2Seduce by Cobeco – The luxurious collection for women

The 2Seduce collection by Cobeco Pharma enhances the confidence of women. Blow everyone away with this new sexual energy and you will be your ultimate sexy and seductive self. This luxurious collection includes three premium products to make all your desires come true. These products will make you want to seduce and see how others want to seduce you too.

The 2Seduce Sensual Cream adds extra intensity to the sensual pleasure and the climax, thanks to the tingling and warm feeling on the clitoris. This cream is based on natural ingredients and rich oils that nourish and intensify touches on the skin, bringing you to an unforgettable climax. The intensified sensation will make you desire more.

The 2Seduce Tightening Gel with nourishing ingredients takes care of the skin of the vagina and helps to tighten and firm the skin with regular use. This way, the 2Seduce Tightening Gel provides you the enhanced confidence without the worry about the look of your vagina. You will feel sexy and experience more sexual pleasure.

The 2Seduce Anal Relax Gel is a gel with a light cooling effect that provides ultimate relaxation and comfort during anal intercourse. The gel contains nourishing ingredients and has a thick and gliding texture. The comfort and relaxation that 2Seduce Anal Relax Gel provides, improves your anal pleasure to a new sensational level.