Mario Romero

“We haven’t stopped reinventing ourselves to stay innovative.”

Ever since Spanish wholesaling company Dreamlove was started in 2007, it has grown at an impressive pace. As Mario Romero, the company’s General Manager, explains the main reason for this success is that the company is always quick to respond to new developments and challenges in the market. In our interview, Mario tells us about the current activities of Dreamlove, and how the team’s enthusiasm and dedication benefits the company’s customers.

Dreamlove is one of the leading Spanish distribution companies. Before we go into more depth, could you give us an overview of your company?
Mario Romero: Dreamlove is always in motion. To us, Dreamlove means: active, lively, dynamic. Since we started our journey in 2007, we haven’t stopped reinventing ourselves to stay innovative. Thereore, we’ve evolved to become a front runner in the sex toy and specialised lingerie sector in Europe. This project has grown primarily thanks to our clients and because the businesses that have confidence in Dreamlove have seen their business grow every year. Any business can benefit from a strong distributor that’s adapted to the needs of the market.

Dreamlove has been active in the market since 2007. How has the company developed since then? What were the milestones of your history?
We’ve been in this sector since 2007. The company was born with a clear focus on service and logistics, coupled with technology and good products. We’re mainly a young team full of energy whose focus is centered around speed, quality, and above all ensuring profitability for our clients by offering the most competitive brands. Since we started, growth has been constant. We’re passionate about the world of logistics, technology, and manufacturing, and making this sector internationally recognised. The industry is changing, and we can proudly say that Dreamlove has contributed to making this sector more professional. The main elements of our history have been speed, adapting to our clients, and our continual increase in businesses which has really helped Dreamlove.

What makes Dreamlove different from other distributors on the market?
It’s not that what we do is different, it’s that we are different in many aspects. The experience of buying from Dreamlove, with the combination of brands, logistics, and fast rotation of stock, further reinforces the strength of a distributor that continuously strives to be in contact with the client, offering the reliability of a solid business that can adapt to your needs. The creator of Dreamlove said, “We move forward without stopping being ourselves, without insecurities, putting size before our own expectations and before dream goals, feeling and offering confidence.”

How do you choose which brands and products to offer?
We do a daily analysis. The truth is that we have a team that constantly works to ensure we choose the best brands and the best products. Since we first started, we’ve seen many changes, but we look ahead offering the best products for the best price. All our clients have seen how Dreamlove channels work, and we work much harder than other distributors to keep the intermediary client informed. We receive news almost daily and we constantly support the brands that take their work seriously. At the end of the day, our clients must have the most information.

Which role does customer service play for Dreamlove?
It plays an important role. The quality of customer care is not only based on fast and efficient service when it comes to processing an order, nor is limited to a quick response when a problem arises. Dreamlove has grown to an international level through quick management of customer service and effective problem solving. We have a motto in the office which is: effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism. These three words define the concept of our business.

“Dreamlove has grown to an international level through quick management of customer service and effective problem solving.”

Are you offering your own brands as well?
Yes, we have our own factory in China with quality control of our staff there. We have developed and manufactured brands that have experienced quick acceptance and rotation in the market, not just because of the quality. We have products whose store presence is incredible, and the price-quality ratio has made brands such as Amoressa, Intense, Intimichic, Coverme, Treasure, Womanvibe, Waterfeel, and Nina Kiki frontrunners on an European level. We already export brands like Nina Kiki to the United States, and we are hitting all our targets. In addition, we continue to develop new products and introduce innovations.

Apart from being a distributor, Dreamlove is also offering a tupper sex service. What can you tell us about this part of your company?
The tuppersex sector has declined in recent years and is not a business that’s at its best. However, it has helped open up other ways of creating awareness for a product among customers. Today, social media sites play an important role, and there are also brand and product trainings or small events, all of which are substituting for the famous tuppersex. You could say that it has evolved to become more attractive to the public.

Dreamlove is one of the wholesalers that also offer a dropshipping service to its customers. Where do you offer these services and how do they benefit retailers?
Dreamlove is a specialist for dropshipping, and we offer an impeccable service. Our products arrive within 24 hours in almost all of Europe, and we already offer dropshipping to an important market share. Behind the whole world of dropshipping are many years of great work. As a distributor specialising entirely in erotic products, lingerie, and cosmetics, we’ve allowed many companies to turn to e-commerce, and we are always striving to offer the latest technology to our client.

Due to 4000+ square metres of warehousing space, Dreamlove can guarantee quick shipping

Even though you are shipping internationally, your home market is Spain. Could you describe the situation in this market as you see it?
Spain is diverse, open minded, and unlike other countries, its laws aren’t so restrictive. In Spain, the adult sector has grown exponentially. Not as fast as Germany or the United Kingdom, but that’s basically because we’re not a country that plays such an important economic role. Even so, if we talk about percentages and look at figures, taking into consideration the economic level, mentality, and the law, we can see that the market has grown more than in other countries.

Trends come and go. Which products are in high demand in the Spanish market right now?
In Spain, we see a strong increase in brands like Fleshlight, to give but one example. Other than that, this a difficult question to answer. At times, there are brands that don’t grow as much as others, but in proportion to investment and marketing, each brand that Dreamlove distributes has seen steady growth. On the whole, we are very happy with the performance of each brand.

Since Dreamlove specialises in e-commerce, what role does online shopping play in Spain? Or are brick and mortar stores the preferred place to buy sex toys?
E-commerce has evolved drastically in recent years, much in line with other European countries where the same thing has happened, but physical shops have also evolved and are adapting to this revolution. The image that a physical shop projects sometimes surpasses an online shop, but it can also be the other way around. Physical shops have a long way to go, and to say that e-commerce negatively affects shop is only half true. Stores also benefit from the growth in the sector and the visualisation of erotic products. Currently, there is a general feeling of adaptation, and our European clients know how important it is to adapt to the customers by always learning new things and by being a professional in the Adult Toys sector.
Finally, we would like to thank EAN Magazine for the interview and for mentioning us. By the way, we will soon have events in our large showroom, offering additional discounts for all our customers. More information will soon be available at