”Get Real by TOYJOY looks like the real deal.“

‘Get Real’ is the latest addition to the TOYJOY brand and will be presented to the world at the upcoming Scala Playhouse Fair. The name of this new product line says it all: These are dildos and dongs that look – and also feel – like the real thing. Sabine Kirchner, Marketing Manager at Scala Playhouse, gave us further details on Get Real in our EAN interview.

On the occasion of Scala’s house show, you will debut a new line in the TOYJOY brand: ˈGet Real by TOYJOYˈ. What makes these products ˈrealˈ?
Sabine Kirchner: First of all: Get Real by TOYJOY looks like the real deal. These high quality dildos and dongs are made of premium quality materials, giving them a very realistic look and feel. What makes them real is that they have been moulded and designed to give end-users the most ‘natural’ experience possible. The designs each feature life-like silhouettes, veins, and shafts that will seduce lovers to Get Real by TOYJOY. The collection features both vibrating and non-vibrating designs, all with a suction cup base that can be attached to any smooth surface to enable sensational, hands-free pleasure. This comes in particularly handy with the vibrating toy because you can control the wired remote without having to hold or support the toy.

What was the inspiration for ‘Get Real’? Aren’t there already quite a few ˈtraditionalˈ toys in your range?
Indeed, we already have a few realistic toys in our assortment. However, as some suppliers are ceasing production on the more ‘traditional’ toys, it gives us the opportunity to fill the gap – which Get Real will do with great pleasure! For us, realistic toys have been a successful category over the years, so with some market space for our own realistic collections, we’ve jumped at the chance.


How many products are there in this collection? What kinds of toys does Get Real comprise?
There are 9 different sizes within the Get Real by TOYJOY collection, of which 7 sizes come in both a vibrating and non-vibrating versions. The sizes of the toys ranges from 6 inches (15.5 centimetres) to 11 inches (28 centimetres). Having such a diverse range of sizes means there is a perfect match for every consumer – from entry-level to advanced – within the Get Real by TOYJOY collection.

What can you tell us about the materials and the packaging design?
We have chosen to produce the Get Real by TOYJOY collection from high quality TPR. The packaging of the products reflects the natural feel of the range, with neutral and organic colouring. The toy is clearly visible on the front of the packaging, to give consumers an instant taste of the amazingly life-like, natural appeal of this new collection.

Realistic-looking vibrators and dildos are the new trend in the adult market. Is this something like a counter movement to the clean look we’ve seen with so many couple toys these last years? Is the industry going ˈback to the rootsˈ?
Not necessarily. I would say it’s more of a revival of the old, along with the new. Both styles can be popular at the same time; the rise of realistic toys doesn’t mean that abstract toys don’t sell. I think the industry is getting more and more diverse, offering a complete range of styles to the end-consumers to choose from – including realistic toys. At Scala Playhouse, we want to offer all styles, regardless of trends.
Back in the ‘old days’, consumers didn’t have much choice, meaning they had to work with what was offered. The industry dictated taste. However, in our current day and age, this concept doesn’t work anymore. The consumers demand choice, variety in assortment. It’s all about finding the toy that is right for you, not the other way around. Therefore, the revival of realistic products isn’t a step back in time; it’s merely about creating more options for our 21st century consumer. The more options, the bigger the pleasure. It will be interesting to see how the industry develops in the next few years, now that target groups are becoming segmented and consumers’ taste more diverse. We are confident that Get Real by TOYJOY is going to be a big hit, satisfying the desire for natural, life-like toys in a world full of pink and purple creations.


TOYJOY is a special brand that conveys a special image – playful, fun, etc. – and the products are also perfect for newcomers to the world of adult toys. How does ‘Get Real’ fit in with this brand image?
TOYJOY is indeed a brand for all lovers, as each TOYJOY brand collection caters to different tastes, meaning there is a perfect match for everyone. Due to its wide range of sizes, Get Real by TOYJOY is perfect for both entry-level consumers and advanced lovers. If you are new to the world of toys, start with a small Get Real by TOYJOY dildo, such as the 6 or 6.5 inches designs. Then, as you develop more of an appetite for toys, you can gradually move up to the ‘bigger’ toys in the Get Real collection, which admittedly might be a bit much for beginners. Get Real by TOYJOY is the perfect range to test your limits and discover your preferences, allowing everyone to discover the natural pleasure toys can bring. The toys and packaging might be less colourful than the TOYJOY Classics and TOYJOY Funky collections, but that doesn’t make them less fun and playful. TOYJOY is all about fun, and the designs of Get Real will definitely prove that.

Aren’t you worried that ‘Get Real’ might confuse or maybe even alienate the typical TOYJOY buyer? Or do you feel that it’s the other way round – that ‘Get Real’ may get new customers interested in the TOYJOY brand?
As TOYJOY is already such a varied brand, we don’t have a typical TOYJOY customer. Every TOYJOY brand extension has been developed to cater to a different taste and preference, meaning customers can be attracted to both, the TOYJOY Designer Edition (high-end, quality toys focussed on design) and LUZ by TOYJOY (the range of innovative LED-ambience light toys). As a brand, TOYJOY stands for playful fun and pleasure, yet each brand extension has a different appeal and aesthetics. Get Real by TOYJOY will allow new customers to be introduced to the wonderful TOYJOY brands and also enables existing TOYJOY consumers with a desire for realism to fulfil their erotic wishes.


What expectations does Scala have regarding this new line? After all, there are more than a few ˈrealisticˈ products on the market …
For us at Scala Playhouse, the launch of Get Real by TOYJOY enables us to fill a gap in our own in-house assortment. That gap – and the creation of this new brand extension – does not clash with other realistic toys on the market as there is a difference in aesthetics, materials, and quality. Our affordable, fun brand of realistic toys is expected to do very well, catering to people who want a taste of the real deal.

Will there be POS materials and sales-promoting tools to go along with the introduction of this new collection?
As always, we offer the option of custom-made artwork for our customers. This includes POS slat wall stickers, posters, and online banners. The Get Real by TOYJOY products do not require special product stand because with the suction cup base, they stand on their own. We are currently developing special POS displays that can be used for all TOYJOY brand extensions as they reflect all the individual lines the brand offers. More information about this is coming soon!

Apart from ‘Get Real by TOYJOY’, what other new products can the visitors expect to see at your upcoming house show?
There are various new and exciting products that will be revealed at the upcoming Scala Fair. One of the highlights is the extension of the TOYJOY Anal Play collection by TOYJOY Classics. The Anal Play range has proven to be so successful that we’ve decided to add more designs to the collection. These sleek, high quality anal pleasure providers are expected to sell big and open the door to many backdoor adventures. The line of Anal Play can be presented alongside TOYJOY Classics or as a stand-alone collection, which gives retailers a great choice in in-store presentation. We’ve also added a new, innovative toy to our TOYJOY Designer Edition range, which will be particularly fun for men to discover… There are also new, third-party brands in the Scala Playhouse range which will be presented during the Scala Fair. Don’t miss the amazing new brands Fantasy Lingerie, Lovers’ Dream, and more. Besides all those exciting things, our trusted and valued suppliers will bring many new products to the Scala Fair, so there is plenty to see and experience on the 13th and 14th of March in showroom in Almere. We hope to see you there!

This interview was first published in EAN 02/2016. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!