“We worked hard and invested a lot to get the engine started.”

In a market such as ours, where change is constant and sometimes even long-established names are swept away, new brands have a hard time gaining a foothold. Finding a niche of their own to achieving success is a big challenge. Up-and-coming brand Orgie has definitely cleared that hurdle. The company hit the ground running at eroFame 2017 and hasn’t slowed down since. EAN and Raquel Shaw, Orgie’s PR representative, talk about three years of success.

It’s been nearly three years since your brand entered the market. Do you still remember the early days? Did you have doubts at that time or were you convinced that you would succeed?
Raquel Shaw: Indeed, it has been three years since we founded our company and Orgie was under detailed field research followed by its development. We surely remember every step of the way! There were no doubts about how we wanted to do develop Orgie and we knew that our background in the industry would be of great value to start a whole new company and brand.

The biggest challenge was that we were doing it in a foreign country. On the other hand, it would be pure arrogance if we said that we were convinced that we would succeed. We worked hard and invested a lot to get the engine started. The real challenge is to keep it running, and we are absolutely up for it.

As we all know, the market is filled with products and brands. How difficult is it to get a foot in the door and remain successful in the long term?
It is not an easy task although we believe that there is a spot in the market for everyone wishing to provide good products no matter at what price level. Not to mention that consumers are key drivers of the market. For example, female consumers grown up their market niche, broader dialogue and understanding on sexual orientation created new market niches; and there is the vegan/natural growing niches as well.

We trust in commitment with quality, good branding allied with business flexibility and mutual respect between Orgie Company and its customers while end consumers are the most important voices to be heard about our products so we keep doing right or to make right what is wrong. Positive and healthy competition is always welcomed because it leads us to think out of the box so therefore, we all learn something useful from it.

“It is not an easy task although we believe that there is a spot in the market for everyone wishing to provide good products no matter at what price level.”

Many newcomers start out small, but you celebrated your big premiere at eroFame 2017 with an impressive booth and a big product collection. Was that your way of telling the competition that you are not kidding around?
Sincerely speaking, no. Not really. Back in October 2017, we celebrated Orgie’s premiere at eroFame with an impressive booth with the great help from Huda and eroFame team whom keep supporting us every year. We were a new brand with a large range of products that nobody ever tested before so it was indeed a clear indication to potential customers – distributors, wholesalers, retailers.

EAN Magazine is part of our journey since this very beginning when learned about Orgie Company and contacted us to know what we were up to and it is undeniable that was a great boost to pin us in the map of the European market. Competitors were the least of our concerns as we had a bigger one – to market Orgie. We just wanted to mind our own business and show all about Orgie brand and products.

Today, your products can be found everywhere, which raises the question: What is the secret of your success?
Today, only two years and six months after Orgie Company premiere at eroFame 2017, we achieved more than we expected and we feel it with gratefulness and multiplied responsibility, what it is definitely positive to keep us kicking and going!

Each of our products conveys to sensations and well-being with authenticity and sophistication with our Brazilian twist. Our branding visually represented by Orgie’s mask has proved to send this message surpassing language barriers. As like several other good brands, we understand that pre and post sales support are absolutely important as each customer have different requirements, so this is the point which demands continuous improvement.

No less important and worthy of mention, we are fortunate with a team of suppliers respected for their expertise and excellency and the same goes to our team of sales reps. In addition to all this, we have a great work environment and a sensational team of employees, all women. Sometimes we feel sorry for our CEO, the only man in the premises! 

What part do your partners in the wholesale and retail trade play in your success?
Wholesalers and retailers own the most valuable tool of the trade: the right to choose what to bring to the end consumers. And Orgie is being chosen by our partners among in-numerous other good brands and products. Our success is theirs.

Raquel Shaw (Public Relations) and Marcello Hespanhol (CEO)

Looking back over the past three years, what highlights have stuck the most?
The first look at Orgie’s range of products all together and ready. Orgie premiere at eroFame 2017. The first Erotix Award in 2018 – quite a surprise, Orgie Bio premiere at eroFame, the second Erotix Award and the XBIZ Award – a very rewarding 2019!

And what were the biggest challenges during this time? The development of new products?  The development of the distribution network?
The challenges were quite a few, some predictable and others not. As many may think the opposite, relocating from Brazil to Portugal was the easiest one as we already were familiar with the country that now is our home away from home – thank you Portugal!

The development of new products definitely is an exciting challenge added to the creative process involved.  In sensual cosmetics, there isn’t much left to actually create so what matters is how different, special, effective you can make it. No doubt that our biggest challenge was to set our distribution network, to make Orgie known and believed.

What else is on your agenda this year? What goals are you pursuing in 2020?
We are about to release a new product, the teaser ad is on this EAN issue. Readers, don’t miss it! New products in R&D process and hopefully ready for premiere at eroFame 2020. Our free of charge trainings is always a priority, currently halted because of the circumstances raised by the Covid-19. A new selection of give-away sachet testers are being produced.

And an interesting side project with a partner wholesaler that will be soon unveiled. Our main goal for 2020 is to keep growing steady and to be successful with the developments we are working on and with those already lined up.

Of course we also have to talk about the future. Where do you see yourselves in five years?
Tough question. We hope to be answering the sequel of this same interview.  Sounds like a good plan for now.