“We expect that our products will push the boundaries of pleasure.”

Double effect – this word perfectly encapsulates the core qualities of the two new products Spiritus for Her & Spiritus for Him. And then there’s obviously also the kinaesthetic design, i.e. the way the product’s shape changes when it is moved. EAN had the opportunity to talk to the inventors about their innovative products and the development process.


It is a long and arduous process to get from a clever idea to a marketable product, as the inventors of Spiritus for Her & Spiritus for Him can attest to. In total, they invested two years in this project; a lot of that time went into searching for the right concept, the couple behind the new products tell us. The fact that they hadn’t been involved in the adult industry prior to the Spiritus project made for an even greater challenge. But they made up for that with enthusiasm and a great love for the subject matter: The two are big fans of sex toys and have an extensive collection at home. This was actually one of the main reasons why they started contemplating the idea of creating their own toy.

Spiritus for Her Vibrator
Originally, the concept of the unrolling arm was only intended as a vibrator for women

“Every new toy purchase moved us forward. We took a rabbit vibrator as the basis for our design and added the strong vibration provided by the Magic Wand, the vaginal thrusting of a dildo, and the clitoral rubbing of an oral sex stimulator. The hardest part was combining these different toys to achieve a simple and reliable solution, so that the vibrator was easy to use and easy to care for. But we did it!”, the inventors explain when asked about the challenges they encountered throughout product development. Their biggest inspiration, however, was love. “Love allows us to understand each other so that we can easily talk about pleasure and discuss our desires and fantasies. This really helped us set the right goal, which turned out to be the same for Spiritus for Her & Spiritus for Him, that one part of the toy needed to imitate the movement during sex, while the other part of the toy needed to have constant contact with the clitoris or the head of the penis.”

Spiritus for Her
This is how Spiritus for Her works

The Spiritus products come with two motors, connected via a curved, flexible arm. When the arm unrolls, the motors move further apart so the arm can be fully inserted. At the same time, the two motors create friction and vibration whenever the toy is moved, making for sensual stimulation. The oscillating rotation during stimulation and the full-length double action definitely make for unique selling points. In the case of Spiritus for Him, the motors move apart when one of the arms is unrolled.

“We initially planned to create a vibrator for women, but the concept of the unrolling arm turned out to be a universal one. So we created the first double-action vibrator for men in one stylish design, plus a vibrator for women,” the inventors explain when we ask about the idea for Spiritus for Him. The advantages, they add, are obvious: “The unique selling points are that consumers receive natural, double stimulation with unlimited movement amplitude. For women, it means the ability to experience a real blended orgasm from the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris, while for men, it means the ability to enjoy dual stimulation of both the shaft and the head of the penis.”

Spiritus for Him
Spiritus for Him: the first double-action vibrator for men

In addition to that, the Spiritus products live up to all the standards that toy lovers are accustomed to nowadays, i.e. they are made from high-quality silicone, they are water-proof and rechargeable, and each motor has five different vibration speeds and vibration patterns. And speaking of toy lovers: Who is the target audience for Spiritus? The inventors, who operate from an office in London, are confident that their products will appeal to a wide range of consumers. “These vibrators will provide new sensations for experienced users, they are an excellent introduction for newcomers, and a way to reach simultaneous orgasms for couples. We particularly recommend it to women who have never before experienced an orgasm,” they tell us. For a vibrator to really meet the consumers’ expectations, it has to be simple and user-friendly – which also means the user should be able to use it with one hand, as the heads of Spiritus & Co. LLP emphasise. Spiritus for Him/Her tick all these boxes, and on top of that, they allow for simultaneous stimulation in two erogenous zones.

Spiritus for Her & Spiritus for Him will retail at £159 (roughly EUR180). In spite of the great number of products that are being launched in this segment, expectations are high, and given the innovative power of the two vibrators, the inventors have good reason to be optimistic. “We expect that our products will push the boundaries of pleasure and help people feel more sexually liberated. We have created a new type of sex toy, since it is the first female vibrator for a blended orgasm, and the first male vibrator with a double action.”

Spiritus for Him
This image clarifies the concept of Spiritus for Him

Will the consumers be able to tell right away which features these two products bring to the table? The inventors point out the kinaesthetic design of Spiritus for Him/Her. As soon as people see how the toy shape changes during movement, they will understand the advantages of the products. So even if most toy owners are used to static toys that do not change their shape during use, it won’t be a problem to convey the principle and the advantages of Spiritus. But of course, the company is also preparing advertising and information materials to further support the trade in presenting and selling the products. And there are already plans for other additions to the Spiritus collection: a strap-on version, a version with a suction cup, and an attachment for sex machines. When we ask the inventors about their expectations regarding future developments in the adult industry, they focus on the toy segment, hoping that we will see more functional toys whose design is more in sync with the human body. And what do they wish for the future of Spiritus & Co. LLP? “We hope that our products will attract many new buyers, and that for many people, sex toys will become an essential part of looking after their own health.”

By the way, Spiritus & Co. LLP are looking for new distribution partners in mainland Europe to establish long-term business relationships. If you are interested, contact: Spiritus & Co. LLP, +44 (207)8594801, spiritus.uk.com@gmail.com, info@spiritus.uk.com, www.spiritus.uk.com.