SexQuartet card game available at Eropartner

For anyone is ready for some excitement in the bedroom or at the kitchen table there is the Sex Quartet. The widely known Go Fish game, but then naughty, exciting and maybe even educational. The game is available in three variations: Sexy Facts Great Fun!, Kamasutra Positions and Sexy Sex Products. Fun as upselling product or bonus for retail customers. SexQuartet is available at Eropartner distribution.

What has a chicken egg to do with the creation of the world’s population? And what distance puts a sperm cell in an hour? And how long was the longest erect penis ever? This and more interesting and hilarious facts are explained in the Sexy Facts Great Fun! Quartet game. Ten categories with juicy, incredible, interesting and sometimes useful erotic facts.

The Plough, the Sphinx and the Double Decker. Just words that at first sight, have nothing to do with each other. Nothing could be further from the truth: they are all three positions from the Kamasutra. In the game Kamasutra Positions Quartet the player discovers forty positions from the ‘big book of sexual wisdom’. The positions are divided into ten categories. The person with the most categories of course deserves a nice price!

The offer of erotic toys is huge. For each sex, each sexual preference and each body is a pungent, sensual or naughty toy. The Sexy Sex Products Quartet game lets players experience the forty most popular toys from top brands from all over the world. In ten categories, from romantic to downright exciting both for him and her.

The three variations of Sex Quartet are sold separately for the suggested retail price of € 6.95. Retailers can send them as premium with orders or use them for upselling in the web shop.