“We have just begun the process of entering the Western market.”

So far, the lubricants and cosmetics of Djaga Djaga are mostly known in their home market of Russia. But that will change soon as the brand – which is owned by Moscow-based company Biomed Nutrition – is looking to expand into western Europe. At the upcoming eroFame trade convention, the visitors will get a first impression of the Djaga Djaga products. If you don’t want to wait that long, here is an interview with Julia Isachenkova, Deputy General Director of Biomed Nutrition, and Maxim Kalyatin, CEO of Biomed Nutrition, who provide us with interesting information about their company and their products.

Djaga Djaga is the name of a lubricant brand from Russia. Could you give us a short overview of your company?
Julia Isachenkova: Biomed Nutrition LLC is a Russian manufacturer of intimate cosmetics. It is actively developing products under the brand name Djaga Djaga. Absolutely all the products that you can see under the brand name Djaga Djaga are our authoring. This strategy has served us well. Inside the company, we trust each other and try to move in one direction. Our interests overlap very much.

Let’s talk about your products first. Which collections do you have in your portfolio right now?
Maxim Kalyatin: Our line-up today includes about 50 products. There are the classic lubricants UNIVERSAL SEX, anal ANAL SEX, vaginal SAFE SEX, HOT SEX with exciting and warming effect, and for something more tasty, JUICY FRUIT – 5 different types (Melon, Beilis, PinaKolada, Multifruit, Coconut). For fisting, we have ANAL SE. Also, for the first time on the market for sex products, there is a black lubricant BLACK DIAMOND, and healing WET ROSE. Most of these are water-based lubricants, but we also have silicone lubricants. Then, there is a line of massage oils with pheromones, for nutrition, hydration, beauty and youth, and most importantly, for a pleasant and warming, arousing sensation.

Is there a product that is especially popular with your customers?
Julia Isachenkova: Perhaps the most popular segment of our line-up is the anal series – these are ANAL SEX and both types of Anal sex fist. Equally popular is UNIVERSAL SEX, SAFE SEX, HOT SEX, WET ROSE (with healing components). Each product has its own characteristics and every consumer will find something in our range that suits them.

Maxim Kalyatin and Julia Isachenkova presenting the Djaga Djaga product range at Thaifest

What sets your products apart from your competition?
Maxim Kalyatin: First of all, when developing our products, we use active ingredients, essential oils, natural extracts, and our products have a cream-gel structure. 90% of our products have a dense organoleptic structure and each product has its own colour and aroma, without the use of artificial colours and fragrances.

Djaga Djaga takes quality and quality control very seriously. How is this reflected in your products?
Maxim Kalyatin: First of all, each product is developed by our experts and passes a series of dermatological tests with subsequent certification by renowned bodies. Our reputation is important to us, and as a rule, you need to control the quality of production and products. This way, we have won the trust of Russian buyers and consumers. Once having tried our product, the consumers return to the store again for more Djaga Djaga.

How would you describe your customer base? Which groups of consumers are you targeting?
Julia Isachenkova: The customer base is very diverse. Our products are suitable for everyone, both young people and older people. The product range allows you to choose not only from lubricants, but also from intimate care cosmetics and oils for any budget.

What are your plans to make your brand known in Western Europe? Do you see any differences when it comes to consumer preferences?
Julia Isachenkova: First of all, participation in international exhibitions, promotion via the internet, using all the modern tools that it offers, personal contacts with leading players in the Western market, long-standing partnerships with veterans of the Western market, such as, for example, Inverma. In addition, we started the process of entering the world market through channels such as AliExpress and Amazon.
We do not see any particular differences in consumer preference, since the domestic consumer practically has the same demands on the products.

Your home market is Russia and your company has been active since 1989. How has the market in Russia changed over the years?
Julia Isachenkova: The competition has seriously increased. As a result of this, requirements for quality, packaging and marketing as well as promotion, and the price-quality ratio have increased drastically.

What developments do you see in this market at the moment? What are your expectations regarding the future of the erotic market in Russia?
Julia Isachenkova: Unfortunately, the economic situation leaves much to be desired, but our product has already achieved a strong position in the market, and step by step, it continues to gain more traction on store shelves. The growth of the market in Russia seems to be driven by a very large internet marketplace, which appeared only recently. They provide new impulses for a significant development of domestic production.

The Djaga Djaga collection includes more than 50 products

Where can your products be bought in Europe? Do you work with distributors?
Maxim Kalyatin: We have just begun the process of entering the Western market. We hope to make the first deliveries to Europe before the end of the year. We are already considering various partnership offers from European colleagues. We hope to seriously make headway on this path after the exhibition in Hanover.

You will also have a stand at eroFame. What can you tell us about your presentation, and why should everybody visit your stand?
Maxim Kalyatin: We are presenting a completely new format and quality of lubricant that will be of interest to absolutely everyone who knows this topic. Our products will appeal to even the most sophisticated users. We will demonstrate the entire line of products and showcase the new additions that we have added this year. We will talk about products that give you a new sensation.

Is Djaga Djaga planning on releasing any new products in the near future and can you give us a sneak preview of what to expect?
Julia Isachenkova: We have many ideas and plans. Very soon, we will have products designed for care. The first of them is a bleaching agent that allows you to lighten age spots. The second is aimed at improving and correcting the shape of the neckline. We are also working on a line of massage candles with pheromones.