A Naughty Note from KamaSutra

The new KamaSutra Naughty Notes are the perfect way to make a loved one feel special and desired. These greeting cards have a playful, modern appeal that will certainly catch the eye in any in-store display. Easy to upsell with toy purchases, these cheeky cards are that little bit extra that makes a big impression on consumers. The KamaSutra Naughty Notes contain a special naughty message and 3 sample-sized KamaSutra drugstore products such as a massage lotion and lubricant to entice the senses and invite consumers to put the words on the card into pleasurable action. SCALA stocks KamaSutra Naughty Notes in 6 different formats, with the right match for any occasion. Someone getting married? The ‘Same penis forever’ card will definitely put a smile on the bride or grooms face. Want to let someone know you’re in the mood for some oral fun? The ‘Lick me’ card is a fun way to let them know! Other Naughty Notes include the ‘Wanna F*ck?’, ‘It’s your birthday’, ‘Let’s make magic together’ and ‘You own my heart’. Retailers are also able to order a special Naughty Notes POS display including 12 cards (2 of each format), allowing for maximum product exposure in store.