Susanna Xu grants a peek behind the scenes of ML Creation

What makes a sex toy a good sex toy? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people. Susanna Xu’s answer consists of just three words: beauty, elegance, individuality. Those have to be the key elements of modern sex toy design, she believes. This trifecta of style had already been Susanna’s credo when she decided to start her own company two years ago. And just like there are many facets to design and many facets to sexuality, there are also many facets to the name of this company. As is stated on the ML Creation homepage, ML can mean a lot of things. How about My Love? Or is it My Lady? “For me, it means Make Love. And that means: sex! Sex is the most beautiful madness. Sex is the most primal form of human creativity. That’s why the name is – ML Creation,“ Suzanna says, explaining the name of her Hong Kong-based company.

She already had experience in the erotic industry before starting her company, which naturally helped her in carving out a niche for ML Creation. As a matter of fact, ML Creation is not even her first company of this kind. Already in 2008, she had founded a company with her then-boyfriend, designing and developing products for various European markets. In 2013, she left the company due to personal reasons and decided to go it alone the next time round. Her goal was to create toys that don’t just satisfy the consumers on a physical level but also speak to the user’s mind and soul. As she explains, she tried to understand human nature and to develop products that are in harmony with this nature. “Simplicity is the soul of beauty, elegance is the depth of simplicity. Individuality is the most natural thing from simplicity,“ she says, describing the core thought that her products and her company are based on. “But,“ she adds, “different people have different ideas of beauty, elegance and individuality. All I can do is try my best to show people what’s beauty, elegance, and individuality in my eyes and hope they will like the way I see it.“ Ultimately, whoever we are – whether we ourselves emanate elegance, whether we think we are beautiful, or whether we can express our individuality – we will always be drawn to these traits in people and in things. “So when we are with the beautiful things or people, they change us! A good suit makes you behave like a gentleman“, Susanna explains, creating the connection to her own work. “A beautiful and elegant sex toy will change your spirit level first, then you will experience the difference in your sex life.“


Apart from developing their own products, ML Creation also produces toys on commission, the focus being on individual customer requests. Usually, the customers already have a specific design in mind or on paper when they approach Susanna, and in most cases, there is no need to make major changes to that concept. “The material quality and the product’s functionality are the most important things for ML Creation,“ says Susanna, stating a belief that also applies to commissions from third parties. She wants these products to have ergonomic shapes as well, and of course, they aren’t supposed to just look good on the shelf, but also to make you feel better.

Dedication to quality is an important element for success, and Susanna believes that this is true across all areas of sex toy development. Of course, there are other things that can also rouse the consumer’s interest. For instance, controlling a sex toy via one’s smartphone is still new and exciting to many people. “I can’t say it’s a trend, but we will definitely have a lot of these kinds of products in the market soon, because people like new things. But I think after awhile, their popularity depends on their practicability.“


Therefore the team of ML Creation will continue to focus on what truly makes a great sex toy in their eyes: design and functionality that are not just limited to the physical aspect. Trade members who are interested in the ML Creation products can check out their current collection at

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