“We are sure that we have the right flavour for you!”

Millions of animal and plant species are native to the Amazon rainforest, and the Brazilian cosmetics industry has long since tapped into this natural treasure trove to create irresistible products with unique, plant-based active ingredients. One of these companies is INTT. The team entered the market ten years ago, and they focus on erotic cosmetics products. Said products and their position in the European market are the main topics of this EAN interview with Stephanie Seitz, Director at INTT.

INTT Cosmetics is a brand from Brazil, well known for the beauty and high quality of their products and packaging. Before we talk more about what you currently have to offer, could you tell us a bit about the history of INTT?
Stephanie Seitz: We are a Brazilian company with an innovative brand that is well-known in the sensual and erotic market, mainly for the beauty and high quality of our products and packaging. We work tirelessly to provide pleasure, health, and well-being to customers all over the world.

We are a family company that started in 2008 when our family went back to our hometown in Germany and we realised there were many sex shops around. After visiting some of these stores, we were surprised as we found that most of them sold products with simple and unsafe packaging. After visiting some stores in Brazil, we were sure this was a problem in most countries. Then we came up with the idea of creating a line based on high quality using safe packaging, different from the products that were available in this market segment.

Our company started manufacturing some kissable products for oral sex. Since we are always concerned with product quality, our company was well-accepted by the Brazilian market and we became the number one brand for sensual cosmetics in Brazil. Since then, our brand has gained strength within the Brazilian market and nowadays, we manufacture internationally.

INTT arrives on the European continent with great knowledge and exclusive Brazilian ingredients to satisfy our customer’s needs. Now, we count on the European quality in manufacturing to provide healthy sexiness and well-being to all customers.

How would you describe the philosophy behind INTT and its products?
We focus on manufacturing products that really work, made of ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Thus, combining European expertise with Brazilian active ingredients to bring new experiences and sensations to this market.

The “Liquid Vibrators“ are available in mouth-watering flavours such as Vodka Energy

Can you give us an overview of what INTT currently offers? Which product categories do you carry?
We already have many categories of products in Europe such as lubricants, kissable gels, well-being products, liquid vibrators, skin lighting cream, massage foam, pearls necklace kit, libido enhancers, and also a male enhancement erection gel which prolongs sex and delays ejaculation.

Is there an item or category that you would describe as your current bestseller or of which you are particularly proud?
Our best-selling product is a line of liquid vibrators. They provide warming or cooling, pulsing and vibrating effects when applied to the intimate areas, and they last more than 30 minutes, not to mention the coolest fact: There are flavours like vodka energy drink, coffee, weed, bubble gum, mint, and strawberry. We are sure that we have the right flavour for you!

One product that stands out is called ORGASM NOW. You describe it as “a revolutionary product capable of inducing orgasm through the knowledge of pleasure spots and unexplored sensations”. How did you come up with the idea for this gel?
We are always trying to make women explore their bodies, so we created a product that makes their life easier, combining the gel effects and a vibrating tip for clitoris stimulation.

INTT has been active in the European market for a while now – including presentations at eroFame in Hanover

Without going into too much detail, how does ORGASM NOW work? Does it have the desired effect for every woman?
As mentioned before, Orgasm Now is an arousal gel for women. This gel counts on two types of technologies. The first one is related to the gel: After applying it to the clitoris, you will feel warming, pulsing, and vibrating sensations. Once applied, turn on the vibrating tip and stimulate the clitoral area. You will feel like you have never felt before.

The market for intimate cosmetics, lubricants, and other wellness products is becoming increasingly competitive. What would you say are the biggest strengths of INTT that make the brand stand out from the crowd?
We are sure the actives used in our products are the key to our success. If you try them and compare our products to other brands, you will realize three things: They taste perfect, last longer, and the effects are more powerful and intense.

Can you give us any insights into your development process? How do you proceed from the first idea to the final product?
As we are a Brazilian company, we are always looking at the European market to find out the needs of these consumers. After that, we combine them with Brazilian ingredients which honours our roots and never fails to impress our new clients in Europe.

Stephanie Seitz feels that cannabis-flavoured products are one of the big trends right now

What are the biggest trends when it comes to sensual cosmetics or erotic wellness products right now?
At this moment, products made of cannabis are the biggest trend. Because of that, we have developed two products made of cannabis: the liquid vibrator and a water-based lubricant.

What is the most important aspect for the consumers when they buy a massage oil or a wellness product in general? Is it the price, the ingredients, functionality or the brand?
If a person buys this kind of product, certainly he/she will focus on functionality. If this product really works, they will be loyal to the brand instead of being concerned about the price. 

Is there a certain consumer group you are aiming for with your products?
Some of our products are exclusively made for women or men but most of them are not gender-specific, making them appealing to many groups of consumers.

Which price range do your products fall into?
They range from 8 to 30 euros.

What role does the European market play for INTT, seeing how you are a Brazilian company?
Exploring a market which was not well-known to us was difficult. Our employees had to get out of their comfort zone, be more open-minded to new trends, and accept a new culture in order to create a line that would be well accepted in the European Market.

Orgasm Now is INTT’s top-seller, combining a unique lubricant and a vibrator in one product

Since you are active in both the South American and the European market, what would you say are the most significant differences between these two regions?
The preferred flavours are completely different from one country to another. Besides that, our line in Brazil has many colours, sizes, and boxes but in Europe, we follow a more stringent pattern.

Are you developing products especially with the European market in mind or are all your products available globally?
If other countries are interested in buying our line, we can export them. As a matter of fact, we already export to Russia, China, and USA.

Is the erotic market your main focus, or do you also want to establish your brand in the mainstream market?
First and foremost, we are focused on the sensual and erotic market but we have many products that could definitely also be available at supermarkets, drugstores, cosmetics shops, and many others.

What type of support will you offer to the retailers with regard to point of sale materials?
We offer testers, displays, catalogues, folders, trainings held by a coach from Intt, and free samples. Besides that, our social media is really strong; we have an online platform where retailers and distributors can download all the material for social media.

Who should retailers in Europe contact if they want to offer INTT products in their stores?
You can contact Vinicius, that is our head of sales in Europe: +34 665 225 199, or by the e-mail saleseurope@inttcosmetics.com.

What can you tell us about INTT’s plans for the near future? Will we see new lines or maybe even something unrelated to your current assortment?
Intt is always full of surprises, and I can guarantee many different product launches for this year. It is a pity that I can’t tell you everything we have planned, but if you want to be updated with the latest news, follow our social media – Instagram: @inttcosmetics or Facebook: /inttcosmetic/.