“What makes a great sex toy depends on the individual.”

CouplesCandy.com is a project dedicated to providing couples with information for a happy and successful relationship. Apart from guides, think pieces, blog articles, and concrete relationship advice, the site also includes reviews and recommendations for products such as sex toys. In our interview with Megan Harrison, who launched CouplesCandy, we discuss the building blocks of a good relationship and the role that sex toys can play in such a relationship.

Megan, you are a relationship therapist and run the website couplescandy.com. Before we talk more about your work, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?
Megan Harrison: Of course! My name is Megan and I’m a 30-year-old relationship therapist currently living in Tampa, Florida with my two cats! I love travelling, sports and have a strong passion for supporting relationships and making a real difference to people’s lives.

How did you get to work as a relationship therapist?
I studied psychology at the University of Florida and took on an internship before working under supervision as a counsellor. During my studies I was able to see first-hand the real benefits of communication for people struggling with various mental health issues. I was also able to enjoy being trusted with deep and personal experiences and information that allowed me to help my clients regain control and joy of their lives.

On your website, you present guides on various topics regarding sexuality and relationships. Which topics are you particularly interested in?
I decided to create Couples Candy to be a hub of quality information aimed towards a global audience and provide some helpful clarity to problems that people want answers for. Every relationship is different, and there is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to deeply personal issues. But I aim to produce valuable content that people can draw from and hopefully learn some new things! I have a broad range of favourite topics – but anything that promotes exploration and open communication between couples!

What is most important for successful and harmonious relationships and what role does sexuality play?
As I just briefly touched upon, what I think is the most important factor for successful and harmonious relationships is safe and open communication. You would be shocked to learn how many relationships and marriages hide things from each other. Whether they are secrets, hidden kinks or emotional trauma. Relationships are all about communication, and couples with open communication experience much more enjoyable and fulfilling sex lives!

“Relationships are all about communication, and couples with open communication experience much more enjoyable and fulfilling sex lives!”

And reversely, what are the biggest mistakes that people make in relation to this?
When people believe that they are doing a good thing by not being completely transparent in relationships. Ultimately relationships are all about trust and respect!

Among your other articles, you also release reviews of sex toys from time to time. What makes a good sex toy in your opinion?
This is a great question! What makes a great sex toy depends on the individual, so I think it’s important that a good sex toy meets the exact needs of the buyer. I think personally it’s important for sex toys to live up to their expectations, when they claim to truly deliver! Great value for money, innovative design, and a high level of functionality are all elements that make up a good sex toy.

What role can erotic products play in a relationship?
Quality sex toys can certainly make relationships stronger. Sex toys encourage intimacy and exploration. They can help people in relationships to learn more about each other too. Fabulous sex is often a taboo topic, but sex offers heaps of health benefits. From pain relief to improved sleep – the bottom line is: Better sex makes better relationships!

Do you work with manufacturers or retailers of erotic products? What would such a cooperation look like?
I don’t currently! But it could be an interesting, mutually beneficial relationship perhaps – I actually haven’t considered it before!

What are your plans for the future of CouplesCandy?
I have big plans for the future of Couples Candy. I endeavour to build as much valuable content as possible in order to facilitate its growth. I want to collaborate with more media outlets such as magazines, websites and blogs to help try and get the word out there!