“We want to offer top quality products for any need and any phase of life.”

Safety and ease of use are arguably the two most important criteria of any condom. The ceylor brand goes to greater lengths than most other producers to make sure their products tick these boxes. The handy “Dösli” the condoms come in is just example of this. Martina Langes has been working for the Swiss-based company as Marketing Manager for seven years, and in our EAN interview, she explains why ceylor is “Switzerland’s trusted brand no. 1” and which other products the company has added to their range throughout the years.

The market for condoms and sexual health is incredibly crowded. How does ceylor manage to stick out from the crowd?
Martina Langes: ceylor stands for a responsible, sensual, varied love life. That’s why our brand has been Switzerlands trusted brand no. 1 for more than 100 years!
Currently, there are 10 ceylor condom variants that come in our exclusive condom “Dösli” (cup). Each individual condom is well-protected within and placed in such a way that you can unroll it right away. So, no tearing, no squishing, no struggling with the packaging, no turning the condom this way and that. Additionally, all condoms bear the “OK” seal of quality as ceylor meets even the strictest quality standards for condoms, going far beyond the legal default standards!

The ceylor condom brand has been around for more than a century, making it one of the oldest brands in this market. Would you mind listing the biggest milestones in the company’s history?
In 1916, Swiss rubber goods producer Lamprecht was asked by the Swiss government to produce condoms for the Swiss army in order to reduce the number of extramarital post-war children. In 1929, Lamprecht launched Colombo, Neverrip, and Ceylon – the first brand condoms for consumers. And in 1950, these three brands gave birth to the modern ceylor brand.

For perfect protection, ceylor condoms come in the condom “Dösli”

A Swiss brand with a long tradition – that automatically creates trust. How important is the history of the brand to your consumers?
Since 1916, the ceylor brand has been offering tried and true high-quality products, effective and safe, making for ultimate convenience. In short, products you can trust because they meet the highest quality standards. But in spite of this level of quality, we still offer a very favourable price-quality ratio.
ceylor was and is a subtle, discreet, and ever reliable companion for our consumers, and they appreciate it. That’s also why ceylor condoms are the market leader in Switzerland.

Apart from condoms, the ceylor brand also offers other sensual products, ranging from lubricants to toys. What can you tell us about your current product range?
We want to offer top quality products for any need and any phase of life. To us, ceylor is a holistic love life brand that has seductive, reliable products you can use before, during, and after love play. So, what began as a pure condom brand has grown into a brand for condoms, lubricants, intimate care products, massage candles, and sex toys over the course of the past year.

Who should retailers turn to if they want to sell ceylor in their stores? Which distributors carry your products?
Interested parties can get in touch via our website, www.ceylor.com, or directly via mail (sales@lamprechtag.com). Our distributor for the German market is Adloran, with whom we will be sharing a stand at eroFame – Stand 126.

The corporate history of ceylor goes back more than a hundred years

Which trends will shape the future of the adult market?
The market has grown quite a bit over the course of the past years, especially the toys segment, and there is a degree of saturation. Looking ahead, I feel that we will see a lot of growth in the category of sex robots..

What can you tell us about your plans for the future of ceylor? Where do you want the brand to be in a few years?
Our vision is to be a leading supplier of sexual wellbeing products, maintaining our market leadership in Switzerland and establishing a strong position in a number of selected export markets. Everybody loves ceylor. Everybody loves with ceylor.