“We have a few products scheduled for a 2020 release that we’re extremely excited about.”

Remember when Screaming O was everyone’s favorite impulse buy brand? Those colorful, single-use vibrating c-rings were once the token occupiers of every clear plastic fish bowl in retail shops across the world. While this popular manufacturer has kept the bright, attention-grabbing colors, they’ve long outgrown the tiny bit of counter space next to the cash register. Now the Screaming O name is more synonymous with playfully designed, rechargable vibrators that are small and discreet enough to fit in your overnight bag (or in your panties on date night). Dan Holman, who handles international sales for Screaming O, says relatively new product lines like Charged perform best because they combine consumers’ most important needs. Long-lasting, quality materials; high-end design at entry-level prices; and modern technology that enhances without overcomplication. In his interview with EAN, Holman highlights some of his brand’s best sellers: the Bestie bullets, the My Secret line of remote control panty vibes, the Ohare vibrating c-ring, and the My Secret Premium Ergonomic vibrating panty toy with a new style of remote. Holman says that at the core of every Screaming O product lies the company’s continuous dedication to customer accessability. From wholesaler support to consumer aid, Holman and company are – much like the name of their most popular line – charging into 2020 with new products and unwavering service.

As we head into the new year, what are Screaming O’s customers demanding? What is it that consumers are clamoring to see from your brand these days?
Dan Holman: Our Charged line has shown strong growth over the past few years. While we’ve always been known as an entry level brand with entry level pricing, customers are starting to see that we’ve been able to apply our ability to create quality products at affordable prices towards higher end rechargeable items. Consumers these days have access to so much information literally at their finger-tips. They’re often very well informed with their purchases and we recognize and love that. It gives us the opportunity to really showcase our strength of providing products that truly maximize value.

What new innovations or tech updates has Screaming O added to your new releases over the last year or two?
With the advancement of technology and options available out there, it’s easy to get lost and over-complicate products that just don’t need it. When considering new features, we always try to choose ones that make sense.

As we’ve been introducing more remote controlled products, we’ve worked hard to make sure all Screaming O remote control products are forward and backward compatible.  Meaning if you already have remotes from older remote compatible toys, those remotes will still work with newer remote compatible toys and vice versa. Of course, you can still rest assured that once you sync a remote with a specific toy or toys, only you will be able to control it until you un-sync the products.

Another added convenience for our Charged products is that our USB charging cables are compatible with all of our rechargeable toys. If you own a few of them, there’s not need to hunt and guess which cable works with which toy.

“When considering new features, we always try to choose ones that make sense.”

What are some of your best sellers at the moment and why do people love them?
Our Ohare vibrating ring has been one of our top sellers for a few years now and it continues to be one of our best performing items. It’s basically a double ring design that mimics the iconic rabbit vibrator but instead turns the penis into a vibrating rabbit. It’s done so well that we’ve also introduced larger versions in order to accommodate more users as well as rechargeable versions for customers who prefer not having to replace batteries.

The My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty is the best selling remote controlled panty set on the market and is the top selling product in the Screaming O line. It’s a fun product that allows partners to ‘play’ at home or in public if they’re feeling a little extra naughty.

Our recently launched Bestie Bullet has become an instant customer favorite. We took our powerful Positive motor and packed it into a super compact form. It’s unassuming size and deep rumbling vibrations always catches new users by surprise in the best way. The Bestie Bullet is also remote-ready meaning it’s compatible with any existing Screaming O remote.

Tell us about your newest product releases. What are you currently promoting to distributors and retailers, and what’s coming up next for your 2020 line-up?
We have a few products scheduled for a 2020 release that we’re extremely excited about. The first is our new and improved Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty set with remote.  We’ve designed a new, contoured and flexible vibrator that fits perfectly with our ‘one-size-fits-most’ side-tie panties that still delivers a deep rumbling sensation for the wearer. We’ve also created a new toggle remote that’s rechargeable as well. With this being a premium product, it only made sense to develop a new packaging design that immediately conveyed luxury-quality and durability.

Where is Screaming O headed in 2020 and beyond? How will your team be directing their efforts in the new year?
Our focus for this year continues to be identifying needs in the market and filling those needs with the best products we can while remaining accessible. We’re doubling down creating thoughtfully designed products that serve a need for our customers while maintaining quality and affordability. And this goes hand in hand with our continued dedication to top notch customer service and support whether it’s for our B2B partners or direct consumers.

Where can the industry expect to find Screaming O and your team this year out in the field and beyond?
We’ll be out in the usual spots, ANME of course as well as eroFame. We try to be as accessible as possible for our customers but can’t always make it out to everything in person. One of the fun things we’ve launched recently is our online live training sessions. No matter where you are or what time zone you’re in, we can schedule personalized online live training sessions for you and your team.