BRUMA Astringent Cream – New at Dreamlove

The Astringent Cream from the BRUMA brand is an intimate cream specifically designed to contract and soften the desired area, providing more intense and deeply felt sensations. This innovative cream is designed to improve intimate experiences, making each encounter more pleasant and memorable. It is now available at Dreamlove.

Characteristics of the BRUMA Astringent Cream:

  • Formulated to contract tissues and provide a sensation of greater firmness, this cream offers a tighter and more intense intimate experience
  • Perfect for those looking to increase sensitivity and enjoy deeper sensations, the BRUMA Astringent Cream softens and contracts the skin, improving the sensation during the intimate act
  • BRUMA’s dual formula not only contracts tissues but also softens them
  • With a compact 15 ml bottle, it is perfect to take with you anywhere. Its travel size allows you to enjoy its benefits anytime, anywhere, without worrying about space
  • Equipped with a drip-proof dispenser, it ensures that you get the perfect amount without waste, maintaining hygiene and convenience of use
  • Each application is perfectly dosed to ensure the right amount for each use, facilitating a hassle-free experience
  • Its formula has been developed to offer an ultra-gliding texture that facilitates its application and improves the sensation during use
  • Designed to be gentle on the skin, the BRUMA gel offers a long-lasting effect, ensuring that the sensations are maintained for a longer periodwithout the need for constant reapplications