“While the toy is quiet, we can’t guarantee that you will be once you experience OhMyG.”

Vibrators create oscillations, and oscillations create sound. There’s simply no helping it. Therefore, when Francesca Cirillo-Schmidt and her husband, Martin, set out to create a quieter type of sex toy, they opted for a different mode of stimulation. The fruit of their labour is called OhMyG, and apart from being super-quiet, it also offers a unique user experience. Martin Cirillo-Schmidt tells us more about the G-spot massager in our EAN interview.

On your website, you prominently feature a video in which sex vlogger Nadia Bokody describes your OhMyG G-spot Massager as “The best Sex Toy of 2019.” Why is this verdict justified?
Martin Cirillo-Schmidt: We are so proud of this YouTube review from renowned sex vlogger Nadia Bokody, because it’s the truth! The thing about the collaboration with Nadia is that she approached ioba.toys to work together (not the other way around). After she tested it out, she could not have described the product better than she did.

But OhMyG hasn’t just received awesome acclamation from Nadia; many other notable influencers like Drea & Ronnie (@drea.ronnie), have also given us an A+ on their Instagram videos! A common claim that we hear across the board is how OhMyG is unlike any other sex toy on the market. Users love what we call ‘The Pearl,’ the ‘come hither’ manoeuvre our toy offers that targets and massages the g-spot perfectly. It’s the main factor that helps the OhMyG stand out – but we encourage you to test it out for yourself!

Even though it looks like a traditional vibrator, the OhMyG does not vibrate. How does it actually work?
While the shaft of the vibrator does not vibrate, the circular part at the top of the shaft, otherwise known as ‘The Pearl,’ is our biggest x-factor. As Nadia explained it: “The only thing I can really compare it to is if someone was able to deliver really great oral sex to your g-spot.” It flicks back and forth, mimicking a pulsing ‘come hither’ motion. The OhMyG is meant to be inserted into the vaginal opening until the c-shape design fits comfortably and the Pearl is positioned on the g-spot. The button at the base of OhMyG allows you to choose between three pulse levels of varied intensity. Now, allow the magic to happen as the Pearl gently pulsates against the g-spot, helping women to achieve the ultimate orgasm. If you have never achieved a blended or squirting orgasm, this toy will do the trick!

Each woman is unique in her anatomy. Does your product work for everybody?
As we all know, many women cannot orgasm from simple penetration alone, but instead achieve orgasm through clitoral or g-spot stimulation. The shape of the toy really helps ensure that it moulds to each women’s body and hits the g-spot, every time. Although there are other toys on the market with a curved tip, many do not have the addition of the Pearl. In our opinion, this truly makes the difference when it comes to mind-blowing orgasms. While the toy is quiet, we can’t guarantee that you will be once you experience OhMyG.

How did you come up with the idea for OhMyG?
My wife Francesca and I came up with OhMyG after being frustrated with the toys on the market that were just too loud. With many of us living with partners, roommates, and children, ‘me’ time is sacred and shouldn’t be spoiled by the loud rumble of a vibrator. We founded Ioba Toys knowing that there was a gap in the market that we needed to address, and here we are today with OhMyG on the market!

You promote OhMyG as “super silent”, a claim made by many toys. How silent is it really?
When we say that our toy is super silent, we’re not kidding. In fact, our influencers can vouch for this! Since OhMyG does not actually vibrate itself (it pulses through the Pearl functionality), there is only the slightest murmur if turned on outside of the vagina. If OhMyG is turned on when placed inside and on the g-spot, it really is truly silent.

Is there a certain target group you want to cater to with OhMyG?
The OhMyG is for all women who want to achieve the ultimate g-spot orgasm. This toy can also be used for couples at play. We don’t discriminate!

What were the biggest challenges ioba.toys had to overcome before launching OhMyG?
The toy industry is booming and there are many successful competitors on the market, so it was important for ioba.toys to take the time to really devise a high-quality product that stands out. There was a lot of trial-and-error and a stringent testing, but we finally unveiled the product of our dreams and we couldn’t be happier.

Do you also offer your product for retailers in Europe? Are there any plans to work with wholesalers here?
Ioba Toys had an extremely successful market launch in the United States in 2019 and is excited to focus on the European market in 2020. While Ioba ships worldwide, we are currently focusing on eCommerce. We hope to offer products in retail stores everywhere in the near future.

What will you focus on in 2020? More products, marketing, expansion?
Since we just launched OhMyG, ioba.toys will likely spend most of the upcoming year ensuring the g-spot revolutionizer is the best on the market. We will continue collaborating with sex-positive influencers and listening to feedback from customers to make any improvements necessary as well as marketing the product to reach a wide audience worldwide.

ioba.toys just entered the market. What are your long-term hopes and plans for the company?
ioba.toys hopes that the OhMyG will become the best known g-spot vibrator in the world.