always looked for various ways to increase their sexual abilities or to provoke the sexual fantasies of their partners. During one of our business trips to Switzerland we got an opportunity to buy a Swiss formula that eventually became the Do Me drink. Since the main high-end technology production plants are in Bulgaria, we decided to also invest in a Swiss company and apply for a patent to keep Do Me’s origins and authenticity. We are also working with Swiss institutes to make sure Do Me does not lose this part of its identity, and to that end, we invest heavily in ensuring the Swiss quality. Our efforts are driven by one goal: to deliver an unforgettable experience in a single bottle.

“Love, in all its different forms of expression, is the main power in people’s lives.”

Could you tell us a bit more about the team and the company behind the product?
Definitely. Without our creative, highly driven, and dedicated team, Do Me could never exist. I am also sure that they will read this article so allow me to thank them for their support and commitment.

The Do Me team is made of young, progressive, and energetic individuals supported by a board of senior advisors and investors. We are positioned in several countries and regions in order to ensure strategic market penetration. We believe that our unique value proposition and product identity will help us gain a fair market share. The Do Me team is aiming for the best quality possible, setting top standards from production to marketing and sales processes in order to bring an exclusive and intoxicating experience into the end consumers’ lives, meaning the customers of adult stores who love to play, dare to express their desires, and at the same time are educated and recognise the value of the heath factor in their life.

But we also understand the high standards of the B2B community. Only the continuous improvement strategy in all our operational processes can enable us to meet the demands and expectations of our business partners. The production of Do Me is licensed to Nova Trade Ltd. which is recognised for its quality, having several certifications with regard to international standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005, and IFS Food Version 6, with a high level of 97.33%. Nova Trade Ltd. also uses the HACCP system for critical point control. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited serves as the certified control executive body.

The Quality Control system guarantees tracing and control of each stage of the manufacturing process, with a high production capacity, a large car park, and support from international logistics partners.

A drink is a rather unusual product to sell for erotic retailers. How would you advise them to market it in a retail environment to get the most of it?
We are still busy investigating the positioning in adult stores. However, the initial findings show that, in order to maximise Do Me sales, it is best to place the shots close to the counter and/or next to the condoms displays. We are also prepared to support retailers with point of sale materials (including brochures in many languages, shelf signage, banners, and display items) depending of their purchasing power and requirements. Since we are new to this industry, we are open to any suggestions in order to contribute with Do Me to the overall style and design of the retail environment.

Do you offer point of sale materials or marketing materials for online shops?
Absolutely, our creative agencies are already working on marketing materials for both, physical and online distribution channels. We are also preparing marketing campaigns for the social media platforms. Banners, multi-language versions of online leaflets in HD resolution or short educational demos with commercial display rights will be delivered to e-commerce partners. The upcoming new Do Me hub will also help people get updates relating to our brand and its recent activities, achievements, and upcoming events.

Vasil Tuchev
Vasil Tuchev, CEO of Do Me, sees huge potential in the drink

When will Do Me be available on the market and how much will it cost?
We are happy to announce that the sampling action will be taking place in January, helping to get Do Me to mass production. Unfortunately, I am not able to communicate the advised retail price yet. However, if any of your readers are interested in Do Me, simply contact my colleague Marta who will add your company in our communications and campaigns:

Where will Do Me be sold and will you work with distributors?
Thanks to eroFame and our network, we had a great opportunity to meet many potential partners, from leading wholesalers and distributors to local online and physical retailers who are interested in the Do Me offering. And let’s not forget about the entertainment companies organising adult parties. We plan to work with every serious company that values win-win partnerships and business operations. The price strategy will depend on the order volume. In order to create trust in our company, we are inviting any interested party to visit us and get to know us better. Some of our potential clients have already visited our high-tach plants and we are fortunately expecting more to come. If you would like to meet us, simply contact Marta.

What are your plans for the future of the brand? Will we see different drinks with other formulas?
In the coming year, we need to position Do Me and deliver solid relationships within the market. At the moment, we are in the launching phase of the product cycle. We are finalising the last undertakings necessary to bring Do Me to mass production. However, already after our first appearance at eroFame, we realised that the adult retail industry offers lots of potential for Do Me and the companies in our eco-system. The trade show was a great learning event, providing us with several attractive ideas. We were extremely satisfied and positively surprised by how the industy reacted to Do Me.

In 2018, the goal is to successfully position Do Me, build brand awareness, and establish suitable brand ambassadors. Penetrating the market will help us learn more in order to either find brand extension opportunities for Do Me or come up with new exciting and innovative products. And who knows, maybe both. I would simply say – expect the unexpected!