“We aim to help shed inhibitions and build confidence through body awareness.”

Women have been resourcefully self-pleasuring with H20 as long as rushing water existed. Many young girls discovered orgasm while running the tap for a bath or rinsing down with a removable shower head. Most claim these are some of the best climaxes they’ve ever had, which leads us to wonder how this idea wasn’t snapped up by a big-name manufacturer decades ago. However, it seems Naiman was just the right woman to turn this renown pleasure concept into reality. Her company, BOA toys – an acronym for Better Off Alone – keeps operations local in Naiman’s home city of Toronto, where she plans to build the company into a community-focused effort. As BOA takes off, Naiman hopes to provide transitional employment for women seeking a new start in shelters and extra-curricular sex education for young female students and their mothers. Naiman is currently slinging The Femme Fountain at BOAtoys.com, but this single mom with an entrepreneurial spirit has big dreams for this magical tub toy. Naiman thinks we all deserve the best orgasms nature can provide, and she’s looking to international retailers and distributors to help bring water-borne climaxes to the world. Niaman chatted with EAN about eco-friendly masturbation, and why The Femme Fountain can convert even the most devoted shower lover into a bath addict.

Everyone knows the ol’ shower head trick for incredible clitoral orgasms. How did you come up with the idea to re-imagine this concept in sex toy form?
Justine Naiman: I’ve always been interested in creating products to make life more efficient. It seemed like a natural transition for me to introduce this as a sex toy, because it produces superior orgasms in a remarkably short time! It started with wanting to develop an eco-friendly solution, as it’s too wasteful to run fresh water the whole time.

How did you bring The Femme Fountain from an idea to prototype, and then finally to a shelf-ready product? Was it a difficult concept to translate to manufacturers?
I worked closely with an engineer who lead the product development from an idea into a prototype. We tested the performance of a variety of options and found the best
parts for our products. BOA toys is a new OEM with in-house assembly, so we are able to maintain control over manufacturing processes.

Using water pressure for women’s self-pleasure has been popular for decades. Why do you believe no one has pursued this idea as a sex toy before? How were you able to overcome the hurdles to be the first?
I honestly believe the world was waiting for me to introduce this concept. I’m still trying to overcome being first to market and there will be bigger hurdles as the company grows. It’s unreal that it hasn’t been done and I have no doubt that The Femme Fountain will be exploited by imposters within a couple years. However, I maintain unwavering faith in my product and my vision for BOA toys, which helps me stay focused on our goals.

The Femme Fountain is a unique water-powered clitoral stimulator

Tell us a bit about The Femme Fountain’s functions. How does it work? What would you recommend for optimal orgasms?
The Femme Fountain is a submersible pump that suctions to the tub wall, taking water in the bottom and shooting it out through an adjustable, stay-put tube. Users can change the sensation dramatically by aiming the jet stream directly at themselves or use an arc that lands with a pitter-patter of pleasure. Additionally, the bath water level can provide a barrier that varies the sensation. It’s nice to ‘warm up’ covered by water, then reduce the water level to expose the clitoris (and all its nerve endings!) when you’re ready to climax. Beyond the trajectory and water level, there are also two settings – low and high – to further enhance the experience.

Whether you like a little pressure or have a hard to please clitoris, The Femme Fountain’s adjustable trajectory and different settings, allows you to put it in place, turn it on, then get turned on by hands-free stimulation! It’s simple design makes it easy to use and it’s discreet style is unassuming and feminine. Anyone with a clitoris will be able to achieve a superior climax, which is especially appealing to women who aren’t comfortable during intercourse, are self-conscious, or just haven’t been able to orgasm.

What’s been the consumer response so far? Tell us about some testimonials that have really validated your mission in bringing The Femme Fountain to market.
The response has been overwhelmingly positive! I remember bringing my original prototype to a renowned sex-educator and getting praised for the idea. Being hailed as ‘an innovative, high-end, sex toy’ from Carlyle Jansen is a huge motivator! Additionally, everyone who touches the stream at demos… just smiles. It’s really fun to watch the reactions as people imagine their fingers are their most sensitive parts. My favorite testimonial is from someone who had low expectations but was officially converted after one bath with The Femme Fountain. She said, ‘I wasn’t expecting to have the orgasm that I had…it was great!’

The Femme Fountain recycles bathwater by pulling water in the bottom, then shooting it out the top

What needs – whether physical, emotional or both – does The Femme Fountain satisfy that the market couldn’t previously fulfill for women? What makes this product and your brand message so special?
Our goal is to satisfy both physical and emotional needs with The Femme Fountain. As many as 35% of women have never had an orgasm and I’d like to offer an alternative to traditional sex and toys. This allows anyone who is comfortable in a bathtub the chance to experience unfettered pleasure. The user sets the toy in position, then can lie back and enjoy the warm water caressing her clit until she climaxes as many times as she desires. We want people to feel good about themselves and believe everyone has the right to outstanding orgasms. BOA advocates for solo-play as part of self-care. We aim to help shed inhibitions and build confidence through body awareness.

Will you be getting more involved within the pleasure products space this year? Where can interested wholesale clients find you to learn more about The Femme Fountain?
This year we will continue marketing our flagship product, with additions to the product line starting next Fall. We’re always talking to people, call us any time to find out how we can meet your needs. BOA toys’ website is the best place to find a current list of where we’ll be showing The Femme Fountain in person.