“We have created a highly realistic virtual reality experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

Sharing experiences in virtual reality (VR) without leaving the house – Social VR was one of the trends of 2018, and the fascination for virtual worlds continues as high-quality VR goggles and modern 3D technologies revolutionise the gaming industry. Soon, we also get an interactive world of eroticism and sensuality, thanks to a team of experts in Berlin. The name of this VR experience is vrXcity, and it is truly unique in today’s virtual reality sphere. As Tobias Platte, CEO of me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH explains: “We cater to pretty much every fetish that lies within the boundaries of modern law and morals. Everybody can experience their own scenarios with realistic-looking avatars. For instance, users can choose from a host of real male or female erotic stars such as Micaela Schäfer, Texas Patti, or Jessica Drake. And as far as their interactions with those avatars are concerned, you can do – almost – anything.” In our interview, Tobias answers all our questions about one of the world’s first interactive erotic VR platform.

Virtual reality has been a big topic for several years now, also in the erotic market. Still, there has been no VR experience that really took the masses by storm, at least not yet. Could vrXcity be that game changer?
Tobias Platte: We are convinced it could be. With this latest project, we have created a highly realistic virtual reality experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. As opposed to previous VR products in the erotic market, the users of vrXcity can do more than just look around in a virtual space and watch the action unfold. vrXcity makes you an active participant; you decide how the performers move and interact, and you can touch the ladies and gentlemen, i.e. interact with them directly. There has never been anything like this in the erotic market, and it truly takes the sensual experience to the next level. Also, we have designed our platform so you can enter the vrXcity from any well-equipped computer.

What kind of experiences can you create with vrXcity?
Our motto going into this project was: Create your own erotic world, any way you like. As a result, you can do pretty much anything. Be it a clandestine tryst in the office or ecstatic games in the SM den. In the real world, it can be hard to act out fetishes sometimes, but in the virtual space, all dreams may come true. The users can choose from a variety of settings to make their personal adventure even more unique, and since we will be adding new elements and updates on a regular basis, you will always find new and exciting rooms and avatars on vrXcity. No one will ever get bored here.

At the beginning of each interaction, the user gets to choose their dream guy or dream gal, based on certain attributes like height, eye colour, hair colour, cup size, etc. After that, the users can interact freely with the avatar of their choice, experiencing erotic adventures in vrXcity based on their own wishes and desires. Do you want to be the submissive partner or the dominant partner, or do you want to take a step back and control the action as the director of the scene? Anything goes.

Photo credit: me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH

How far have we come in terms of VR? Is the technology still in its infancy? Is it (still) to expensive and too complicated for mainstream audiences?
All that is changing right now. The first generation of high-tech VR goggles was very expensive and not exactly beginner-friendly. If you wanted to use these goggles, you needed a top-notch gaming computer. Now, we are entering the next generation, and there will be portable, wireless devices that run VR content without a computer. At the same time, the cost of VR will become more affordable to your average customer.

Please, tell us more about the company behind the VR platform. How did vrXcity come to be?
The original idea was actually to use full-colour 3D printers and print out three-dimensional replicas of erotic stars and sell them to the masses. That’s how we started in this business, back in 2014, and for a while, we sent our ladies all over the world, even to America and Asia. But then we started thinking about all the other things we could do with this valuable 3D data, and we discovered the potential of the VR technology. It didn’t take long to come up with a concept, and from then on, there was only one goal: to create a wholly new sex experience with vrXcity. This concept is more flexible and also more interesting to our partners than just 3D figures. And it also benefits the performers who can now please hundreds of customers with just one scan.

How much will this VR experience cost?
For a small fee the users will get the base version. We have created our own crypto currency, redBUX, that can be used to buy additional features and other erotic and pornographic content. With redBUX, you can buy various services in vrXcity, easily, smoothly, and immediately, and you don’t even have to take off the VR goggles or leave the 3D environment.

What can you tell us about the technical prerequisites? What kind of hardware do you need to use vrXcity?
There are no prerequisites. You need to able to use a computer, that’s about it. Obviously, if you own portable high-end VR goggles, it becomes even easier to control the experience. But it will also be possible to use without VR goggles.

Are there also erotic VR adventures for female users?
Certainly. Apart from numerous female stars of the industry, users can also choose from a number of male avatars. This unique platform offers the ultimate erotic experience for any man or women, be they straight, homosexual, bisexual or other.

Photo credit: me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH

What is the biggest obstacle one has to overcome to offer the user a truly immersive VR experience?
The biggest challenge? That would be the realistic appearance and animation of the avatars. We have an international team of experts who work every day to create realistic, lifelike avatars based on real erotic performers, the main focus being that each body part needs to move in a natural way, also in relation to the rest of the body. We are talking about the movement of individual muscles and strands of hair, and even the sex organs. No one has ever done this before. Apart from that, the big challenge is making sure that all the movement computations can happen on the user’s computer without overwhelming the hardware at any moment.
For comparison: If you look at big-budget movies like ‚Avatar‘, they had supercomputers that need 4 days of computation time to render a 3-minute sequence.

When will vrXcity go online?
In October of 2019, users can enter vrXcity from their own homes to experience virtual fantasies. All that you need is a PC. VR goggles and/or VR controllers are recommended but optional.

What are your plans for the months after the launch of vrXcity?
We will continue to expand the experience. Each month, we are going to introduce new female and male avatars and new content. Moreover, we will implement new features to steadily increase the range of interactions the user can engage in. The long-term goal is to include all kinds of fetishes in vrXcity, and to enable the user to create their own videos and even upload them to all well-known adult content pages to share and earn money with it. We are already exploring ways to couple the software with sex hardware, i.e. interactive toys. That way, your visit to vrXcity wouldn’t just take place in front of your eyes, but you could even feel it on your body.