Sabine Kirchner on Scala‘s Lümmeltüten condom brand

Scala Playhouse is known for the highly diverse product range since they offer pretty much everything a retailer could want in his or her store. That also includes condoms – and now there is a new addition in that segment. Lümmeltüten (“Willy Bag”) offers great quality at a favourable price, as Sabine Kirchner – who is in charge of marketing and communication at Scala – explains in our interview.


The Lümmeltüten (“Willy Bag“) brand is Scala’s latest addition in the condom segment. How important is this product category for your company in the grand scheme of things?
Sabine Kirchner: Our condom product category is an important part of our assortment. We always aim to provide retailers with everything they might need to stock their stores, including our extensive selection of toys, drugstore products, and even lingerie. Therefore, condoms are a must-have segment in the grand scheme of things.

Condoms are offered via a host of different channels. Given that they can be bought pretty much everywhere, aren’t these products becoming less interesting to the erotic trade?
No, actually quite the opposite. Due to condoms being widely accepted and a popular form of protection, there is also a market for smaller, independent brands like Lümmeltüten. At Scala Playhouse, we see a lot of condom manufacturers presenting themselves as ‘premium brands’, but we are convinced our more affordable Lümmeltüten condoms are just as good or, dare we say: even better! Premium quality condoms don’t necessarily need to have a premium price tag. Lümmeltüten meets the highest standard, available at a very attractive low pricing.

Lümmeltüten is not a new brand, but rather the result of a re-branding effort. Why did Scala pick Lümmeltüten? What does this brand offer that others in the condom market lack?
Lümmeltüten has indeed been rebranded to give it a new, fresh, and trendy appearance. We wanted the packaging of the product to match the quality of the condoms. The new design will appeal to contemporary consumers looking for affordable, high-quality condoms. What distinguishes Lümmeltüten from other condom brand is the low price versus the premium quality. It is the ultimate value for money choice in condoms.


What exactly has changed as a result of the re-branding process?
The previous Lümmeltüten packaging had a viewing window on the box, which we removed to give the product a more contemporary look & feel. The artwork has been carefully selected to give the packaging a sleek, trendy, and appealing aesthetic.

How many products make up the Lümmeltüten collection?
The Lümmeltüten collection comprises several condom types to match every preference. Consumers can choose between the Classic, Thin, Strong, and Mix variations. The Classic condoms have been the best-selling choice for years. They are available as a 1-piece promo item, a 12-piece box, a 100-piece bag or – if you want even more Lümmeltüten pleasure – a 1000-piece bag. The Thin, Strong, and Mix condoms are available in a 12-piece pack. The Thin condoms are perfect for consumers who want to experience even more sensations. The Strong option is a great match for anal pleasure. For consumers who crave some variety, the Mix condoms offer textured, flavored condoms such as Red Strawberry, Black Chocolate and Banana. Basically, there is a Lümmeltüten condom for every mood, preference, and occasion!

Are you going to expand the brand in the future?
For now, we are very pleased with the current Lümmeltüten collection, and we think it offers the right condom type for every consumer. Therefore, we don’t have any plans to expand this great basic collection at the moment. However, we can’t rule it out either. You never know what might happen in the future!


Given the enormous variety of products in this market, how important are brands in the condom segment? How strongly do they influence the consumer’s buying decision?
Branding seems to be the key to success. For the condom segment, one of the most important brand values is being ‘trustworthy’. Consumers need to feel that the condom brand is solid, reliable, and that it stands for quality. Each country has a different brand that conveys those values. It is definitely a challenge for us at Scala Playhouse to position Lümmeltüten as one of those brands. We therefore aim to inform our customers and end consumers about the difference between our Lümmeltüten condoms and premium brands – which is nonexistent! Lümmeltüten offers the same quality and the same reliability, but at a much more appealing price.

Lümmeltüten is a widely used soubriquet for condoms in Germany, but very few people outside the German-speaking countries can make anything of that name? Doesn’t that limit the international potential of the brand?
At the moment, our main focus is indeed the German market, but the amazing price and quality of Lümmeltüten makes it an appealing product for every country. We don’t think the name rules out the possibility of marketing it in other countries apart from Germany because ultimately, consumers go for quality, regardless of what it is called. Lümmeltüten is available to all our Scala Playhouse customers, not restricted to a specific region.

Does Scala have any advice for the retailers selling this brand? How can they make the most of Lümmeltüten?
The Lümmeltüten packaging will feature a special euro-lock function, which enables the box to stand on its own, without a product stand. This gives retailers various options for in-store presentation. We at Scala Playhouse are convinced Lümmeltüten will do very well on your check-out counter as it makes the perfect, last-minute bargain purchase along with other erotic products. We also offer our customers the possibility of custom-made online banners to market Lümmeltüten; that enables them to make the product a real eye-catcher on their websites. Besides the online banners, we can also provide digital files containing posters in various languages.


Condoms are cash and carry products and can usually be found in the check-out area. Does Scala offer special POS materials for Lümmeltüten?
For Lümmeltüten, we are able to offer our customers the previously mentioned custom-made online banners and digital posters in various languages. We currently do not have other POS material for Lümmeltüten. This is also because the clever euro-lock system on the Lümmeltüten packaging allows the product to stand by itself, or be attached to your own standard counter display.

Was this a one-off, or could you imagine taking other existing brands and breathing new life into them via rebranding?
We can’t disclose any further details about more potential rebranding just yet. However, we at Scala Playhouse are always on the lookout for new, exciting challenges. One thing is for sure: 2016 will definitely bring new, innovative ventures for us!