A lineup of lotions to customize the TENGA experience

The new redesigned TENGA Lotion has a new one-way, return-flow nozzle that means that even without the cap, the lotion doesn’t leak or spill even when tilted or turned upside down. The new longer nozzle prevents the lotion from drying out meaning there is no more mess or cleanup. Furthermore, the bottle has been updated with a more flexible design, giving you more ease of control during application. Fans can now focus solely on their self-pleasure and experience different sensations with their favourite TENGA pleasure products.

Just as TENGA products come with varying internal details and material strengths, the TENGA Lotions offer different viscosities that completely change how an item feels. With three different sensations (Mild, Regular and Light), the TENGA Lotions are formulated for all reusable TENGA products which include the popular FLIP, Puffy and SPINNER Series.

Mild is a thick lotion for long-lasting pleasure.

Regular is a well-balanced, all-purpose lotion. Perfect for any product!

Light is made to feel every detail and flowing sensation

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA says: “TENGA’s products all offer a variety of sensations, but we also know that lube can make all the difference! With the three lotions that all offer a unique feel, our fans can combine their favourite TENGA pleasure products with their preferred lotion to completely change the sensation of their next TENGA use”.