“We made something that works really well.”

People all over the world swear by Uberlube, and not just in the context of sex but also in various other aspects of their daily lives, from sports and exercising to styling. Given this level of success, there is no real reason for Uberlube to change their brand philosophy. But that doesn’t mean that the team are resting on their laurels. As Brand Ambassador Amy Baldwin shares with us in our EAN interview, we may actually have a new Uberlube product to look forward to.

Let’s start with the obvious question: How does Uberlube cope with the current situation? How does the Corona crisis affect your business in particular?
Amy Baldwin: Uberlube is registered as a medical device, so we are considered “necessary” and are able to stay in production while continuing to look out for the health and well-being of our team.  Things are changing quickly, and so far, we are seeing an increase in online sales, as well as an obvious decrease in orders from brick and mortar stores. However as of this week within the US, we are now offering drop shipping for online retailers so they can still sell Uberlube online even if their doors are closed. 

Some say that the erotic industry is more crisis-proof than other industries. What impact do you expect for the sector as a whole?
My guess is that brick and mortar stores will take a hard hit over the next year, but online sales will continue to persevere as people will feel more comfortable ordering from the privacy of their own homes. 

For those of our readers who do not know Uberlube yet, could you briefly introduce your products to us?
Sure! Uberlube is a luxurious silicone lubricant that actually moisturises the skin. No flavour, no smell, Uberlube is made of clean ingredients – just silicone and a little vitamin e. We have hundreds of doctors on board who recommend Uberlube to their patients whether they are experiencing dryness or perhaps they just want to enhance the skin on skin contact.  

“We have hundreds of doctors on board who recommend Uberlube to their patients whether they are experiencing dryness or perhaps they just want to enhance the skin on skin contact.”

While other lubricant manufacturers keep coming up with ever new lubricant variations, Uberlube uses a proven formula with no frills. Why are you pursuing this strategy?
We made something that works really well, and therefore there’s no need to mess with it. Uberlube often gets the “I never knew lube could be this good” response from new customers, so we keep it exactly as it is while focusing our energy on getting it to as many people as we can.  Once they try it, they are likely to love it and buy it again and again.

Can we expect new Uberlube lubricants in the future?
We are currently testing out various formulations for a hybrid lubricant. We can’t make any promises, but you may see a new product from us at some point down the road.  

Uberlube is not only marketed as a lubricant for sex, but also advertised for its benefits in styling and sports. Was this a by-product of the development of the lubricant or was this part of the concept from the beginning?
It just happened. The intention was to create a nice-feeling body-friendly lube that was there when you want it and then blends in with the skin when you don’t want it anymore. The many other uses came after the fact. And the creativity for usage continues to grow! We’ve heard people use it as a makeup remover, makeup primer, for shaving, chafing and massage, and more!

Can you briefly explain how Uberlube can help with styling and sports?
For style: Uberlube coats the hair follicles for added shine, and it even tames of hair frizzies. For sport: Uberlube coats the skin as a protective layer from the friction that vigorous skin-on-skin or skin-against-cloths contact often creates. 

What plans does Uberlube have for the future? How do you expect the company to develop in the coming years?
We have been getting involved in the medical side of the market – mostly with Md’s and gynaecologists – providing them with samples and knowledge to share with their patients, and we will continue to grow in this sector as we are seeing a lot of positive feedback. Doctors are handing out samples to their patients, patients are loving our product, and then they go buy it online or in retail stores. The cycle continues and just about everyone benefits!