Mirror, mirror – Elizabeth Gordon presents the LUVVU

The erotic market is often reduced to vibrators, dildos, lubricants, and condoms, and while those certainly make up the lion share of products in the erotic realm, there are many other areas in the world of adult products – some of which don’t really fit the classic categories. The LUVVU is one such product. It is a mirror that can be positioned overhead the bed in a few simple steps – and of course, it’s just as easily removed again. Elizabeth Gordon and her partner Neil developed the LUVVU and are now introducing it to the erotic market. We had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth, asking her how she got the idea for this product and what her hopes and expectations are for the future of the LUVVU.


Hello Elizabeth. You are one of the founders for Luvense London and just released your first product. But before we talk about your company, could you first tell us a bit about yourself? What’s your background and how did you get started working in the erotic industry?
Elizabeth Gordon: I left university with a degree in politics and then went on to have a career in business development. Depending on where I was working my roles have involved sales, PR, marketing, organising events and creating and delivering new brands. I’ve worked in various industries including media, education and corporate communications. My work in the erotic industry began after I met my partner Neil in the summer of 2010 when we started thinking about creating a mirror for adults to enjoy in their bedrooms.

Your product isn’t the typical product of the erotic industry: The LUVVU is a mirror which is designed for the bedroom. How would you describe your product to somebody who has not seen it yet?
The fact that our product isn’t typical of the adult industry is one of the things we’re most excited about, in fact it’s unique and the first of its kind. I would describe the LUVVU mirror as a sleek and beautifully designed bedroom accessory which enhances intimacy and heightens passion. The LUVVU mirror is safely suspended from a ceiling by a customised fixture to provide a seductive reflection from above; when it’s not in use it can be simply removed and discreetly stored. The LUVVU mirror is produced from acrylic so it’s both lightweight and shatterproof, it’s fully adjustable for height and angle, measures 70cm in diameter and is reversible with a conventional or red tinted reflection, allowing for a range of enhanced viewing options.

Looking over

How did you come up with the idea of creating a mirror for the bedroom?
We knew that adults watching themselves and each other is ingrained in sexual culture, yet there is a stigma and embarrassment around a permanent mirror on the bedroom ceiling. Furthermore installing a ceiling mirror can be daunting and a permanent fixture isn’t always going to be desirable. Our idea was to create a solution to all of these problems in a product which was enjoyable, easy and safe to use.

Some people might have concerns about the safety of your product, since it can be attached and removed easily from the ceiling. What would you tell these people to alleviate their concerns?
We completely understand that there may be concerns about attaching and removing anything from a ceiling, especially a mirror! However we have used acrylic instead of glass so that the LUVVU mirror is shatter-proof and lightweight, it therefore avoids many of the risks which would come with an ordinary mirror. In terms of attaching and removing the product from a ceiling, once the ceiling fixture has been attached installation is very straightforward and there are various product features which ensures that this is a safe and easy process. Lastly all parts of the LUVVU mirror have undergone rigorous testing by a professional product testing organisation.

You presented LUVVU to the market at the past AAE show in Hong Kong. How were the reactions of the visitors to your product?
We had a great reaction at the AAE show. Naturally the people who walked past our stand were intrigued because they were seeing something unique and unusual, when I had the opportunity to demonstrate the product people were generally impressed and enjoyed having a look at their reflection! It was great to be able to engage with such a diverse audience of buyers.


Which customer group are you targeting with the LUVVU mirror? Why do you think they would like to add a visual element to their lovemaking?
The LUVVU mirror has been designed to appeal to both adventurous and romantic couples. Our target audience are adults seeking a new dynamic in the bedroom, and a unique experience not currently offered by any existing pleasure products. The extensive market research we’ve done over the past years revealed that many couples would enjoy using a mirror in their bedroom. As you will see from our website we have created a really beautiful visual identity which underpins our product, and will resonate with consumers who value strong and original brands.

Where can the LUVVU be bought right now? Do you work together with distributors or are you looking for cooperations right now?
The LUVVU mirror is available to buy from our website www.luvsense.london. Having only launched three weeks ago we aren’t yet working with anyone else, however we are having some interesting discussions with potential partners in the UK and abroad and would be keen to hear from any interested parties. I can be reached via email at elizabeth@luvsense.london.

How much does a LUVVU mirror cost?
The RRP of the LUVVU mirror is £285.00.


Do you have any tips or tricks, how retailers should promote the LUVVU in order to create the most sales? Do you offer any POS materials or support for retailers?
For any retailers we work with we’ll provide as much sales support as they need; we have a portfolio of written and visual assets, including our gorgeous product film and we are active on social media channels. We will also be announcing a number of exciting brand partnerships over the next few months. Obviously it’s early days for us but the LUVVU mirror is our baby and we’ll take very good care of anyone who joins us on our journey.

Will Luvsense London present more products in line with the LUVUU in the future?
We certainly plan to…watch this space…

This interview was first published in EAN 10/2015.EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!