Rebecca Powley

“We felt it was time to go more mainstream.”

Intimate Organics already turned into Intimate Earth earlier in 2016 at the end of a six-month rebranding process. The result is impressive and sales have gone up, so there can be no doubt about the success of this metamorphosis. We had the opportunity to interview Rebecca Powley, the Director of New Business Development at Intimate Earth.


In early 2016, Intimate Organics became Intimate Earth. What made this step necessary?
Rebecca Powley: We re-evaluated our business and decided that by focusing mostly on the word ‘organic’ we may have narrowed down our market to those only interested in organic products. We felt it was time to go more mainstream and to create some new excitement in the industry. Also, we were no longer standing out as we had in the beginning as many other larger brands watched our success and brought out their own version.

The process of rebranding entails more than just changing the name of a brand. How extensive was this process and what are the results?
We kept our same unique formulas but other than that, we were starting again from scratch. We were so fortunate to already have our fantastic distributors and they were hungry for a change to offer to their customers. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. We have doubled our August and September sales from those of last year! We have been able to open so many new doors and introduce this special brand to a whole new clientele.

Intimate Earth Serums
The Intimate Earth enhancement serums at a glance

How comprehensive was this change and how much time did it take?
It took 6 months to re-design all of the labels, create a new website and marketing materials.

Many things have changed, but your commitment to healthy and organic ingredients is still the same?
Absolutely, as always, we have our proprietary organic extract blend and use the most natural ingredients when possible while still being able to maintain formulas that will not separate, go brown and have no shelf life (we are seeing that currently on the market with some very big brands).

Does this commitment which you made in 2008 pay off more nowadays, as more consumers pay attention to quality ingredients?
I think so, yes, as every year people are becoming more aware of the chemicals on the market. Europe is lucky as it has more stringent guidelines than North America so its people are more protected.

Intimate Earth Bottle
A new look, a new brand name – but the organic ingredients are still the same

The market is flooded with massage oils, lubricants, and similar products. How important is it to present oneself as a brand with recognition value and a message?
Extremely! People still say ‘oh that used to be Intimate Organics’ and automatically they trust it. Retailers know they can offer customers quality products that are healthy for their bodies. We emphasise ‘elements of the earth’ with this new brand and we actually do use high-res photos of earth elements right in our packaging. This is incredibly eye-catching and reminds the consumer of who we are and what we stand for.

Your distribution partners and your retail partners were probably some of the first to be informed of the rebranding. How long does it take to inform consumers about a rebrand?
This is something that tends to take time for website customers but not necessarily for consumers who come into a store that is staffed by trained staff. The products names/titles themselves (Hydra, Defense, Soothe etc.) have remained the same as well as the label colours that were on the original Intimate Organics, so this does help very much for identifying purposes.

Intimate Earth Wild
It took six months to give the brand a new look and feel

How were these changes received, both by retailers and consumers?
Looking at the sales doubling, I would have to say ‘very well!’. At both the ANME show in Los Angeles and the recent eroFame show, we heard time and time again that it is some of the most beautiful packaging they have seen in a very long time. Through the new packaging alone, we were able to attract the attention of so many new channels.

Where can European retailers order your products?
In Europe, they can order from our partners EroPartner, Dildos Assorted and Creative Conceptions.

Will there be new products in the near future? What other things do you have on your agenda in the upcoming months?
Yes, we have some great new products that we will be bringing out in 2017! In such a competitive market, we will not be announcing what they are until they are ready to be sold.