“The theme of Fun Toys has always been innovation.”

Some companies present three new products every month. Fun Toys, however has so far only launched one new product per year at the most, and when such a company introduces three new toys at once – thereby doubling the number of products in their range – that’s definitely something special. Jack Romanski, the founder of Fun Toys, gives us more information about the trio of new products, namely Gjack, Gplug, and Gring. We also learn how his team made sure that these new products meet the brand’s quality standards, and which current trends have played a role in their development.


Fun Toys is about to release three new products to the market, which means you are almost doubling your portfolio. Why this sudden surge in products?
Jack Romanski: We have been working hard throughout the past three years, aiming to implement all the ideas and innovative solutions that we have. The company has been extensively growing and the fact that we are now able to launch more products is proof of our success so far. We have been discussing the designs of the products with our key partners, and since the feedback was great we decided to go for all the designs and ideas we had at the moment!

Before we go into more detail about the products, is there an underlining theme to the new releases?
The theme of Fun Toys has always been innovation. We are trying to look for original ideas that are not present in the adult industry or put some game-changing improvements to the existing designs to make them more suitable for the market. We always try to think outside the box and come up with something unheard or unseen. This is why we have a limited portfolio and launching products might take longer than for other companies.


The first of the new products is Gjack, a vibrator. How is it different from the ones you produced before and also from its competitors on the market?
Gjack has been inspired by the trend in the industry to use the phallic shapes again. The market has seen a lot of interesting designs lately, and now it is sort of coming back to the roots. Thus Fun Toys has decided to play around this trend and come up with this product. Since the shape is already determined, we went full-throttle innovation in terms of the materials and colour: the toy is made out of brand-new BioSkin material and is coming in a very distinctive and attractive colour.

You produced a promotional video for Gjack. What can be seen in the video? Which customer group do you want to address with the video and also the product in general?
The video is done in a typical for Fun Toys playful and abstract manner. The main idea behind it is to grab the attention of the viewer and make them wonder about the product. The video doesn’t disclose a lot of information, so those people who are interested will have to look for more info via our website or their preferred sex-shop.
We have been successful building up interest towards Fun Toys in general and we have several fans even. We definitely want to get those guys interested by this video and the product. And of course our target audience is still a wide range of people that are curious about exploring their sexuality, while looking for original products on the market.

You will also release Gplug, which is – as the name suggests – a butt-plug. It’s FunToys first plug. Why did you venture into this category and what makes Gplug special?
Indeed it is our first plug. In general Fun Toys will explore more categories of toys in future, our aim is to populate as many categories as possible with fun and innovative products. This is what brought us to plugs. We feel that this category can definitely accept an innovative product with extra attention to the user-experience. To be exact – Gplug can be wirelessly controlled with the help of Gring. We believe that this combination will make it easier for a person to enjoy our products and lead to lots of creativity in bed between partners.


The third product is Gring. The first association would be a cock-ring. But that’s not the case, so what is Gring?
 Basically Gring is what the adult industry today could classify as a finger massager. But it is much more than that! In fact it can be used as a remote control for a Gplug and in future we’ll introduce more toys with this principle. So basically we are aiming at opening a new chapter in the industry with this product, where several toys can be used in sync, that would lead to lot of new user-experience.

Besides being a small vibrator that fits on a finger, Gring can also be used as a remote control. Does it work with all FunToys toys?
At this moment only the combination with a Gplug is possible, but as I said earlier – Fun Toys will exploit this idea further on and create several interesting combinations involving Gring and other products.

Are all three new products already available in Europe? Where can they be bought?
Yes, all products are available in Europe. We are working hard to make sure all our distributors have the products. So a retailer can make the order right after reading this interview!

How much do the new products cost? Why did you choose these prices?
All Fun Toys products are reasonably priced in line with the existing products. Of course each product is quite unique and requires some extensive calculation to make sure that all links in the distribution chain are happy with the prices. The actual wholesale and MSRP’s are communicated to the distributors.


Are you offering any marketing materials for retailers to support the product release? Where should retailers turn to, if they want to promote the new FunToys Products?
We have recently created an amazing tower display that is actually produced in Europe, to insure the quality meets our standards. The tower display replicates the design of a Gvibe and can host different combinations of all our products. The displays are currently being delivered to all our distributors, so in a near future all the brick-and-mortar shops can get them. We also provide our distributors with the access to a hi-res images and artwork, so a retailer can get in touch with their preferred distributor to get the artwork the they want.

FunToys is a company that has had only a few, but well designed toys of high quality in their portfolio. Are you aiming to become a manufacturer, that covers the entire range of erotic products?
As I said before, we will be aiming to populate many product niches with our products, while creating new product types. We are always thinking outside the box and we don’t want to confirm with the current industry standards. We go our own way and we will bring new products only if we feel they are creative and innovative ones that will be well accepted by the end-user.

How are you making sure, that your new releases are really one of kind products that fit your image? Which guidelines does FunToys follow with its designs?
This is of course a delicate question, as the uniqueness of our products both in terms of branding and functionality is our core advantage. I can say that everything begins at a drawing board. We don’t take a finished product and change it, we create a brand new one out of the ideas and inspirations that we have. In the process of the design the product will receive our distinctive image and the typical for FunToys abstract and slick designer touch. Bottom-line, as said several times, our products have to be innovative and creative.

This interview was first published in EAN 10/2015. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!