Jimmyjane Introduces the New FORM 1 Wearable Vibrator

Jimmyjane has unveiled the FORM 1 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator on September 30th, 2015. FORM 1 is powerful, quiet, adaptable to the body, and has multiple options to play with control from afar. The FORM 1 is compact, quiet and powerful remote-controlled and wearable vibrator. It’s slim profile features a curved, flexible shape for comfort and comes with a high-grip Panty Sleeve so it can be worn with all intimates and perfectly positioned by the wearer. FORM 1 is paired with the FLIRT, a small, Bluetooth enabled remote control, allowing couples to share in the experience together or take their private escapades (discreetly) into public atmospheres.

“Our approach at Jimmyjane is to look at a consumer experience and apply our design knowledge and proprietary technology to elevate the pleasure and possibilities for that experience,” stated Robert Rheaume, President of Jimmyjane, “We knew that there was a demand for remote controlled, wearable products however our research found that most items on the market are loud, bulky, came with ill fitting undergarment for wearing, or did not hit the right spot. All these options take away from the user experience and we felt we could solve these issues with design. We focused on a discreet design, power, comfort, versatility and creating an intuitive remote. A wearable product is all about relinquishing control and the exhibitionism of taking products into various environments. We believe this product allows the customer to do this unlike ever before. Soon the couple next to you at dinner could be using our FORM 1… though you would never know it.”

With the FLIRT™ remote control, a partner can switch between 5 intensity levels, and 5 vibration modes, indicated by LED lights on the remote. There are also an additional 5 “Tease Modes.” The Tease Modes are preprogrammed, timed sequences of vibration, so the user to “set and forget” while out in public, as the pleasure continues. Like all FORM Vibrators it features 100% body safe materials, cordless waterproof recharging, a lithium-ion battery and is backed by Jimmyjane’s 3- year warranty.