Le Desir Sexy Calendar

Summer hasn’t ended yet, but it’s nevertheless the perfect time to start preparing yourself and your shop for the holidays. At SHOTS, they have been working on the holiday season for quite some time. That has led to a great and innovative item: the Le Desir Sexy Calendar. This is not your average advent calendar, but a calendar for eight days of fun. The decision for making the calendar consist of just eight days, was a conscious one. It comes with several advantages.

First of all, the approach of the calendar is different. When you give an advent calendar on Christmas Eve, you’re always behind because Advent are the days leading up to Christmas. So, with eight days on your calendar, you can give at as a Christmas gift and count down to the end of the year. Next to this, when you oblige yourself to 24 items, it’s hard to assure that all items are of great quality. The goal of this calendar was different. Leandra Burgers is lingerie designer at SHOTS and explains: “We wanted to make a lingerie calendar that breaths quality. With eight items, you have more than enough days of fun, but you don’t have to put in any bad quality items to fill up the boxes. When you have 24 items, there might be some you don’t like and have to give away. These are eight items you want to keep for yourself.”

The perfect gift, a whole year long
But the most important difference of this calendar, is that it’s not just made for Christmas. The sleeve of the box is interchangeable. So, one side is a beautiful Burgendy with golden Christmas decoration. But when you turn it the other way around, the sleeve becomes black with golden flowers. By doing so, it becomes the perfect gift not only for the holidays, but for the rest of the year as well! A very thoughtful move from SHOTS regarding their customers. They understand that Christmas purchasing is tricky because it can lead to overstock, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can order as many as you want, flip the sleeve and sell it the whole year through!

The calendar consists of two drawers with four boxes each, leading to eight wonderful gifts. Next to four gorgeous lingerie pieces from Le Desir, the boxes also contain accessories and toys such as a rechargeable bullet and a rechargeable wand. In each of the boxes, you will find a card with spicy texts to get you in the right mood. “We always want to make people feel sexy and confident,” says Leandra. “Our lingerie is made with love and passion, and we want our customers to feel that as well. By adding these cards, we hope to give a little bit of extra sexiness that comes with these secretive boxes. We truly believe that the goal of lingerie is to make you feel desired and what better way to do this than with these mood cards.” After all the boxes are opened, you can reuse the drawer for storing your jewellery our more Le Desir items. 

The calendar will be released during September, but you can already pre-order yours now. There is limited stock, so make sure you’re on time!