Eye of Love release three scents in new bottle size

Just in time for the holiday season, Eye of Love makes 3 more fragrances available in their Deluxe sizing. Offering new sizing, increased value and the same powerful results.

Eye of Love’s renowned Pheromone Parfums are expertly balanced with enticing scents for maximum impact. Three popular scents—Evening Delight, One Love and Romantic — are now available in larger 50ml sizes and in stunning glass containers, ideal for gifting and vanity display.

“We couldn’t ignore the requests for larger sizes from our repeat customers who were ordering smaller sizes every month,” says Jacqui Rubinoff, Eye of Love Vice President. “We originally launched larger sizes with 3 fragrances, Morning Glow, After Dark, and Confidence to test the market. With overwhelming positive response, we decided to launch 3 more in the Deluxe Size.”

The value of these 50ml bottles cannot be overlooked. The price is only double the 10ml, but it contains 5 times the volume. Of course, the intensity of the active ingredients remains the same.

These new offerings, like all Eye of Love products, contain a long-lasting pheromone dose designed to boost self-confidence, encourage attraction and develop that extra compelling edge. With specialized products for both men and women, gay and straight, Eye of Love provides unique formulas with remarkable results for any business, personal or intimate interaction.